The Image of Jesus Christ

ImageI find it interesting on how many different kinds of pictures there are of Jesus and how they have changed over time. And the pictures of Jesus also depends on which church you go to. I don’t know why this is since Jesus is the same all through time. None of us have seen Jesus first hand, unless we have died. There is a couple children that have said they have seen Jesus. If you read the book or seen the movie “Heaven in Real”, you will know what I’m talking about. I can see Jesus looking like the picture called  “Prince of Peace” painting by Akiane Kramarik. She was like 8 or so at the time she painted this.

When I look at some of these pictures, I can’t help but wonder what kind of a relationship or how others view Jesus Christ. Some of the pictures are kinda scary. So I wonder if they see Jesus as someone without love and compassion. When I think of what Jesus would have looked like, I think of a man that would look like others in Jerusalem. I honestly don’t see Him as being a blond hair blue eyed stud muffin. I see him with darker skin and eyes.

OImagene night my daughter Jessica, grandson JJ, Lisa and myself went to a concert over at the Catholic Church. They had the crucifixion of Jesus Christ hanging in front. It was huge. I didn’t think much of it, because I have been in there and I knew it was there. When I see Christ on the cross, it breaks my heart and reminds me of what He did for me and that He died for my sins. I have to say that I prefer just the cross and not the crucifixion at churches. JJ was very uneasy. JJ is only 6 and the whole time he was there, he was nervous and seemed scared. I asked him why and he said it was because of Christ being on the cross. Where JJ was sitting, the crucifixion was directly in front of him. To him, it scared him and made him sad. He knows that Christ died on the cross, but through his eyes it was like a scary man on the cross.Jesus_and_girl_formetop-lg

When I see a picture of Christ, I don’t see a scary person. I see a warm and loving person. I do think we need to remember that He was a man without sin and that He died for our sins on Calvary. I don’t think that was such a positive feeling for him and in a sense it has caused a fear in him. I can’t imagine Jesus wanting the children to be scared. I tried to explain to him why Christ was up there on the cross. But that was of no help at all. He was still scared and ready to get out of there. I can totally understand why it would be scary to a 6 yr old. It is very heartbreaking and sad to me and I am an adult.

I compiled a gallery of how Jesus looks to different people.




God Doesn’t Fit in Our Box !

The Bible – There are some things that make no sense to me. Now, granted it may be a me thing for the most part and I’m making more out of it then I need to should be.

I often get into conversations about why is it that I can believe there is a God. Some people think that is foolish in believing there is a God that created the world. I guess they would prefer to think they come from monkeys and baboons. I will let them think that if they want to believe that, but to me that is just foolishness on so many levels.

ImageThen others that may believe there is a God wants to fit Him into their little box. And that makes no sense to me how God can fit into a box.

It seems to me that there are an awful lot of people who want to have God conform to their way of thinking and can justify just about anything. I got thinking about this when I was reading about how two pastors got married and is now divorcing. There are many things going on in and around us that makes me scratch my head and wonder what the heck the problem is. And I guess it is as simple as people conforming to this world and not God’s Will. Maybe not that simple, but it’s the only thing I can think of.

Even though there are those who don’t believe in God, so they don’t worry about keeping God in a little box and trying to get Him to do what they want Him to do or to justify their own actions and deeds. Since I am a believer in God and that Christ died for my sins, I just think it is sad that people can’t or won’t know what it is like to be loved unconditionally and to know without a doubt where they would spend eternity. They just believe this life is it and nothing more. So sad!

ImageIn Romans 12:2 (NIV) it says “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is–his good, pleasing and perfect will.”

Not conforming to the world isn’t the easiest things to do since we are borne and raised in the world. There are pressures from those in the world for us to conform to the ways of the world. I find this difficult to understand when it is Christians and are teaching those in their congregations that everything is OK in the name of Love and unity. I think that is a bunch of hogwash and should not be going on in any church that claims it is a church following Biblical principals.

