Not a Good Week and It’s Only Tuesday

bad-weekMy week hasn’t started out too good at all. Yesterday, I got mifted at my husbands dispatcher and I don’t even know the woman. For some reason she thought I was giving her dirty looks. If I was giving her dirty looks, it was probably well deserved. But since I don’t even remember what she looked like, why would I give her the time of day? So she sure set my day off in a bad way yesterday.

Chucks truck had to be put in the shop and he couldn’t leave till Monday because they didn’t start till Monday and not impressed that we have two cars that need engines and a van that I need paper work for so I don’t have to keep going to get my husband or leave my car at his work.

Yesterday I had to go take care of a violation that was the mistake of DMV. Good thing I didn’t have to pay anything and they dismissed it. But it was the whole idea of all the time it took. I wasn’t feeling good and was not impressed by having to deal with this.

IMG_4461Then today, as soon as I woke up things started in. My brother in law and I had to go to Staples to re fax papers that were faxed two months ago because somehow they lost them. We need them to get these papers so we can get the lien release for the van since my husband has to use it. He decided it was a good idea to freeze his engine and crack the block by not putting anti freeze it his car. So that is in the garage for Lord knows how long.

My brother in law and I were getting ready to get into my car to go take papers to a restaurant that I reviewed and right on the passengers side of my car was this guy standing there picking up metal shelves that got tipped over from his hand cart and decided it needed to run into the side of my car. The guy for some reason didn’t think he hit the car, until I came back and had to file a report that he did and there is a gash at the bottom of my cars door.

After I got home, my home health nurse came over to change my port needle and do all my stuff. I was reminding her that next week my new insurance kicks him for the Medicare Advantage and that I will no longer have Cigna. She instructs me to call the main office in Salt Lake which I do and do a new intake on Tuesday. After I get off the phone with the home health office, I get a call from my insurance guy that signed me up for the Medicare Advantage since I needed the part D. He let me know that Universal Health Care was no longer going to be in business and all the ones under them have to come into the office and sing up for a new policy. All this has to be done by Monday since my Medicare takes place on Monday. But then I have to wait for the letter to come in the mail so then there is no penalty and they can change it over. I went over to Yahoo to see what they said about Universal Healthcare and this is what it says.

As Florida and national lawmakers continue to debate the issue of health care, Universal Health Care is cutting staff in the Bay area.

According to Bay News 9’s partner newspaper the Tampa Bay Times, state regulators issued the first wave of layoffs at the company’s St. Petersburg headquarters Monday.

Hundreds are expected to lose their jobs by the end of the week. The first group of layoffs was mostly sales staff.

The Medicare insurer is being liquidated by April 1, meaning its 140,000 members will be placed with other health plans.

Last month, a state investigation found Universal virtually insolvent and accused its management of fraud, diversion of funds and other financial mismanagement.

A total of about 800 UHC workers will lose their jobs.

After that we went over to my grandsons birthday party. He turned 12 today… That was about the only good thing so far…

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