In a Better Place

ImageI’m not sure about anyone else, but all I can think about when I think of the children of Sandy Hook Elementary is sadness. I hear so many people say they are in a better place and I do believe they are in the most loving arms of all. But still a part of me thinks the best for for them is with their parents and family. I don’t know if my child died in the way these children and teachers died, I would want to hear from everyone that they are in a better place.

Maybe that is selfish of me, but that is how I feel about it when I see these sweet little faces that should be sitting on their mommy and daddy’s lap. They should be playing with their brothers and sisters and waiting for Santa to come and bring their surprise gifts to them on Christmas Morning. They should be listening to mommy or daddy reading night time stories or singing them to sleep so they have beautiful dreams.  I know they are in a better place, but not where they should be for many many many years to come.

And this isn’t just about the children who were killed by evil, but for those who are dying because of cancer and other diseases. If those were my kids, I would be thinking the best place for them was with me and by my side. I know it shouldn’t bother me when I read over and over that they are in a better place. Deep in my heart I know that is true. Maybe it is easier or a way to cover the pain to imagine them in Heaven with Jesus.

I understand that people are meaning well and I because of what happened it is the only way to see something positive about so many having to die. I never want to understand why a person would do such a horrible thing to so many innocent people. I don’t know why people had to die on 9/11, Oklahoma Bombing,  Columbine, malls, theaters and anyplace else. When Christ comes again, there will be no more evil, death or tears.

Maybe people don’t know what else to say other than they are in a better place. 20 Children and 7 adults were welcomed by Jesus Christ and reside with Him now. But my heart tells me that these children should be home waiting for Christmas morning and enjoying all the excitement of this wonderful season.

They are all in my prayers and I also pray that anyone who may think this is a good idea change their mind and heart and get some help. The mentally ill are often overlooked and not treated. I can’t help but wonder if there was good mental health available if there would be less of this happening.  The killer being mentally ill doesn’t make it easier for me to understand this. Evil is lurking all over and something needs to be done to get these people treated and if they are a danger than do something.

Then you have the whole debate on gun control. I think that if people want to have guns they need to be responsible owners. I have no right to tell people to own a gun or not. I don’t understand why people think they need to own assault weapons though. What good can come of owning such a gun. One guy on TV simply said, they were fun to shoot. Well, OK! Not sure I like his opinion. I do wonder if put in the wrong hands if they would think it would be fun to shoot at children as moving targets. Not cool in my book. I don’t own a gun and never would for my own reasons.  But that is how I feel for myself.

OK, so now I’m done rambling about this topic. I hate seeing all these kids being laid to rest because of one persons choice to kill innocent children and teachers. So disturbed by this.

I just read an article from Mike Huckabee and he said much of what I think… I wanted to post a link… Six things I don’t want to hear after the Sandy Hook Massacre

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