What Do Babies Think When Being Born?

This is just one of those random thoughts of mine. Good thing this blog is called Senseless Ramblings  lol No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post 🙂

I want to go back!

I wonder what a baby thinks when it is being born. A lot has to be going on for this poor little baby that has been floating around in fluid for 9 months and not having a care in the world and then bam! All of the sudden they are being evicted from their warm, cozy and a bit damp cubicle of a home. He is wondering how in the heck he is going to fit through that small face, but he is to the point of no return. Then poof, they are shot down a tunnel and heading to the light and then once they hit the light they get smacked on the butt by faces that they have never seen before. Some strange people are manhandling them and everything is a mess.

Go Back!                                          Things are bad out here!

And then then I think about the little boys that get circumcised, lol. I can only imagine what they think when the Dr comes at them with the scalpel and needle in hand. They reach for their little private spots with these scary items and then they cut off the skin. I bet those little boys would like to climb back into the womb and never come back out to see the light again.

I can only imagine the baby looking up at all these strangers that they call parents and family. They never would have seen such strange beings in their life. If they happen to be a twin, at least they can pre-warn his/her brother or sister about what is

JJ Just after he was born… I think he was praying to go back in where it was warm and cozy and no needles and cold things.

Shoot, when my grandson JJ was born, I was there. And if he could talk, I could only imagine what he would say. I was happy to be there in the room while he was born, but some of it was a bit much because it was up close and way to personal for my own good, lol. about to take place.

The day he was born, the nurse came to me since I was there by Jessica’s side and Jason was by her head. She tells me to come here. I give her a stupid blank look, like where. She is in the position to get his baby delivered that decided it was going to be a bad trip and wanted to return to sender. So she raises Jessica’s legs in a position that I never thought a pregnant woman could get into so she could show me where JJ’s head is and where it needs to be. Right now I am feeling like I am the catcher of a diamondback baseball game. JJ was going to be the fly ball that wanted to get away. Eventually he was born and he was way upset and I tell ya, he was mad because they flicked the bottom of his foot. He must have thought he was being punished for something he was going to call the lawyer to sue whoever committed this deed of injustice.

What is that smell?

After the baby arrives and tries to sum up what his life is going to be like, he/she relents and realizes that some of these people might be nice because he/she gets yummy warm stuff from mommy. Even though he or she might be wondering what the whole thing is with these things they put on their bottoms. They didn’t have these before and now they keep all the poopies and wet stuff from getting on their new parents, but not away from them.  Little one giggles to himself as he make noises that he never heard before as he fills these funny white things taped to his body. Being a little devious and doing some payback, he realizes that he can pee on mommy and daddy when they remove this and then it is payback time. Better watch out sucker! Fully Loaded and Ready to Aim is his new motto, or at least till he can be verbal, lol.

What are you going to do to me mister? I promise, I won’t do it again

Back to the boys, they are not impressed I’m sure if they got circumcised. Now they have owies every time they pee. So far these babies are not enjoying the right of passage they just came through.

In time, they must think their parents and everyone else is nuts because of the way we talk to them and not very nice at times because they get shots and don’t always feel good. And to even think about what they think about these foreign objects called teeth start coming in. No wonder kids bite, they are getting back at us adults who put them through the ringer, lol.

Plotting my next move? When you least expect it, and boom! I haven’t forgotten the mean man cutting my pee pee!

Now they are onto bigger and better things. They know what it takes to get us to do what they want and when. And they look at us like we are nuts when we talk to them in baby talk, but find it is better to humor us.

Soon enough they are able to talk and by then so much has happened, they have forgotten all about the whole being born thing and being launched through the birth canal.

Watch out world, here they come.

Holding Pastors Accountable

christmas 063
Pastor Dean and Ruth- We sure miss them

This blog posting really makes me appreciate our pastor and his wife. They recently retired and we miss them and hope the best for them. Thankfully we never had to deal with the issues that are covered in this blog. Pastor Dean and Ruth were great and were an awesome example of living their life for Christ and loving each other and their family. They will be a part of our church family always.

I have a number of friends that are church leaders, pastors and such. A friend of mine emailed me about their Pastor not living up to the standards you would expect a Pastor to be. From my understanding the pastor at her church is living in sin, by having an affair out of wedlock and taking part in conduct that we are told not to participate it. She asked me about accountability and how to confront or if she should confront the pastor at her church. When I opened my email and read her question, it took me back to when we first moved to St. George. And it still comes to mind when I go through Mesquite, NV.

