Raggamufin/Rich Mullins


If you have never watched the movie Raggamuffins, you should. The movie is about the life of Rich Mullins. I always thought I knew more about him, but I only knew his songs, not anything about him.


Rich Mullins greatest legacy is his music. His first song that was published or best known is “Awesome God“.  I could be wrong about it being his first song. So many of his songs spoke to my heart and still does. I have been thinking about the movie”Ragamuffins lately because I follow a country singer on Facebook and he is one of the only country singers I listen to. I mainly listen to Contemporary Christian music. I have asked him if he would come to my house and sing for my Christmas party. I’m hoping he will.

Eric Dodge did one of Rich Mullins songs. My readers should go to his youtube channel and listen to it. Here is the link to his page.  The song is called “Hold Me Jesus”.

One of the things that Eric mentioned in his video and it is so true and why I’m touched by the songs in the show of Ragamuffins is how we are all broken. It was hard for Rich Mullins and there were times in the movie that seemed as if the message was directed at me.

There are a number of things in the movie that spoke to me. Rich Mullins talked about many things but he also had hardships and his own demons.  I feel as if we all have our own demons and our struggles. Eric Dodge and the show about Rich Mullins (Ragamuffins) has helped remind me that there comes a time when we have to do something.

Eric Dodge

Eric has motivated me to not sweat the small things and to live life.  I have had many obstacles in my life. I think I worry about things that aren’t important. I need to focus on the important things and look around me more. Eric has been on this quest to minimize and to look around, live life  and do what is important.  I think I need to do that more and not fill my time with stupid things.

One of the clips in the video that spoke to me the most is this, “Listening to Brennan Manning” and I just bawled.  Click here to listen to the clip, and really listen to the words.

The first time the Rich Mullins heard about Brennan Manning was on tape as he drove through the edge of the Flint Hills in Kansas, his eyes filled with tears. He steered the truck to the side of the road. It was at that point that I broke down.

After this movie, I made changes. After a while, I found that I went back to my ways. I think that is why Eric Dodge’s way of doing things has touched my heart. He has had a rough year and I have gone to a couple of his concerts, but, he has spoken about the show and he is doing things and changing his life, which is awesome. I need to be more proactive.

On the front page of my blog, I will link his blog and Facebook page. Click on the tab at the top I think it is where is says Eric Dodge.

Rich Mullins was 41 when he died in a car accident. There were many true facts about Rich Mullins life.

  1. In 1996 he took a break from touring and he went to the Navajo Indian Nation of around a year  and they were very close to his heart. I think they all helped him more than he helped them.
  2. Rich Mullins wasn’t interested in money. He had no idea how much money he made. He only used the money he needed to live on. Most of his money was donated to the Navajo Nation and those in need.
  3. He was also known for doing concerts with no shoes on. He didn’t care what others thought. He wanted to please God and do what he needed to do.
  4. I loved his music, but in his real life, he had struggles like we all have. I didn’t have the kind he had, but we all have our things we go through. He got through everything because of his faith in Christ.

If you want to read about the man who did the tape that Rich Mullins was listening to on  Raggamuffin (Brennan Manning). Here is a short biography of Brennan Manning

If you want to read his personal page which is being updated now… Click Here for Erics Page… 


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