My Take on Big Brother

I almost always do at-least one blog on my favorite reality show. This is the time to do it. Even though if the end doesn’t go well, I may be venting. If you’re not a Big Brother watcher, this blog post may bore you. 


Big Brother is in full swing right now. Big Brother is one of the very few shows I like to watch. I don’t exactly know why I like to watch it but I do. Maybe it is because I find it interesting to see human nature being acted out live and you really get to see what people would do for money.

Aaryn- The worst of the mean girls

This year has been a bit disappointing. Well not a bit, really disappointing. The house-guests are a bunch of mean and racists guests. Big Brother is a game and that is all it is. People are the pawns and one by one they are picked off until one remains. Normally there is a melting pot of different types of people that are thrown together and have to live together. But this year it seem’s like they got the yuppy, mean girl club going on. Which bothers me. It isn’t fun or interesting to see people like Aaryn, Gina Marie, Kaitlin and Amanda treat others horrible, They have said some of the most horrible racially induced comments I have seen. And people are worried about Paula Deen using the “N” word way back when.


These mean girls treated Candice horribly. Candice is African American and they made horrible comments and flipped her bed. Candice was in tears and was so hurt by the comments and the treatment she was getting from the mean girls. Howard came into the have nots room and prayed with her and consoled her. She was a basket case. I think those girls needed to be giving penalty points for their actions.

Then you have Jeremy that acted as a child. He took Jessie’s hat and though it was fun to wipe his but with it. These are all things that teenagers do to get attention and have everyone notice them. The mean girls reminds me of those girls in school who thought they were all that and would walk the school like they owned it and they could have any guy they wanted. It is disgusting.

Andy is the gay guy this year. I really liked him to begin with. But lately he is just someones puppet. She says what anyone wants to hear and is getting just as bad as the mean girls. It’s terrible that he has this ugly side to him that is very unbecoming.

There are only a few in the house that I thought was playing the game and that is genuine. Those few are Jessie, Helen, Elissa and Judd. Some who watch the show may be surprised to see that I said Helen. The reason I said that is because she is acting like a mom to all these children in the household. She stirs the pot every now and then, but she tries to keep the peace and moderates. She can be irritating because she goes on and on and it get’s old. I think this week she will be evicted from the house and sent to the jury house.


This year I would say that Jessie and Elissa are my favorites. Howard and Candice is up there pretty high too. But they seem like they have good hearts. I didn’t think I would like Elissa because she is Rachael’s sister. But she seems very sweet and someone that would be fun to get to know. You can tell her family means the world to her. She is nothing like her sister. Rachael is a very whiny and get on your last nerve kind of person. And her laugh made me want to cringe. I do hope that Elissa will turn the tables and make a move. Everyone seems afraid to do that.

I understand that Big Brother is all about outwitting the other house guests and that most times they all give into lying. Every year there has been those who are stronger than others and make life miserable for the rest of the house-guests. Evil Dick is a good example. He knew how to push people and would teeter on a fine line for most of the game. Then you have Dan. I think Dan had to be the best player of all time. This year it isn’t about the game as much, it is pure hatred brought on by those who feel they are supremem over the others.

Aaryn and Gina Marie will find out when they get out of the house that because of how they acted on live TV that they will no longer be modeling and bother are out of a job. Aaryn was a model in Texas and her parents had to hire someone to clean up her image. I say, “Good Luck on that one.” She is thinking everyone likes her and that is very far from the truth. She will go down as the mosted hated in all of Big Brother history.

Gina worked with pageants in New York or New Jersey and she lost her job. The company said that they were happy to see the real Gina Marie. They never seen this side of her and they are grateful to Big Brother.

I will be glad for this season to be over and hope that the next one will be better and they will get real people in there. Not girls that look perfect, but then you get to see just how ugly these pretty girls are.

I started on this topic the other day and didn’t want to post it till tonight’s live eviction. I have to say I was happy that Elissa got Head of Household and that she gets letters from home and to see pictures of her kids. So many of the house guests have been horrible to her and it is nice to see her win something when it counted the most. 

Firestorm for Paula Deen

ImageYep! I guess I will join with the many others that are on the Paula Deen bandwagon. If ya all haven’t heard this she has said something in her past that is coming back to haunt her. She said the “N” word and some other things. Now, I really like Paula Deen and I really feel for her right now. She has apologized and was asked point-blank if she has ever used the “N” Word…

My personal feelings are that nobody should use the “N” word, the “F” word or so on. I think it is  terrible and just shows the mentality of the person using it.  I guess this is kinda personal for me because growing up we used the “N” word when we would go to the store to ask for Brazil Nuts. I never realized till many years later that they weren’t called “N” toes. Also growing up it was very common to hear others around me call fixing things with baling wire and string a way of “N” rigging. As I got older, I realized that it was wrong and hurtful to those around me and I made sure to correct myself.

Then there is the”F” word. The reason I bring this up is that in my past, I never seen anything wrong with using the “F” word or whatever else that would be considered cursing. My husband was in the Army and I worked at a truck stop and it was common to talk like a sailor and never thought anything of it. That was until I was in a restaurant and nobody else was talking like I was and God decided I needed to hear how bad it sounded. I made a decision at that point to not swear because it wasn’t the right thing to do.

I bring these things up because these are things from my past. And thankfully my past is my past. These things aren’t a part of my life now and haven’t been for almost 19 years. If I were to be judged on these times that I used this language, then I would be on the cross with Jesus Christ. I knew I was guilty and was in the wrong at some point. Now I did make sure to correct my way of talking and haven’t gone back to using this language. I find that I get pretty angry when people only know how to use the “F” bomb or other colorful language. Maybe that is because I know how wrong it is and how bad it sounds. At least for me it does.

Now, back to Paula Deen. She has asked for forgiveness and knew what she said was wrong. Should we condemn her or should we forgive her. I have chosen to forgive her. I have no room to judge her because I have made my own set of mistakes. The time Paula Deen was asked about using the “N” word was from the 1980’s. That was a long time ago and her shows came on much later than that. People do change and grow from the lessons they have learned. I know I have and Paula is a human who says things that shouldn’t be said and admitted to them.

One thing I never understood though is why is it OK for blacks to use the “N” word and not whites. I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, but it does make me wonder why there is a difference. I do feel many times the race card comes out when it isn’t about race. Sometimes it is upbringing, peers, not knowing the difference or so on. I know there have been times I have said things and didn’t understand what I was saying. Of course I was much younger and have gotten better at knowing what to say and not say. I do still have my stupid moments though, lol

Then I wonder how many of us would have a job or friends if we were judged on every single thing we said in the past.

I guess I will end this post with this thought and hopefully half the world doesn’t try to condemn me like they have Paula. My final thought is that it is better to forgive then to hate. You can get further with forgiveness than being hateful.  I think awareness is very important, but is there really a need to have a lynch mob go after Paula Deen? I say NO!