From Ashes We Rise

This is a true story of a man and his dogs and cat. I have mentioned Eric Dodge in previous posts. I have shared a bit about his sweet Anna and his cat Bart. I want to share this story from Erics own mouth. It is a story of unconditional love, loss and renewal .  Have some Kleenexes close by because you will need them. But, this story is true and inspirational. I will share the first paragraph and then click on Read Next for the rest.


Eric Dodge carrying Anna’s Ashes

I used to think cremation was weird. I couldn’t fathom burning a loved one to ashes. It was so final, so blunt, the end, game over. I was lucky not to have been present to see my furbaby die. I was in the middle of a Christmas concert as my Anna took her final breaths at that emergency room on a cold December night. A vehicle in a complete freak accident hit her in front of my house. The animal hospital gave me some options and cremation was one of them. I decided to give this a try. This night my world stopped turning. I had recently turned 40. My relationships were struggling, my health was struggling, I was about to lose a long time career that provided me with a comfortable living, and all of these things came crashing down on me at the same time. I was handed that little wooden box with all that was left of my beloved Labrador Anna and I had a complete and utter meltdown. How do you fit eleven years of companionship full of love, adventures, and life, into a small wooden box with a paw print on it? It was hard to believe this was my baby? My Anna was in a box and was never coming home. Read More…

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