Ready 4 Some Basketball- Suns Style

Suns NapkinsOK… So here is the lowdown… For all of you that doesn’t already know this, I’m a Phoenix Suns fan… Not a Lakers or a Spurs fan… Those teams give me a bad taste in my mouth… And now that Steve Nash is playing for the Lakers, he is on my trader list… 

My daughter Jessica is the culprit to this rant… She sent me a link to Oriental Trading and they have a whole line of Phoenix Suns party items… So now my brain is whirling around and wanting to do a tip off party… I will even invite Miss Shirley to the party…  The games begin on Weds October 10th… But I’m thinking about this little get together for Friday November 16th… My reasoning is that I want to see the Suns beat the Lakers on their home court… Now if they loose, I may be whining all night long… So they best beat them and wipe the court with them… My thinking for this is all because of Jessica… So thank you Jessica for showing me the link to the Suns Party stuff… Now I have to put it to good use… That is hard to do ya know? 

Now the image below is just not natural… There is no way that Kobe and Nash should be wearing the same team Jersey… Not Cool AT ALL!


4 thoughts on “Ready 4 Some Basketball- Suns Style

  1. I must say I disagree with Sandie. That purple & yellow look wonderful on Kobe & Nash! Just look at that happy smile on Steve’s face. He’s so thrilled to be on such a great team, in a wonderful climate. I’m flattered that Sandie is inviting me to a Laker’s victory party. Very gracious of her. I will be so happy to see friendly sports rivalry instead of the blasted political viciousness!

  2. Oh my goodness Shirley, you make me laugh… But ya know it’s true… Yes, of course it is a victory party… The Suns are going slam those poor Lakers into the pacific ocean… I think that is the ocean that is on the west coast… If not, that is going to be a long trip for those Lakers, lol…

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