Kate Middleton

ImageMy mind gets wondering when I read things about Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge. I’m not from Britain or England or any of those places so my mind gets going in all kinds of directions. 

Some of my random thoughts are why is she called Kate Middleton when she is married to Prince William. Well he was Prince William, but now he is the Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and she is Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Now my brain wants to know Prince William has a last name. It also wants to know why they have to change titles once they got married. Is he still not a prince? Not knowing how the proper protocol is for royalty, I wonder these things. Everyone I know of has a last name. I did ask someone on one of the yahoo things and they thought I committed a horrible sin by asking that. Hmmmm, who would have known not to ask that question. I guess I should have, lol. 

I really do like Prince William and Kate. I can tell when I look at them that they really love each other. She is someone I would considered worthy to be a princess, But still, I want to know why she is called so many different things and what is her official name, title and what is Prince Williams last name. Does the royal family have last names or are they only known by their title and first names? My inquiring mind likes to know these things. Not for any particular reason, but just because. 

I do hope that Prince William and Princess Kate or whatever the proper name is has a wonderful life and that they are blessed. I also hope the paparazzi leaves them alone and their children. In my opinion they are a sweet couple and genuine prince and princess material. I think they will have cute babies without a doubt. 

2 thoughts on “Kate Middleton

  1. Royalty never use their surname. Prince Williams surname is Mountbatten-Windsor. The name Mountbatten is Prince Phillips surname and Windsor is Queen Elizabeth’s last name. Prince Charles passed the surname Mountbatten-WIndsor down to his children. Kate also receives this surname. Once again though, they never use their surname except when formally used as in this case their marriage.

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