I know for myself, I am a control freak big time and I have a hard time giving God my 100%. But then when I don’t, things backfire big time. And there are times I just want to hold my finger up and say “just a minute, I have this”, when I don’t have it at all. In Matthew 10:39 it says, “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

When I get my thoughts going and want to do something, I have to keep myself in check and make sure what my motivation really is. This would be when I have to ask the Holy Spirit and to listen. The Holy Spirit isn’t going to lead us astray. Our hearts and minds can do that on it’s on and I have found for myself at-least, that I can’t trust my heart and mind when it comes to certain things. Plus I know that the Holy Spirit won’t try to stroke my ego so I can have all the warm fuzzy feelings you want to have. More times than not, it tells me what I don’t want to hear or admit to.

I also can’t help but wonder what the motivation is when church leaders, pastors, elders, deacons or whoever says or does things so they don’t have to stir the pot. Who are they trying to impress? I don’t think God would be impressed over showy stuff and giving into the ways of the world because they want to increase numbers at church or the bankroll.

ImageI’m not exactly sure of what my main point is here with this post. But I do know that God is the only one in control. It isn’t the pastors or church leaders. They are going to be held accountable too and I cringe when I think of how it will be for those who led His sheep astray because they didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Shoot, they can hurt my feelings if I am doing something I need to change or that is getting in the way of my relationship with Christ. There are some pastors or TV evangelists that reminds me of a peacock. They seem very pretty and they are pleasing to look at. Eventually the noises come out of their mouths and they are loud and annoying. They demand your attention or they get even louder and they strut their stuff for all to see.

I’m happy to see that our pastor and past pastors weren’t that way. Well there was one, but he was not the smartest cookie in the jar to say the least. Pastor Ray isn’t about keeping up appearances or having to be the “look at me” kind of peacock. Which I’m very happy over that, because I’m not looking for another church since they are like family to me.

God knows what He is doing and more than likely isn’t impressed when we try to manipulate or want him to do things our way. God is the only God and when we are told in the Ten Commandments that we aren’t to worship any other god before Him, I think I will not do that. He is a loving God, but one that doesn’t like to be told to do things because we want Him to.

ImageI do want to leave this final thought. In the beginning I said how the Bible confuses me at times. Well a lot of times. I also know that even if I don’t understand everything in it, God does. Some things aren’t things I need to believe. I just have to have faith and know that it is what it is. I’m pretty sure that when I am dead to this world and with God, those things won’t matter anyhow. I will be in His presence, so there is no need to know about dinosaurs, time and all that other stuff.


Is The Bible Real?

revelationsI guess for me this is a silly question. I would have to say without a doubt that it is real. The reason I posed this question is because of a movie I’m watching right now. The movie is called Jerusalem Countdown. It is an end times movie that discusses the prophecies in the Bible.

What I was thinking about during this movie is how they get into the discussions about if the Bible is real and they really believe that Jesus Christ came to die for us. The two main characters talk about this between themselves and I found it sad to know that they are no different than anyone else. We have to see to believe. For me faith is much more than having to see.

I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when Christ comes again. There are many thoughts and theories out there about the end times and when Armageddon will begin. Some believe we are in the tribulation period now. While others think it will happen in a twinkling of an eye as spoke about in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. This is what I’m hoping happens, because with all the Bible says about the end times, I would much rather be with Christ then here for all that stuff. But, back to theories, there is the mid trib and post trib. 

end-of-worldI think about all those who could be lost and left behind. I can’t even begin to imagine how much horror those left behind will feel when the go searching for those who are no longer here. As the show ends they describe the pre-trib and how the believers in Christ will be taken up and left standing are those who thought they believed and never really truly accepted Christ. You also have those who never believed and they have no clue what is going to happen and how horrible things will be for them.

When I think about what I believe I can only say that I don’t know what theories it is going to be because God already has His mind made up. I may want it to be a certain way and to be taken before the tribulation period begins, but that may not be that way. My deepest hope and it’s because I’m a chicken when it comes to reading what will happen is that the rapture happens first and then all the other stuff goes on. All I know is that I know that God will be the ultimate winner and there is no need to go to the other side since I already know this. Who would want to be on the loosing side to begin with anyhow? NOT ME!

