My Day…

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Today was a full day… I did a number of things… I have a feeling I will pay the price tomorrow though… It started off with me having to go get my husbands check and then I went to Michael’s to get stuff to do my fall door wreath… They had silks on sale for 50 % off and then I knew I had some coupons… I looked in my purse and for those who know me, knows I can never find anything in my purse… But there was this really nice lady standing behind me with her droid application opened to Michael ‘s .. She shared one of her discounts… So I had an added discount… She just purchased Floral Market of St. George and will be open in a couple of weeks… I will have to remember that and go to her place… I like to shop at local places and it was awesome that she shared her discount with me… That was a chaching moment… I came home and put together my new door wreath… I’m thinking I should sale these and see if I can make some money at it… Not sure how many would buy them… But if they are custom ordered, that could work and it would give me something to do… As long as they didn’t want it right this minute… I have to do things when I can or feel good enough to do it… Let me know what you think of it…

After doing my fun craft of making my door wreath, I told  my daughter Jessica that I would video and take images of my grandson JJ while he got his belt promotion at Karate… I’m pretty impressed with the patience of his instructor… JJ has Attention Deficient Disorder and has issues with anger… Poor kid is only 4… So we will see how that goes with that diagnosis… But his instructor is awesome… I notice that JJ is doing somewhat better with paying attention… Not sure if it is the karate or the medicine… But that is a yay moment for me… I love the little guy and I feel bad when I have to constantly tell him to be quiet or stop running… He is always on turbo speed… He doesn’t do that on purpose, but sometimes it gets to be a bit much… So it is great that the Bobby Lawrence Karate St. George can handle him and help him stay focused on a level JJ can understand… Well most days understand… Check out the Belt Promotion Ceremony

After that, I went over to Red Robin because they were doing a fundraiser for this young man named Kaleb Gunter… I was very impressed with the staff, customers and everyone involved… If you would like to read more about him and follow his progress you can check out his blog called “It’s All In God’s Hands”...  Kaleb and his family, Dr’s and all those caring for him could use your prayers… He has been in the hospital for close to a month now… They all have a very long road to go down… Tonight at Red Robins in Washington, Utah you could tell how much they care about Kaleb and his family… After talking to his dad Glenn and his Step Mom Chanda, I found out that Red Robin and the managers has a very big heart for those who are in need… And I have to say that out of all of the restaurants in Southern Utah, they have to be tops when it comes to a great group of people and food… I have never had a problem there… Well, maybe there is one… They don’t have bottomless Mountain High Mud Pie… OMG! That’s all that needs to be said about that, lol…

One thing that I found totally awesome is that the managers, friends and some family members decided to shave their heads in honor of Kaleb… There was alot of bald heads running around Red Robbin… Even the managers got into the act… And this is the first time I got to really talk to Chanda and the family and I have to say that Brittney is really sweet… She wanted to shave her hair… But not all the way, just underneath the back… That took me back to my daughters doing that in school… My daughter Beckiah did with Michael Jordan’s number and Jessica didn’t have anything shaved into it… But they did shave the underside of their hair… That is so 80’s… All I was waiting for is the Rooster hair style…

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