A pastor and his wife was at a casino gambling and I was shocked to see them there holding their winnings in their hands. I grew up in the Nazarene Church and this just wasn’t done. We are told not to gamble and to see the pastor of my church doing this, I was wondering what my fiend asked me. Those questions would be about accountability and being an example of Christ. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the whole idea and image of my pastor gambling.

This is me playing BINGO, lol
This is me playing BINGO, lol

Then I had to recognize my own sin and not the sin that my pastor and his wife was committing  In my mind, it was OK for me to be there gambling, but not MY pastor. I was holding him up to a higher standard than I had for myself and other Christians. I could come up with a hundred reasons why it was OK for me to be there but not him. Needless to say, I was just as much in the wrong as he was and I was wrong in thinking that him being there was the same as me being there.

I would think that we need to look at the issue at hand.  Should a pastor who falls into serious sin—or who is just accused of a serious sin—respond publicly and address the charges? Does he/she need to be open with his congregation? Or does the Bible give him immunity? Does his/her standing as a Christian leader give him/her permission to hide his/her faults from view?

With the way the media and internet are, I’m pretty sure that most have heard stories of pastors addicted to pornography, pastors who’ve been accused of adultery, pastors who don’t show the love of Jesus to their families and others. It would be very difficult for a member of the congregation to hold a pastor or church leader accountable.  It’s our moral and spiritual imperative to hold our pastors and leaders accountable no matter how hard that may be. (Ezekiel 3:16-21)

For me this is a hard topic, because of my friendships with pastors and church leaders.  Pastors are, like everyone else, ordinary human beings; fallen people who struggle with the flesh, the devil and the world. Like everyone else, they need Grace-giving & Gospel-centered leaders around them for support, growth and encouragement.  I had to go searching for the answers on this one and go to what the Bible says.

Rev. Sue Lewan
Rev. Sue Lewan and Rev Robb McClintock

One of my friends Sue is a pastor. She and I get into a number of conversations about life and her role as a church leader (pastor).  When asking her about her thoughts on this topic, this is what she said; “Life is not always under our control, just like everyone elses. We do the best we can. We try to be the best that we can be. But we fall just like everyone else.” Most pastors have tremendous issues, but feel trapped that they can’t be honest about them for fear of losing their position, respect, or influence among God’s people. Balance is a key ingredient in ministry.

What the Bible Says: God holds the pastor/overseer and the leaders of the church to a higher standard (James 3:1 is an example). He has given us high standards to use in determining who is qualified to be a leader (1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9). These two passages refer to the qualifications of church leaders who are biblical called elders. When a pastor or a leader violates these standards, they are no longer qualified to continue in their role. These qualifications include his gender, his high moral character, his relationship to his family, his ability to be a good manager, his knowledge of God’s Word, and he must be gifted or skilled in teaching.

Dictionary Series - Religion: moralIt seems that when you look at the qualifications (1 Timothy 3; Titus 1; 1 Peter 5:2-4) for pastors and deacons are  simple and clear. Many times people like to gloss over that these qualifications for pastors and deacons are the basic characteristics expected of all Christians.

Some Random Thoughts About Pastors and his/her flock (Christians)

  • Contrary to popular opinion, pastors and deacons are not part of a super-spiritual elite group who are closer to being morally perfected or above correction.
  • Pastors and deacons are sinners saved by grace, sinners who are regular people who do and will sin!
  • Pastors are to exemplify what the Christian life looks like (1 Peter 5:3).
  • Christians are expected to live their lives in a manner worthy of the gospel. Pastors are simply men who exhibit maturity in their faith and live humble and consistent lives.
  • The terms “blameless” and “above reproach” are the initial words used in the two major qualifications lists. These words are used to describe both pastors (Titus 1:6) and deacons (1 Timothy 3:2).
  • Being above reproach does not mean that one has achieved sinless perfection, this is impossible in fallen man. To be above reproach refers to a level of maturity that is exemplified in consistency. Inside the church this means that one must live in line with the gospel and biblical pattern for a faithful life. Being above reproach outside the church means that non-Christians cannot point their finger and discredit ones profession of faith in Christ alone.
  •  Throughout the New Testament the “ability to teach” (Acts 20:31; Titus 1:9; Ephesians 4:11; 1 Timothy 5:17; Hebrews 13:7) stands apart as the only qualification held to the office of pastor that is not obligatory on every other Christian. In other words, everything listed as obligatory on pastors is also obligatory upon all other Christians except the “ability to teach.”
  • The pastor is to be able to “hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught, so that he may be able to give instruction in sound doctrine and also to rebuke those who contradict it.” (Titus 1:9) One of the primary roles of a pastor is “equipping the saints for the work of the ministry” and this is accomplished by teaching and passing on the faith. (Ephesians 4:12-13a, 2 Timothy 2:2).

