Hateful Thoughts During This Election

President Obama and Mitt Romney

I know this is going to strike a nerve for many. But this is something that gets me going every-time I hear all the posts on Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter.

Each of these types of social networks have people that post the most hateful and demeaning messages about the political parties. Most of the comments coming from people who I always thought were Christian and they are calling those who didn’t vote for Romney idiots, entitled, satanists and lowlifes. And these are just a few of the lesser of the mean ones.

Today in our local newspaper there was a vent that went like this;

I would like to know when the GOP decided that Social Security was an entitlement. I have had the government taking Social Security taxes out of my pay check ever since I began working.

This quote from whoever sent it in says exactly what I think. Since when is Social Security an entitlement? What gets me even  more is that I know a WHOLE lot of people who are Republicans that get Social Security, Food Stamps, Unemployment, State Medical and so on… Does that mean that there is a difference in the assistance  they get over the ones a Democrat gets? I would think not. But I guess there must be since so many rude and hateful comments are coming from those who think it is an entitlement only if a person is a Democrat.

This is one of those other things that gets me and I think is one of the most hateful things going out there. Some people have posted in comments on social networks and yahoo comments that if a person is really a Christian, they would never vote for a Democrat. They aren’t really Christians and are working for the devil. I have seen some friends loose friends because they voted for Obama  They told a couple of my friends on my friends list that they only allow Christians as their friends and since they voted for Obama, they are fake Christians. REALLY!!!

There is For those who need direct links on Snopes to the Lies… There is alot of  the mentality of  this good -bad mentality going on from both parties. I don’t vote based on party affiliation. I vote for the person. I read and study all things, not just what is on Fox News. They are pretty one sided from everything I hear. I don’t listen to the photo-shopped pictures that is spread all over Facebook and beyond. I’m registered Democrat but I don’t always vote that way. I’m not stupid or uninformed. I never post a picture of something unless I have checked it out on Snopes and find out if it is real or not. 95 percent of the time, it is someone making it into something it isn’t. Here is a link to a news station on Fox in Phoenix. This is a good place to go to listen to all those things that people are listening to and passing to others.

  • Claim– Obama wasn’t born in the United States- Thank you Trump for this crap…  Read More
  • Claim- Obama didn’t put his hand over his heart during National Anthem… Read More
  • Claim-  Obama’s campaign was funded by Hugo Chavez… Read More..
  • Claim- Hundreds are healed by touch from Obama... Read More.. . 
  • Claim- Obama was a foreign  exchange student… Read More… 
  • Claim- Obama is Muslim.. Read More… 
  • Claim- Obama goes to Columbia… Read More..

I don’t understand the hateful messages and uniformed messages posted by many of his supporters though. These posts were the turning point for me to not vote for him. If his followers had so much hate and was being so judgmental  I wanted no part of it. In actuality, I did a write in. I didn’t vote for either one of them. When Billy Graham put out his statement, only one name came to mind that fit that description of who our president should be. I choose Jesus Christ. He is the only one that has my best interest our all of our best interest at heart. He isn’t affiliated with any of the political parties. He is already on the winning side and I know this. I know that my vote counted with Him.

Here are some lies about Romney… Not many, but I will provide links to those pages so people can read them…

All of the links above and the comments have created alot of hate messages and behaviors from others who don’t vote the way they want someone to vote…

Crazed woman who ran over husband who forgt to vote…

Then this last week on Yahoo, there is a story about a woman who runs over her husband because he didn’t vote… He is in the hospital in critical condition and she is in jail. Read More…

My final thought and I’m pretty sure by now, you are all ready for that is, that no matter who people voted for, We are America.! We are One Nation Under God.! America Will Survive! We all should pray for our nation and our leaders!Everyone should be respected no matter what party they belong too! God will Prevail no matter who is in office!

These are the issues I find important:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Education
  3. Jobs/Econmy

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