Our Pastor and his Wife

Pastor Dean, Ruth and their daughters… Dean and Ruth are in the middle…

Our church is in the middle of trying to find a new pastor. A friend of mine was asking me about our church and why we are looking for a new pastor. Easter Sunday will be Pastor Dean and Ruths last Sunday with us. After I told my friendsm, they sent their condolences, lol. Even though that got me thinking about what it means for our church and our pastors family.

We don’t have any problems with the one we have now though, but they are retiring. Retirement can be a difficult transition for all parties involved. retired pastors usually don’t stay in their communities and serve their congregations.

I asked one of our previous pastors why the retiring pastor doesn’t stick around and this is what he said.  The reason I asked him was because I wanted him to perform my daughter Jessica’s wedding. And Ellis told me that the time away from the previous congregation allows the retired pastor to continue doing the religious work they have chosen to dedicate their lives to while not interfering with their original congregations. Of course, pastors are not obligated to continue serving. If pastors wish, they can retire to houses by lakes and spend the rest of their days fishing and reading. In Pastor Deans retirement years, I can see him going to many baseball games with his grand kids and enjoying the time with his wife Ruth.

christmas 063
Pastor Dean and Ruth

Pastor Dean and Ruth have been wonderful for our congregation. Our church has grown and we have been blessed in countless ways. Finding a new pastor can be an unsettling time for everyone involved because it is a period of change. And not all people handle change well, myself included. St. George Community Church must deal with the process of changing from one pastor to another–grieving over the loss of Pastor Dean and Ruth , while adjusting to a new one and to new ways of doing things. Then Pastor Dean and Ruth must give up the work at our church,  and the people who have meant so much to them. Pastor Dean and Ruth will have restructure their lives in very significant ways. I think as a congregation we should take into consideration how difficult this is on them as well as us.

It’s going to be difficult for our church to let go of Pastor Dean and Ruth, and to relinquish the way things have been done in the past. A new pastor may have a hard time becoming established as the congregation’s minister. Pastor Dean and Ruth should feel good  about retirement  and they feel good about their ministry. They are leaving our church in a much better place that is healthy and strong. Pastor Dean and Ruth have a drive for missions and building up the congregation

I’m very happy for Pastor Dean and Ruth though. They get to look forward to the perks of retirement–new freedom to travel and to choose whatever activities they wish to participate in. They both want to be closer to their children and how can I blame them for that? I would want the same thing. Dean and Ruth have two adult daughters that they love dearly. Those daughters gave them the most darling grand kids. Not sure if they are cuter than mine, but they are pretty close, lol. Their daughter Allison and her family missionaries in Ethiopia. I can totally understand why Dean and Ruth would want to be close by and for their grand kids to get to know grandpa and grandma.

Every-time I will hear the phrase,, “Don’t shoot the Messenger”, I will think of Pastor Dean. I could always tell that he was going to touch on a touchy topic if he was going to say that. That is one of the things I respect in a pastor though. I don’t think a pastor should be out to stroke egos of the people going to church. I would prefer the pastor to tell me like it is so then I got it right and how God wants it done.  They may bruise my ego, but better that then not having eternal life.

I’m not sure how many realize how much a pastor goes through. They put in alot of time and I’m sure energy for those in our congregation. I was thinking about how difficult it is on a pastor because they conduct weddings, do visitations, prepare sermons, and funerals. Our church has had more than it’s share of funerals this past year and it seems to be this year too. That has to be hard on a pastor. Pastor Dean is very active in our community and interfaith groups. They brought Precepts upon Precepts to our church and that lead to many Bible studies that happen through-out the week. I would say that Pastor Dean and Ruth made sure the God’s inspired word was being studied and implemented in our lives.


I will miss them and I will keep them in my prayers during this time of transition. It’s going to be strange to not have them around, but at the same time, God has a plan. We don’t always know what it is, but He does.

I have talked to a few people who are worried that we won’t find someone like Pastor Dean and Ruth since they are so wonderful. My thought on this is that we want someone that God chooses. There will never be anyone like Pastor Dean and Ruth, Pastor Lary and Donna, Pastor Keck and Karen. We shouldn’t expect to find someone like them. I want someone that is doing God’s will and not trying to keep up  with what previous pastors and wives have done. Each Pastor that has been called to our church has something special to bring. Well, except one, and I won’t go into that. Our next Pastor and Wife if he is married will hopefully be following God’s will.

ImageI know that Pastor Dean and Ruth are retiring. But at the same time, I know that whatever door opens to them will be God’s calling. Just because they won’t be pastoring at a particular church, doesn’t mean they are leaving the ministry. When you choose to follow Christ, it is a lifelong thing.  Well, unless you are Marilyn Manson and that is a whole other topic.  Whether a person follows Christ as a church leader, congregational member, board member or what ever, they should understand it is a lifetime commitment. Pastor Dean and Ruth understand this and I’m sure they are very excited to see what God has in store for them next. They will always be in my thoughts and prayers and hold a special place in my heart. One of the greatest things I think we can do is to pray for our pastors.

If you guys happen to read this Pastor Dean and Ruth, remember to keep my email handy… Enjoy your grand kids, retirement and traveling and most of all being ready for that next door to open. You both have worked your entire lives and deserve this more than anyone I can think of.  I will miss having that one of a very few people I trust personal things with in the same town though. Thank you for being our pastor and friend…

God’s Love Shines in Southern Utah

cloudsovercity8Today while I was taking Chuck to work I noticed the clouds over St. George were pretty low. I had full intentions of just taking him to work and then coming home and going back to bed. Today is my husbands birthday and I kinda overdid yesterday and wasn’t feeling good. I was glad I took him to work today because of the photo opportunity that God made available to me.