This is a quote I found online and find it so true:

Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson

We all miss the mark, and some of the best preachers are actually a “repentive product” of their sin.

Chuck Colson  = prison ministry, former prisoner
C.S. Lewis = former atheist, and great apologist

“Pastors are simply men/women who exhibit maturity in their faith and live humble.”

Pastors and Church Leaders Needs our Prayers;

Why do pastors leave the ministry?  Of the most common issues are “preference for another form of ministry, the need to care for children or family, conflict in the congregation, conflict with denominational leaders, burnout or discouragement, sexual misconduct, and divorce or marital problems.”  Before we point the finger or throw stones at them, let’s consider a few things.  The apostle wrote: “Let the elders who rule well be considered worthy of double honor, especially those who labor in preaching and teaching…” (1 Timothy 5: 17).

Pastors have a high rate of depression.
Pastors have a high rate of depression.

In closing, here are some stats about Pastors and Church leaders.

  • 70% of pastors constantly fight depression.
  • 50% of pastors feel so discouraged that they would leave the ministry if they could, but have no other way of making a living.
  • 90% of the pastors report working between 55 to 75 hours per week.
  • 80% spouses feel left out and under-appreciated by church members.
  • 70% do not have someone they consider a close friend.
  • 40% report serious conflict with a parishioner at least once a month.
  • 50% of the ministers starting out will not last 5 years.
  • 4,000 new churches begin each year and 7,000 churches close
  • Over 1,700 pastors left the ministry every month last year
  • According to one survey, only 23% of pastors report being happy and content in their identity in Christ, in their church, and in their home.

See how you can pray and serve them & their families:

pray4pastorLet’s face it: It’s easier to criticize a pastor than to be a pastor.   We have little or no idea what it means to be a pastor.  Here are a few examples of what most pastors suffer from, before they literally burn-out (from Disciple Makers).  See how you can pray and serve them & their families

  • chronic fatigue  (exhaustion, tiredness, a sense of being physically run down)
  • difficulty sleeping (waking in the middle of the night and finding yourself unable to return to sleep)
  • decreased concentration (can’t finish things)
  • anger at those making demands
  • self-criticism for putting up with the demands
  • cynicism, negativity, and irritability
  • a sense of being besieged
  • exploding easily at seemingly inconsequential things
  • frequent headaches and stomach aches
  • changes in appetite resulting in weight loss or gain
  • shortness of breath
  • increased irritability (men tend to get angry more; women tend to cry more)
  • social withdrawal
  • depression
  • feelings of helplessness

As the body of Christ we should love, care & appreciate our pastors today.  My prayer is that as you reflect on these things, you would see how your churches treat pastors; and that you would lead a group to make sure that faithful pastors receive the honor they deserve but hardly ask for.”

Go Ask Alice- JK- Alice Asking

ImageI was having this conversation a few days ago with a friend (Alice). She was asking me about a problem she was having with a friend. Her problem is that one of the friends she thought she was close with has been pretty much non existent for some time now. Alice is hurt by this and not sure what she has done wrong. This is a hard one for me to answer since I didn’t know the person she was talking about. This friendship was and is meaningful to her. Not knowing her friend, this is difficult to know the answer to. 

From my understanding they have been friends for many many years and then all the sudden her friend stepped back from the friendship and hasn’t been a part of her life for a long time.  After talking to her for some time I got the idea that her friend had a lot of things on her plate going on. And my friend has had many things to. 

