God’s People Are Hungry For The Truth

Bernie and Alice Larson- Retired Pastor from New Covenant Christian Church

I have been thinking about how there are many Christians who want to hear the feel good sermons and when it is a sermon on the hard stuff they don’t want to hear. Thankfully Pastor Ray Schroeder at my church which is St. George Community Church preaches the whole Gospel of Christ aka The Bible Only messages. I seen this post on a friends status that is a retired pastor from New Covenant Community Church in St. George.  He  is now living in Arkansas and Pastor Bernie said what I was thinking and I wanted to share it with you all.

Re-post from Bernie Larson 

Do Christians really want milk? Some do , but most do not. Most want to hear the truth and nothing but the whole truth.Too many preachers are just tickling itching ears. Watering down the Gospel and giving only what sounds good, bypassing the Cross and neither calling for sacrifice or service.
Most people want to hear the truth without compromise. Most want their pastors to address cultural issues. Plenty of God’s people are sick and tired of the status quo. Shepherds of the flocks need to equip and sometimes that means to warn- be watchmen on the wall. People are waiting for faithful leaders to take a stand.
According to recent surveys: When Pastors are asked about key issues of the day- 90% say: ” The Bible speaks to the issues of the day,but when asked how many are teaching on those issues- only 10% are. Most people in congregations want pastors to address the major issues of the day.
Bottom line is: God’s people are hungry for all the truth of God’s Word. They are hungry for holiness. They are eager to apply to the gospel to every area of life.It is time to preach the truth in love! Bernie

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