When they posed the question the few times in this movie about if God is real and if the Bible is real. My answer would be YES! I may not always understand, well, forget may not, I don’t always understand why something is happening or what God is meaning. When the time comes He will disclose that and who knows, it may not be important anyhow.

The Bible Mini Series- Awesome

ImageI just finished watching the last part of The Bible mini series. I haven’t watched the other parts, but have them DVR’d. Sorry if this post has my thoughts going in a number of directions, but it was as I was watching the show. This post was written as I was watching the show The Bible. Now I have to go out and buy the mini series so I can watch it all instead of having the commercials. I think it would be money well spent… Time for a marathon of the Bible… 


ImageAs I’m watching this, it speaks to my heart about how much Jesus loves us and that He died for our sins. When He was up on the cross, it showed me how much He has done, he died and rose from the dead. He did this because of me. I always knew why He died, but seeing Him up there and the pain, blood and tears has a way of making it real.

I can’t even imagine what everyone was thinking as they stood there and watched Jesus die on the cross. And to think about the moment He died, the heavens became dark and the earth shook. The horror and guilt that must have plagued some of them had to have been overwhelming to say the very least. After all, the just killed Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And to go to His tomb and see only the garments.

I never knew and why I never knew that Jesus walked the earth for 40 days. For some reason, I was thinking that on the third day, he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. I knew he was seen by his apostles and others, but I didn’t know that His spirit was here for 40 days.

ImageA young man named Saul ordered Steven to be stoned and because he considered what Steven was saying to be blasphemy. Saul later became known as Paul the Apostle. When Saul’s (Paul) orders ended Steven’s life and right before he died he seen the heavens open and there was Jesus standing at the right hand of God must have been amazing. I wonder what those that stoned him thought about killing one of Gods servants  What must have gone through the minds of the soldiers when they realized that Jesus is really the Messiah? What did Judas think about betraying Christ? I would not want to be any of those that took part in these deeds. But yet, it was because of me that Jesus had to die.

Some people have said that there were things that weren’t depicted correctly. My thought on this is that there is no way for our human minds to understand and comprehend how monumental His death was. There is no way for us to understand through words and descriptions what Heaven will be like, nor hell. We can read about it, but until we are there, we can’t now.

I love how Jesus would show up to talk to the apostles. I wonder if Jesus came to me, if I would be a doubting Thomas or would I be like Peter and the other apostles who had such a strong faith that He is Who He is.

And when Paul was blinded because of the persecution of God’s people. Jesus chose Paul to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. When Ananias baptized Paul in the name of Christ and the look of peace and acceptance that came over him was awesome.

I remember how I felt when I was baptized and it was like nothing else I have ever felt. I knew for years that I wanted and needed to be baptized. I would loved to have been there during the time when Peter was baptizing all of the believers of Jesus.

ImageAs I’m watching this, I would love to see an old fashion way of going down to the river and being baptized or rededicate my life to Christ. My life belongs to Him anyhow. But there is something that I find peaceful and reassuring when I know that God is pleased and that we can be free. Just the thought of going to the river and my sins washed away and reaffirm my dedication to Christ alone.

ImageI love the part when Jesus comes to Peter and tells Him that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Revelations 21;4- And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things have passed away. May the grace of the Lord be with all God’s people.

What a awesome moment that will be when we will be with Christ. I’m so grateful that I can have assurance in this and that Christ has forgiven me for my sins, even though I have a hard time accepting that forgiveness. I pray for His kingdom to come and His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

When They Don’t Believe

Jesus3Well, today is Easter Sunday and it has been full of ups and downs.

First of all the most important thing is that Jesus Christ is ALIVE and that He died, was buried and rose from the dead. He did this for you and me. He died so we could live.

I get up to go to church like I do on most Sundays, but this one is different and somewhat depressing. Today our pastor and his wife retired. They will be missed. I’m happy for them though and know that they have a bunch of doors ready to open for them and for us.

