American Idol is a Joke

ImageI know that many are probably sick of American Idol and I have to agree with alot of the posts I read about the female judges Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj. They have ruined my possibility of watching it this year. 

ImageFor me American Idol should be all about the contestants, not the judges  Sure the judges are important and fun to watch. But not this year. Before the season even began it was full of drama from the two drama queens. I could handle Mariah, but not Nicki. Not saying I would like to watch Mariah, but at-least she isn’t as annoying. 

So now I’m left with some decisions that I have to make. Since I normally watch American Idol, I have to find something new to do with my time instead of spending three nights watching it while hoping my favorite makes it through. I did up a little list of some of my options that have opened up for me since I now have the time to do  them. 

  1. Watch The Voice
  2. Play on Facebook 
  3. Clean the house
  4. Feed the dogs
  5. Take a warm bath and relax
  6. Read my Bible and fill my head with good stuff
  7. Call friends or family
  8. Pop in a good chick flick of my choice and eat bon bons
  9. Post a blog about what I’m doing instead of watching IDOL
  10. Since I will have time to do all the above, I could do  all of these things

Now that I have gone into my rant about American Idol I can now focus on more important matters. What those things are, I have no idea, but I will share them when I find out.