Sunday Drive

I went out for a Sunday drive today, which was nice. Sometimes it is nice to just crank up my radio and go. I wasn’t planning on going for a drive. I only wanted to take pictures of Pine Valley and the snow that lite up the mountain. With all the horrible things happening in our world, I wanted to take pictures of the beauty and nature around me.

I love the snow and the crispness of winter. I like to take pictures of nature like tree’s, mountains, birds, snow, dogs and grand-kids  We have been blessed to have all of those things around us. Today I woke up to snow capped mountains and the fresh air that comes along with snow and rain.

My thoughts today is that it is a new day and all the bad things are gone for now. I wanted to focus on the good and the beauty around me instead of the hateful and evil that has been consuming our lives and our world. I hope you enjoy the pictures that I took today. Enjoy the ride.



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