Duck Faced Girls- Drives me Nuts


I’m guessing most people will know what I mean when I talk about duckface lips. Out of respect for my friends and family on Facebook, I won’t post their pictures on here. But I had a hard time not doing that. Here is what the definition of Duckface.

ImageDuckface is  that face you make when you’re about to take that perfect picture of yourself for the internet? It is the pose where you push your mouth out in that sort of weird half-kissy-face to make it look like you’ve got big pouty lips, a super-defined jaw line, and model-quality cheekbones?

it’s called “duckface.”

I hope this blog posting doesn’t offend anyone. But it absolutely drives me nuts when I see girls doing this thing called Duck Lips. First of all, in my opinion it makes the person look like they are stuck on themselves and it looks fake. Maybe they think it makes them look hot or sexy.

I have a few girls/ladies that do it on Facebook and I want to hit delete every-time I see their Imagepictures pop up. Why can’t they just be who they are without all the stupid duck lip thing going on. Then I was thinking, maybe they think it makes them look skinnier. Maybe they are all Angelina or Marilyn Monroe wanna be’s or is it their way to emulate the collagen-mutilated celebrity plastic surgery victims.

I have asked a few guys that I know what they think the duckface craze is all about and how they feel about it. One guy thought that it looked like they were offering a sexual act and that they would do what he would want him to do. But he said beyond that, “it is not sexy”.  Another guy said it is a “turn off to him when girls do that and that he would rather see the true smile and beauty than something fake.” This other guy said “A lot of my friends make duckface in their pictures and I don’t understand it at all. They must think it makes them look cute, more appealing, etc but I wish they would realize how ridiculous and stupid it looks.” And finally, the last guy said. “It doesn’t make anyone cute or attractive.  It makes people look drunk and ready to lose their inhibitions. ”


I came across this website called Antiduckface and it shows how ridiculous it really is. And those who do it would be taken much more serious if they were being themselves.

The only ones that should be doing duckfaces are ducks and cute little kids. Other than that, it looks stupid. And if someone is saying it looks cute or pretty, they are stroking your egos and lying to you.

Sorry if I offended any of you duckfaced girls out there, but someone had to be honest with you and tell you the truth. It looks fake and immature. It isn’t cute! The only ones who would like that face is if a guy was hoping for something and he is only interested in that one thing.

So be true to yourself and get real…

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