I know my online friend Alice will be reading this and I hope she does, so she can think about what it means and how hard maintaining a friendship can be. From my understanding my friend put a lot on the shoulders of her friend, not knowing she did this though. My friend Jerri would always tell me that some friends are casual friends, others are in it for the long haul and others are there because they need to be needed or we need someone to need us. 

ImageAs I was talking to Alice, Jerri’s comment came to mind and in many ways that is true. Alice was wanting more out of a friendship. She wanted one where she could talk about anything and be accepted for the good and bad. Her friend was unable to meet that criteria for her. I can understand how she would want that though. Jerri and I could spend hours on the phone, in person and so on talking about nothing or talking about everything. But not all friendships are like that. I do need to make it a point to call Jerri though. It has been awhile since we last talked. 

Alice is having a problem understanding why her friend pulled away is hurt because she thought they could talk about anything and everything. That was until she opened her heart up too much and her friend pulled away. I guess I can understand this because I think we all have or at least I have had friends that have had to step back and regroup. I have had to do that too. It was like that with my friend Donna. And I’m sure some of my stuff is a bit too much for some to handle too. There has been times that too much was going on and I had to pull away for my own sanity. I do think that is OK, but at the same time don’t give up on your friend who has nobody else they can talk to. I do think this is the case with Alice. She received an email from her friend telling her that she has to back away and breath. I have been there, done that. But what upset my friend is that in the email from her friend, she said that if she needs anything to give her a call and she will be there. I guess when I think of a friend and being a good friend, you shouldn’t have to call someone up only when they are needed. Sometimes you just want to hang out or do nothing at all.

My friend was telling me that when she got that email, it made her feel like she wasn’t a friend in the same way she wanted or needed to have. I know for myself, it drives me crazy when someone calls me only when they need something and then I resent them for it. If a friend told me to call only if I needed something, then I wouldn’t consider them a friend. I would consider them someone who likes to help others and needs to save the day. If I received an email like that, i would take it how Alice is though. And I don’t think I would call or email if the only reason i was doing that was because I needed something. 

I have what I would call the puppy dog syndrome at times, or should i say had. I had a hard time saying no and would beat myself up for letting someone take advantage of me. Now, I can say no pretty easily. I still have a need to help and save the day. But that isn’t always the best and it does have a way of ruining friendships or relationships with others. 

But, back to my friend Alice. I would have to tell her that if she is wanting to have a real friend, then be one. Not everyone in our lives are friends. I would consider that a special bond. But we do have a lot of people that come into our lives for one reason or another and that is OK. And from my own experience, not everyone needs to know your private stuff. I do think that scares people away and they just don’t need to know it.  I have learned that somethings are better kept to yourself Alice unless you know that person very well. And even then you can scare them away and they never come around again. 

For others who have problems with friends or advice for Alice, you are welcome to comment. 


Hymns on my Mind

ImageTonight I was watching the American Bible Challenge on GSN and some of the songs struck a cord with me.

For me, music speaks to my soul. Music has a way of reaching me when nothing else can. Most of the time I listen to Contemporary Christian like Mandisa, Toby Mac, Third Day, JJ Heller and so on. But tonight I wanted to listen to the old time hymns that always speaks to my heart.

ImageOne of the songs I listened to was “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder”. I don’t know about anyone one else, but this song gives me hope that when my name is called and I stand before the Lord that those that I love and have accepted Christ as their personal Savior will be there waiting. Click here to listen to ‘When the Roll is Called up Yonder”

Then, there is “Victory in Jesus”. This song is filled with hope and promises. The part of this song that gets me every time is,

O victory in Jesus
My Savior, forever
He sought me and bought me
With His redeeming blood
He loved me ere I knew Him
And all my love is due Him
He plunged me to victory
Beneath the cleansing flood

Click here to listen to Victory in Jesus

ImageTrust and Obey, I absolutely love this song. I went to a Nazarene Church when I was younger. During the summer I loved my church. The reason is why is because our pastor would let the congregation choose the songs. We would raise our hand and I was so happy when I got chosen. He knew the song I would choose, haha. He would always say ” Trust and Obey Sandie?” He was right, he knew what I liked and I loved church in the summer because I could sing my favorite songs and my pastor would entertain my likes. Click here to listen to this song. 

