Cell Phones and Outsourcing..

ImageMy day started off pretty much the same as usual. Well, I have been sick, but that is what it is. But then I had to go get my niece so she could go to work. First we had to stop off at the cell phone companies office..I bought a new droid and I was giving her my old one…

We went through the whole process. The lady reactivted the old phone for Bridgette and got her the number for it. I didn’t think I would have a problem. Should have been simple enough since I have upgraded my phone a number of times. Instead it turned into a nightmare from hell!

I dropped Bridgette off at her work and I was not in a pleasant mood at that point since my car was empty and I had no money for gas. I get home barely and I noticed something was going on with my phone. I tried to call my friend Lisa and she was gone out of my contacts. There wasn’t anyone under my L’s. I didn’t think a whole lot about it till a little later when her husband came over.

I tried to call someone and all my contacts were gone. And in thier place was my nieces contacts. Let me tell you all one thing, she has some not too good language that she stores her friends names under. I was shocked and was wondering what the heck happened to my phone. The only contacts I had was about 10 of them. All my settings and ringtone were gone too.

I called the boost store and asked him and I have to say that I was not very pleasant at all! I’m livid over this whole thing. I know it isn’t Brigettes fault, but still, I had her not so good friends in my contacts.

I tried for over an hour to get ahold of customer service. If I could have reached out and chocked someone I would have. By now, I’m not just ticked, I’m at the point of wanting to torture someone. The kind of torture where you want to pull thier toenails out. Ok,well maybe not that bad, but close enough.

ImageI finally got this woman on the phone who could barely speak english. I tried to tell her what the problem was. She told me ‘I understand you are upset, I never heard of this before”. She kept apologizing and I kept wanting to jump through my phone and touch someone. She wasn’t making it any better. Finally after about 30 minutes of explaining, she puts me on hold to talk to her supervisor. Click! This is all I heard. After 90 minutes on this stupid phone that has none of my contacts, she drops my call. Thankfully she called me back 30 minutes later. But in that time, I got to stew some more while trying to contact a person again.

She told me she had a solution. Yeah, a solution finally after 2 hours of this ordeal. She told me to get a different google account since my phone is sync’ed with my email. Now let me tell you, I wanted to choke her all over again. I was having a very anti- Christian moment with this woman from whatever country she was from. That is a whole other topic for me to go on a rant about.

The last thing she told me is that she is sorry about the inconvenience and that she understands. That is something that gets me everytime. Don’t tell me you understand or know how inconvenient this is unless you know me personally.

Bridgette is going to come over with the SD card in her phone to see if she may have something on that. I sure hope so. And this woman was NO help at all.

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