What Do Babies Think When Being Born?

This is just one of those random thoughts of mine. Good thing this blog is called Senseless Ramblings  lol No babies were harmed in the making of this blog post 🙂

I want to go back!

I wonder what a baby thinks when it is being born. A lot has to be going on for this poor little baby that has been floating around in fluid for 9 months and not having a care in the world and then bam! All of the sudden they are being evicted from their warm, cozy and a bit damp cubicle of a home. He is wondering how in the heck he is going to fit through that small face, but he is to the point of no return. Then poof, they are shot down a tunnel and heading to the light and then once they hit the light they get smacked on the butt by faces that they have never seen before. Some strange people are manhandling them and everything is a mess.

Go Back!                                          Things are bad out here!

And then then I think about the little boys that get circumcised, lol. I can only imagine what they think when the Dr comes at them with the scalpel and needle in hand. They reach for their little private spots with these scary items and then they cut off the skin. I bet those little boys would like to climb back into the womb and never come back out to see the light again.

I can only imagine the baby looking up at all these strangers that they call parents and family. They never would have seen such strange beings in their life. If they happen to be a twin, at least they can pre-warn his/her brother or sister about what is

JJ Just after he was born… I think he was praying to go back in where it was warm and cozy and no needles and cold things.

Shoot, when my grandson JJ was born, I was there. And if he could talk, I could only imagine what he would say. I was happy to be there in the room while he was born, but some of it was a bit much because it was up close and way to personal for my own good, lol. about to take place.

The day he was born, the nurse came to me since I was there by Jessica’s side and Jason was by her head. She tells me to come here. I give her a stupid blank look, like where. She is in the position to get his baby delivered that decided it was going to be a bad trip and wanted to return to sender. So she raises Jessica’s legs in a position that I never thought a pregnant woman could get into so she could show me where JJ’s head is and where it needs to be. Right now I am feeling like I am the catcher of a diamondback baseball game. JJ was going to be the fly ball that wanted to get away. Eventually he was born and he was way upset and I tell ya, he was mad because they flicked the bottom of his foot. He must have thought he was being punished for something he was going to call the lawyer to sue whoever committed this deed of injustice.

What is that smell?

After the baby arrives and tries to sum up what his life is going to be like, he/she relents and realizes that some of these people might be nice because he/she gets yummy warm stuff from mommy. Even though he or she might be wondering what the whole thing is with these things they put on their bottoms. They didn’t have these before and now they keep all the poopies and wet stuff from getting on their new parents, but not away from them.  Little one giggles to himself as he make noises that he never heard before as he fills these funny white things taped to his body. Being a little devious and doing some payback, he realizes that he can pee on mommy and daddy when they remove this and then it is payback time. Better watch out sucker! Fully Loaded and Ready to Aim is his new motto, or at least till he can be verbal, lol.

What are you going to do to me mister? I promise, I won’t do it again

Back to the boys, they are not impressed I’m sure if they got circumcised. Now they have owies every time they pee. So far these babies are not enjoying the right of passage they just came through.

In time, they must think their parents and everyone else is nuts because of the way we talk to them and not very nice at times because they get shots and don’t always feel good. And to even think about what they think about these foreign objects called teeth start coming in. No wonder kids bite, they are getting back at us adults who put them through the ringer, lol.

Plotting my next move? When you least expect it, and boom! I haven’t forgotten the mean man cutting my pee pee!

Now they are onto bigger and better things. They know what it takes to get us to do what they want and when. And they look at us like we are nuts when we talk to them in baby talk, but find it is better to humor us.

Soon enough they are able to talk and by then so much has happened, they have forgotten all about the whole being born thing and being launched through the birth canal.

Watch out world, here they come.

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