The other song would be “In My Heart There Rings A Melody”, I sure wish our church sang this song. I would ask my daughter Jessica to play these on her flute, she would always give me a goofy look. But how can you not feel the love and hope with these songs. My favorite part of this song is;

In my heart there rings a melody
There rings a melody with heaven’s harmony;
In my heart there rings a melody
There rings a melody of love!

‘Twill be my endless theme in glory
With the angels I will sing;
‘Twill be a song with glorious harmony
When the courts of heaven ring.

ImageLastly, one of my favorite hymns is “What a Friend We Have in Jesus”. This is one of those songs that comes to my mind and heart out of nowhere. When this song comes to mind and I sing it in my car or house when I’m alone, it has a way of putting everything in perspective and I know that I can take anything to the Lord in prayer. There is no other friend that is so faithful and one that will carry our burden and be there when are are our weakest. Even when I feel discouraged and having a really hard time, I can take it to the Lord in prayer. Click here to listen to this song.

There are many other songs that I love, but these are the ones I listened to tonight that struck a cord with me and that I needed to hear. God put these on my heart and I’m thankful that I have a personal relationship with Christ and have accepted Him as my Lord and Savior.

So Much Evil- Prayers for Boston


I don’t get why people have to intentionally go out and hurt others. With what happened in Boston today, it makes me sick.

The thing that makes me the sickest is that the last mile was dedicated to those students and teachers that lost their lives at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The last mile of the Boston Marathon was dedicated to these innocent lives. And yet, under the bleachers where the survivors and families sat a bomb that didn’t go off yet was found. They had to witness carnage all over again.

Why do these senseless acts have to happen and what do people get out of seeing others hurt and killed? I don’t get it. I’m willing to bet that if someone did these things to their loved ones or family they would be out for revenge. They would be asking the whys and how comes.

Child Killed in Oklahoma Bombing

In a few days on April 19th, it will be the 18th anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing where the  blast claimed 168 lives, including 19 children under the age of 6, and injured more than 680 people.

There is so much evil in this world and I don’t get it. I know that we are warned about how much worse thing will get before Christ comes again. But to see these horrible things happen over and over again is hard to deal with and to understand.

My thoughts and prayers are with all those that live in Boston and those that are hurt and with the families of those who lost a loved one. As of the time I’m making this post, they don’t know who did this or what their motivation was. But in my thought, it doesn’t matter what the motivation was, because it is pure and simple evil. I hope they find who did this and bring them to justice.

Justin Bieber and My Teen Idols

Anne Frank
Anne Frank

I was reading on yahoo how Justin Bieber would hope that Anne Frank would have been a fan of his if she was alive now. Would she have written about her crush on Justin?

There are alot of people that are upset over his remark and I guess I don’t see why they are. After all he is a 19 yr old kid and he was thinking out loud when he was wondering if she would have liked his music if she was living now as a teenager. She talked about celebrities and stars she liked from her era. So I would think she would be like any other young girl if she was a teen right now.I don’t know if he knew much about her before he went to the museum, but I’m sure he does now and like most teenagers he has the foot in mouth disorder. He is in a lot of hot water over his comment, but it got me thinking about teen idols and those who I had a crush on when I was younger.

Here are some of my thoughts on the Bieber compared to my teen idols;

I don’t think that it is a far fetched idea to think that Anne Frank would be a fan if she were a teenager in today’s world. Of course he isn’t in my age bracket, but I can see why a teenager would have Bieber fever.

When I was a teenager, and man am I about to date myself with this one. But my Justin Bieber crush was Shawn Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Andy Gibb and Scott Baio. Most that are in the over 40 age group and was a teen in the 70’s will know where I’m coming from. idols.

Donny Osmond- To read his message to me, click on his image and it will enlarge the picture.
Donny Osmond- To read his message to me, click on his image and it will enlarge the picture.

Let me start with my numero uno crush and that would have been Donny  Osmond. Oh my goodness, I had every Tiger Beat magazine that he was in. His posters were on my ceiling and he was suppose to have been my husband. Some of my friends would tell me that he was a Mormon and i was just thinking that I would convert him, so not a problem. Donny was really sweet too, he sang the song “Puppy Love”. I just knew that song was written just for me and there was nobody else for Donny but me. Donny was really sweet too because on his poster he wrote to me to “meet him soon”. You can see the special message he wrote to just me and only me.  Then the day came when they announced that he was taken. My world came crashing down around my teenager heart. But that was OK, I had my backup plan.