Here I am in my car and decided to just drop him off so I had my jammies on. I wasn’t going to get out of the car anyhow, so what harm and they aren’t see through anyhow. But on the way to dropping him off I noticed lurking over the city was clouds. St. George, Utah is a city in the canyons of Southern Utah, so we do see clouds covering the city once in a great while. So out comes my camera and I pull over on Skyline Drive to take some pictures. Here I am, in all my glory taking pictures of the beauty and glory from God. I’m pretty sure God’s glory tops my glory by a long shot though, lol.


As I stood there, I snapped pictures from all directions. When I came home, I loaded them into my computer and some spoke to me more than I would thing. You see, we all have times in our lives where it is like we are living under the clouds in a deep vast canyon. I know for myself it is that way. I have so many things going on in my life that I forget the rays of hope and the sunshine that comes through even on cloudy days.

Clouds for me has a way of showing me that even though they are present at times, they do move on and God’s light shines through. I have hope in knowing that God is always there for me on the darkest of days and when I don’t think the clouds and storms are ever going to end. Then He pulls a wonderful miracle and display of beauty and shines upon my life.


Some people wonder about how I can think the way I do over a cloud that moves around in the sky. I guess I just see all the wonder and I know that those clouds, sun and yes the darkest night with the moon shining down are all gifts from God. God shines his rays of hope and love on all of us, even when we aren’t deserving of them. In St. George this morning, no matter who you are and what walk of life, the clouds, fog and sun-shined for all to enjoy and take part in.

This is the City of St. George. The St. George Mormon Temple is the building with the steeple in the middle of the town... But what a beautiful picture it made...
This is the City of St. George. The St. George Mormon Temple is the building with the steeple in the middle of the town… But what a beautiful picture it made…

This morning, even though I wasn’t feeling good, I feel blessed. I was glad that I got to take Chuck to work and was able to take in all that God has shown me on a 15 minute drive. No wonder I love road trips.

Bradley and His Mom- RIP little man

One other little thought I had was about this family who just lost their son last night to cancer. My heart breaks for them, but I can see this sweet little boy named Bradley not having to weather any more storm clouds. He is basking in the Lords rays of sunshine and enjoying the peace that comes with knowing the Lord. I have hope and I KNOW that one day we all will enjoy the rays of sunshine and have no more storm clouds because that is what God says. For those who come across this, could you keep Bradley and his family in your prayers. They know Bradley is with God and having a good time, but they will miss him until they are reunited. Because of Bradley and children that go through illnesses such as cancer, it puts my life in perspective and they show what true faith and love is. These children are so strong and I admire the strength of the parents and that they put their trust in God during one of the worst storms of their lives.

Here is a video of one of my favorite hymns called “The Unclouded Day”Click here to watch it. Below is the lyrics to it. I wish we sang this song at church. When I hear this song I always think about how perfect Heaven will be. I have to say that I do hope there are clouds in heaven, just not the kind that brings bad things. And of course we are told that there will be no storm clouds. Yeah about that 🙂

Unclouded Day

Oh they tell me of a home far beyond the skies
Oh they tell me of a home far away
Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh, they tell me of an unclouded day

Oh the land of cloudless day
Oh the land of an unclouded sky
Oh they tell me of a home where no storm clouds rise
Oh they tell me of an unclouded day

Oh they tell me of a home where my friends have gone
Oh they tell me of that land far away
Where the tree of life in eternal bloom
Sheds its fragrance through the unclouded day

Oh they tell me of a King in His beauty there
And they tell me that mine eyes shall behold
Where He sits on the throne that is whiter than snow
In the city that is made of gold

Oh they tell me that He smiles on His children there
And His smile drives their sorrows all away
And they tell me that no tears ever come again
In that lovely land of unclouded day

Our Christmas

JJ and his friend

Christmas Eve is the beginning of Christmas for me. We do all the prep work, but the night before is when we begin things. We went to my daughter Jessica’s church for the Christmas Eve service. JJ was in the Christmas program so of course we had to go there. Even though my car was heading to my church. I was ready to turn into the parking lot when I noticed I was at my church. I had JJ in my car and he was asking if I was taking a short cut to his church. My answer to him was “Yeah, sure I’m taking a short cut”, hahha.  He almost didn’t make it. But he did a good job as did Jessica and Uriah who put together the Christmas play in a day.

Bridgette and her present from Beckiah

Our Christmas was pretty good. We had 19 people show up here at the house. It was more stressful the night before than the day of. I like to have everything ready so there is no last minute flying off the handle for me. I almost accomplished that Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day it went like it should. Everyone showed up for the gift exchange and we opened the gifts. Bridgette had a heck of a time with hers, lol. Beckiah had her name and Beckiah did the box in a box thing with duck tape around each box.

The kids liked what they got and I think everyone was happy with what they had. We didn’t go over the top this year. Which was kinda nice. We ended the evening with the dogs opening their gifts and playing with their new toys. My dogs loved them. I will write more about them on my Petter Pets Blog.

Christmas is over for another year and the New Year festivities are about to begin. For me those festivities means staying home where is is warm. It seems like there are so many nut jobs out there on New Years and this is a much safer place to be. My thoughts on is that if it is a CALM News Years day and Eve, then it just might be a CALM year. So far it hasn’t worked out that way, but that is my hopes.

When it comes to resolutions, I don’t do those. The reason why is that I kick myself in the hinney when I fail to follow through. So my resolution is to have no resolution.

I hope that each and everyone of you had a wonderful Christmas and have a Blessed Hew Year…