Then I got to talking to my friend Nancybratt on Facebook. As a Christian, the death and life of Christ is the most important event ever. Because of these things, we have hope that we will live forever and reside with Christ.

She posted a topic about how her nephew and she got into an argument. She is a Christian, and he isn’t. He has denied Christ and she is very upset over that. I can’t blame her for that though, because I got into arguments with my niece Bridgette.

Human-EvolutionIn school she was being told mythology and evolution. I’m sure all kids are taught these things if they are in public school. I was when I was in high school too and thankfully I knew it was lame. But that isn’t the case for everyone.

Bridgette decided that the whole evolution thing made sense to her, and in that same conversation, a battle of truth and stupidity took over at my house. If she wanted to believe she came from a monkey, I was thinking “let her”. But I was more concerned about her soul then her thoughts that was injected into her teenage mind at the time.

I very much believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. There is no if’s, an’s or but’s about it. But to this young mind that believes anything that comes at her, she thought that there can’t be a God, because where did He come from. How do you explain faith to a person who has no faith? They have to have everything proven and see it.

GrandmaShoeLaugheadWhile I was having this conversation with her, I wanted to throw a shoe at her and knock some sense into her. My mother in law came out of her room and had about enough of it. If you want to get a sweet little mother in law that is under 5 feet tall upset, this is a good way to do that. She was so upset over what Bridgette was saying and the non sense, that her dentures almost flew out of her mouth. I think she would have thrown a shoe at her too if she was close to hers.

After she came out and tempers were flared, I decided that I had enough and had to go outside. It was such a battle over stupidity and faith that I was horse for two days afterwards.

After some time, I came to the conclusion that there is no making someone believe the way I did or do. Sometimes people and teens aren’t ready for the truth and I can’t hit them over the head with a hammer to get them to smarten up.


My friend Nancy is dealing with her nephew who once believed as a child. I don’t know how old he is now, but he has decided that there is no God and that the Bible isn’t true. Nancy is very upset over this and I can see why. When we love someone, we want them to be with us forever in eternity. We want them to know that Christ loves them and that He died for them. The alternative is a horrible thing to even imagine.

I did tell her that the best thing to do is to live by example and be there for him. He is the only one who can decide to follow Christ or not. Also, I think about how many different faiths or no faith at all that feel just as strongly about what they believe or don’t believe. Arguing will get us nowhere. Well, yeah it will, but that would be on high blood pressure meds and Lord knows what else.

I do pray that her nephew and all those who don’t know Christ personally will get to know Him. I pray that they will see the truth for what it is and to have faith in Christ alone.

I went to check out why some people choose not to believe and here is a list of some of the reasons why;

Reasons why people don’t accept Jesus:

  • They’ve been hurt.
  • They like their sin.
  • They don’t think He’s real.
  • They think He’s someone He’s not.
  • They’re ignorant of their need.
  • They’re afraid of what peers will think.
  • They don’t want to give up stuff.
  • They don’t believe in hell.
  • They think there’s more than one way to heaven.
  • They think they’re okay without Christ.
  • They’ve seen His followers act like hypocrites.
  • They’re deceived.
  • They feel unworthy
  • Never really read what the Bible had to say

50190-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Man-Bonking-Another-On-The-Head-With-A-Hammer-During-A-ConflictThere can be many more reasons why someone would choose not to become a believer in Christ. From my own experience  it does no good to make people believe  because that takes faith and if they have none, you are preaching to the choir. On most days I do good about not arguing about my faith in Jesus Christ, most days! For those other days, I have to understand that I may just be the seed planter and someone else needs to come along and water. It takes many people to help someone become mature in their faith. They don’t need to be mature in my faith, they have to have a personal relationship that is real to them. My faith does them no good if they have none for themselves.God knows what needs to be done and each person is given free will. We may not like this and many times I don’t because I want to use that hammer of common sense. But that isn’t for me to decide for them.