My backup plan was to marry Andy Gibb. Andy was super hot and was the best of the Gibb brothers if you asked me. Andy sang a special song to me in my dreams and I just knew it had to be all about me. Click here to listen to “I Just Want to be Your Everything”.  This song is proof that he wanted me to be his everything, lol. But my world was crushed again. He decided he needed to get married in 1978 and then he died in 1988. Well! That pretty much blew my plan to marry Andy.

Shaun Cassidy
Shaun Cassidy

Oh WOW! Shaun Cassidy was super hot too. He is the younger brother to David Cassidy. David was way cute to, but Shaun Cassidy had those super tight white bell bottom pants and sang Click Here to see my heart throb of the 70’s sing in those awesome white pants. How could anyone not love Shaun Cassidy? I know that is a stupid question. Just saying! My friends and I had it all planned out on who we were going to marry. I guess Shawn would have had to be a polygamist to make us all happy, lol. Young minds aren’t always logical you know?

Well, Shaun Cassidy didn’t pan out like I wanted. For some reason he thought he needed to marry someone else. So, now my next in line is Scott Baio.

If you don’t know who he is, he played Chachi in Happy Days and then later Joanie loves Chachi. She didn’t love him more than I did though. Scott Baio was so darn cute and if I had to choose the next in line Scott was the one it was going to be. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was almost awesomely cute.

Scott Baio
Scott Baio

I knew that Scott Baio really liked me to because he also signed the poster in my room and made it for the world to see. He wrote, “You’re my favorite, Love Scott”. See there you go! He was ready to shout to all the world by putting the picture in Tiger beat and told the world he was my favorite  I’m guessing that the other girls thought it was about them, but I knew better. He even sang a song to me too called “What Was In That Kiss”. See, I knew it. But then someone had to burst my bubble and tell me that it wasn’t about me and that he was singing it to Joanie.

You may be wondering where I’m heading at and what Justin Bieber has in common with my list of top crushes when I was younger. Well! This is what I have to say! To many young girls in the teens and pre-teen age group, they probably think he will be their boyfriend or husband. They have dreams and when he sends out a message, they may think it is to them personally. One day they will see that he is nothing but a teenage crush and a fantasy in their young minds. One girl will get him. My guess is that he will break a young girls heart when he announces that he is taken and some girl will have to go to plan B, C and maybe D.

Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but he is no different than Donny Osmond, Andy Gibb, Shawn Cassidy and Scott Baio. He will do stupid things and people will talk crap about him. But they did about my teen idols too. Donny was a Mormon, Andy was a drug addict, Shawn was nothing bad that I know of and Scott had relationship problems. My thoughts are that if Anne Frank was alive now and was being raised a teenager in today’s times, she would have Bieber fever along with other girls her age.

I don’t know how many know who Anne Frank is. In case you don’t, she was a young girl who wrote ‘Diary of Anne Frank”. She was a normal 14 year old girl that happened to be Jewish and she died in the concentration camps in March 1945.  They have a museum that is dedicated to Anne Frank and others who died during the Holocaust. Click here to go to the website.

Is The Bible Real?

revelationsI guess for me this is a silly question. I would have to say without a doubt that it is real. The reason I posed this question is because of a movie I’m watching right now. The movie is called Jerusalem Countdown. It is an end times movie that discusses the prophecies in the Bible.

What I was thinking about during this movie is how they get into the discussions about if the Bible is real and they really believe that Jesus Christ came to die for us. The two main characters talk about this between themselves and I found it sad to know that they are no different than anyone else. We have to see to believe. For me faith is much more than having to see.

I can’t help but wonder what it will be like when Christ comes again. There are many thoughts and theories out there about the end times and when Armageddon will begin. Some believe we are in the tribulation period now. While others think it will happen in a twinkling of an eye as spoke about in 1 Thessalonians 4:17 After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever. This is what I’m hoping happens, because with all the Bible says about the end times, I would much rather be with Christ then here for all that stuff. But, back to theories, there is the mid trib and post trib. 

end-of-worldI think about all those who could be lost and left behind. I can’t even begin to imagine how much horror those left behind will feel when the go searching for those who are no longer here. As the show ends they describe the pre-trib and how the believers in Christ will be taken up and left standing are those who thought they believed and never really truly accepted Christ. You also have those who never believed and they have no clue what is going to happen and how horrible things will be for them.

When I think about what I believe I can only say that I don’t know what theories it is going to be because God already has His mind made up. I may want it to be a certain way and to be taken before the tribulation period begins, but that may not be that way. My deepest hope and it’s because I’m a chicken when it comes to reading what will happen is that the rapture happens first and then all the other stuff goes on. All I know is that I know that God will be the ultimate winner and there is no need to go to the other side since I already know this. Who would want to be on the loosing side to begin with anyhow? NOT ME!

When they posed the question the few times in this movie about if God is real and if the Bible is real. My answer would be YES! I may not always understand, well, forget may not, I don’t always understand why something is happening or what God is meaning. When the time comes He will disclose that and who knows, it may not be important anyhow.

The Bible Mini Series- Awesome

ImageI just finished watching the last part of The Bible mini series. I haven’t watched the other parts, but have them DVR’d. Sorry if this post has my thoughts going in a number of directions, but it was as I was watching the show. This post was written as I was watching the show The Bible. Now I have to go out and buy the mini series so I can watch it all instead of having the commercials. I think it would be money well spent… Time for a marathon of the Bible… 


ImageAs I’m watching this, it speaks to my heart about how much Jesus loves us and that He died for our sins. When He was up on the cross, it showed me how much He has done, he died and rose from the dead. He did this because of me. I always knew why He died, but seeing Him up there and the pain, blood and tears has a way of making it real.

I can’t even imagine what everyone was thinking as they stood there and watched Jesus die on the cross. And to think about the moment He died, the heavens became dark and the earth shook. The horror and guilt that must have plagued some of them had to have been overwhelming to say the very least. After all, the just killed Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And to go to His tomb and see only the garments.

I never knew and why I never knew that Jesus walked the earth for 40 days. For some reason, I was thinking that on the third day, he rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. I knew he was seen by his apostles and others, but I didn’t know that His spirit was here for 40 days.

ImageA young man named Saul ordered Steven to be stoned and because he considered what Steven was saying to be blasphemy. Saul later became known as Paul the Apostle. When Saul’s (Paul) orders ended Steven’s life and right before he died he seen the heavens open and there was Jesus standing at the right hand of God must have been amazing. I wonder what those that stoned him thought about killing one of Gods servants  What must have gone through the minds of the soldiers when they realized that Jesus is really the Messiah? What did Judas think about betraying Christ? I would not want to be any of those that took part in these deeds. But yet, it was because of me that Jesus had to die.

Some people have said that there were things that weren’t depicted correctly. My thought on this is that there is no way for our human minds to understand and comprehend how monumental His death was. There is no way for us to understand through words and descriptions what Heaven will be like, nor hell. We can read about it, but until we are there, we can’t now.

I love how Jesus would show up to talk to the apostles. I wonder if Jesus came to me, if I would be a doubting Thomas or would I be like Peter and the other apostles who had such a strong faith that He is Who He is.

And when Paul was blinded because of the persecution of God’s people. Jesus chose Paul to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. When Ananias baptized Paul in the name of Christ and the look of peace and acceptance that came over him was awesome.

I remember how I felt when I was baptized and it was like nothing else I have ever felt. I knew for years that I wanted and needed to be baptized. I would loved to have been there during the time when Peter was baptizing all of the believers of Jesus.

ImageAs I’m watching this, I would love to see an old fashion way of going down to the river and being baptized or rededicate my life to Christ. My life belongs to Him anyhow. But there is something that I find peaceful and reassuring when I know that God is pleased and that we can be free. Just the thought of going to the river and my sins washed away and reaffirm my dedication to Christ alone.

ImageI love the part when Jesus comes to Peter and tells Him that He is the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. Revelations 21;4- And God will wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things have passed away. May the grace of the Lord be with all God’s people.

What a awesome moment that will be when we will be with Christ. I’m so grateful that I can have assurance in this and that Christ has forgiven me for my sins, even though I have a hard time accepting that forgiveness. I pray for His kingdom to come and His will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

When They Don’t Believe

Jesus3Well, today is Easter Sunday and it has been full of ups and downs.

First of all the most important thing is that Jesus Christ is ALIVE and that He died, was buried and rose from the dead. He did this for you and me. He died so we could live.

I get up to go to church like I do on most Sundays, but this one is different and somewhat depressing. Today our pastor and his wife retired. They will be missed. I’m happy for them though and know that they have a bunch of doors ready to open for them and for us.

Then I got to talking to my friend Nancybratt on Facebook. As a Christian, the death and life of Christ is the most important event ever. Because of these things, we have hope that we will live forever and reside with Christ.

She posted a topic about how her nephew and she got into an argument. She is a Christian, and he isn’t. He has denied Christ and she is very upset over that. I can’t blame her for that though, because I got into arguments with my niece Bridgette.

Human-EvolutionIn school she was being told mythology and evolution. I’m sure all kids are taught these things if they are in public school. I was when I was in high school too and thankfully I knew it was lame. But that isn’t the case for everyone.

Bridgette decided that the whole evolution thing made sense to her, and in that same conversation, a battle of truth and stupidity took over at my house. If she wanted to believe she came from a monkey, I was thinking “let her”. But I was more concerned about her soul then her thoughts that was injected into her teenage mind at the time.

I very much believe without a shadow of a doubt that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. There is no if’s, an’s or but’s about it. But to this young mind that believes anything that comes at her, she thought that there can’t be a God, because where did He come from. How do you explain faith to a person who has no faith? They have to have everything proven and see it.

GrandmaShoeLaugheadWhile I was having this conversation with her, I wanted to throw a shoe at her and knock some sense into her. My mother in law came out of her room and had about enough of it. If you want to get a sweet little mother in law that is under 5 feet tall upset, this is a good way to do that. She was so upset over what Bridgette was saying and the non sense, that her dentures almost flew out of her mouth. I think she would have thrown a shoe at her too if she was close to hers.

After she came out and tempers were flared, I decided that I had enough and had to go outside. It was such a battle over stupidity and faith that I was horse for two days afterwards.

After some time, I came to the conclusion that there is no making someone believe the way I did or do. Sometimes people and teens aren’t ready for the truth and I can’t hit them over the head with a hammer to get them to smarten up.


My friend Nancy is dealing with her nephew who once believed as a child. I don’t know how old he is now, but he has decided that there is no God and that the Bible isn’t true. Nancy is very upset over this and I can see why. When we love someone, we want them to be with us forever in eternity. We want them to know that Christ loves them and that He died for them. The alternative is a horrible thing to even imagine.

I did tell her that the best thing to do is to live by example and be there for him. He is the only one who can decide to follow Christ or not. Also, I think about how many different faiths or no faith at all that feel just as strongly about what they believe or don’t believe. Arguing will get us nowhere. Well, yeah it will, but that would be on high blood pressure meds and Lord knows what else.

I do pray that her nephew and all those who don’t know Christ personally will get to know Him. I pray that they will see the truth for what it is and to have faith in Christ alone.

I went to check out why some people choose not to believe and here is a list of some of the reasons why;

Reasons why people don’t accept Jesus:

  • They’ve been hurt.
  • They like their sin.
  • They don’t think He’s real.
  • They think He’s someone He’s not.
  • They’re ignorant of their need.
  • They’re afraid of what peers will think.
  • They don’t want to give up stuff.
  • They don’t believe in hell.
  • They think there’s more than one way to heaven.
  • They think they’re okay without Christ.
  • They’ve seen His followers act like hypocrites.
  • They’re deceived.
  • They feel unworthy
  • Never really read what the Bible had to say

50190-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Man-Bonking-Another-On-The-Head-With-A-Hammer-During-A-ConflictThere can be many more reasons why someone would choose not to become a believer in Christ. From my own experience  it does no good to make people believe  because that takes faith and if they have none, you are preaching to the choir. On most days I do good about not arguing about my faith in Jesus Christ, most days! For those other days, I have to understand that I may just be the seed planter and someone else needs to come along and water. It takes many people to help someone become mature in their faith. They don’t need to be mature in my faith, they have to have a personal relationship that is real to them. My faith does them no good if they have none for themselves.God knows what needs to be done and each person is given free will. We may not like this and many times I don’t because I want to use that hammer of common sense. But that isn’t for me to decide for them.