What Does the Number 666 Mean to Me

end-times (1)“Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is 666.” Revelation 13:18

When I think of the mark of the beast, I think of a number/mark or another way of compromising and contradicting God if I take this mark. We are told that in order to purchase items, work or just about anything we would need to take this mark. The beast apparently can control who can and cannot buy and sell. If they do not have the beast’s mark, then they have no power to buy or sell since “It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads” (Rev 13:16).

There has been a bunch of speculation and interpretations because it tells us so little. The Bible doesn’t reveal a lot about the number 666 and I’m not a scholar, so it is beyond my interpretations. When I think about this number of man, I think it is important that anyone who is not Christ is susceptible to this beast and the Antichrist but those who are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life have nothing to fear from the beast nor anything to worry about the number 666 and having the mark of the beast be on them (Rev 13:8).

For me this number is important because I’m a believer in Christ. I want to be sure to do things that are pleasing to Him and not take part in anything that would not make Him happy. I know that we all sin and even though I’m a Christian, that doesn’t make me infallible. But at the same time, when the Bible warns us of things not to do, I want to be sure to comply to that.

This is what our plates looked like and something like what I refused to get
This is what our plates looked like and something like what I refused to get

Here in Utah we have license plates that ended in 666. When they tried to give me one of these when we first moved here, I refused it. I know that plate isn’t the beast. But there was no way I would be driving around in a car with that number on my plates. It isn’t about the plate really, it’s because I know what the Bible says and what that number represents. The number could be symbolic or literal. This is something I don’t know. But I do know that it would have bothered me and to me that is like saying that what the Bible says isn’t important. No way, no how will I ever take part in things that revolve around this number.


I do understand that there are many things with 666 in them. But to knowingly go out of my way to display these numbers, knowing what the Bible says makes no sense to me. Even if these numbers are symbolic, it is still meaningful and something I am fully aware of.

I think about what the mark of the beast could be. I think it would be more like a chip or something like that. Even now they are implanting chips about the size of a grain of rice under pets, children and adults skin. With these chips, they can put all your information and it is scannable. People can be tracked down anyplace in the world with these chips. And many of the codes to put things on the web and such will have consecutive numbers in-bedded on them. There is no way I would knowingly chip myself, children, loved ones or pets. I guess I’m aware of the possibilities and want no part in it.

So Much Hatefulness and Mean Spiritness

ImageThis has been a strange month for me and so many things going on. Not necessarily with me, but in general. 

What I have been thinking about doing is get a different Facebook page with only those that are drama free in my life. Or for the most part. I guess there is nobody 100 percent like me, which is a good thing I guess. There has been so much anger, hatred and people wanting to destroy other peoples lives. I have seen more horrible images of adult material, f bombs dropped left and right and horrible things being said against one another, politicians and God. 

When I come on Facebook I want to be able to talk to my friends, share pictures and have as much of a positive experience as I can. It doesn’t bother me when people post funny things like my friend Curtis does. He has a way of lightening the mood on Facebook. I don’t mind videos and pictures of faith or cute little animals. It’s the hatefulness, anger and just negativity that isn’t from one particular person, but a number of people. 

All the fighting and mean spiritedness gives me a headache and just not needing that right now… And many times it is from those who I may know a little or not at all. So I will see what I’m going to do on this. 

So I have decided to do a Sandie needs a break page. Or at least I’m thinking on a Sandie needs a break page. 

My Fix it List for American Idol

ImageThis year has been a wash for me when it comes to the one show I looked forward to watching each year. That show would be American Idol.  American Idol was a total appointment’s for me. I did watch a couple of the videos online to see how each contestant sounded. But I couldn’t stomach watching the show. I will see for next year. I guess I have to wait to see who the judges are.

Normally I always hear about how people who are going to stop watching it when someone gets voted off and they throw a little tantrum, but usually they come back. This year I think they really did leave since it had the lowest ratings of all the years. So now they are going to change things up. I do have a few suggestions, if you all will humor me.

ImageFix Idol;

  1. Judges– I think this was the biggest no brainier of them all. They need to get judges that knows music, not drama queens and so on. The whole thing this year was about Nicki. I couldn’t stand listening to her. I did watch one night and when she told an 18 yr old boy during prime time that she would like to have his baby, I was outta there. She is just to unclassy to even think about listening to and watching.
  2. Contestants– I don’t know if I really like that they have to be 10 boys and 10 girls. If it is about talent and who the next American Idol would be, then it should be based on how they sing and entertain. Not on what their sexes are. This year they wanted a girl to win at all costs and they put in some of the worst boys to make this happen. They staked the deck and Idol was the losers.
  3. Past Winners– I think it would be interesting to have past winners and top ten contestants judge. They have been there and know how difficult it can be. For many they have music out for long enough to be able to know who has the right stuff. The ones I’m thinking about is Kelly Clarkston, Clay Aikman, Carrie Underwood, David Cook, Josh Gracin, Jennifer Hudson, Scotty McCreery, Fantasia, Chris Daughtry, Lee DeWyze, Colton, Adam Lambert,  Colton Dixon, Mandisa, or Kellie Pickler would be hilarious. I had to include a few of my favorite idols since I still listen to them and buy their music. I love Mandisa, Colton Dixon and Carrie Underwood. I did like Keith and I think Harry Connick Jr would be awesome on the judges panel too. I felt bad for Kieth. He had to sit next to Nicki.
  4. Clean It Up– During the time slot for American Idol, families are watching TV together. When you put someone on there that is rated X from the get go, you’re going to loose families. At one time it was a show that children and parents could agree on. The kids loved the cute boys with guitars while the parents liked who they liked for whatever reasons. When you have judges dressing like sluts, most don’t want to watch that.
  5. Auditions and Hollywood Week– I do like watching the auditions and Hollywood Week.  But sometimes it gets me with how demeaning this can be for those trying out. They obviously have been told by someone that they can sing or they have family/friends that is wanting to make them look stupid. It is terribly sad when some of these people are laughed at and put down on camera. During Hollywood Week, it seems that alot of these kids get terribly sick. Some to the point of ending up in the hospital because of severe dehydration and such. Plus when they have group songs, they say they are judging them individual. But that isn’t what happens. If you are in a group that is horrible or you happen to catch the flu from someone, you can no longer compete like you normally would. I think they need to rethink this part because of health reasons.

Judging Others- Lisa Whelchel

Lisa Whelchel

This post all began from a status update on Facebook. This was posted on Lisa Whelchels wall. if you don’t know her she played Blair on The Facts of Life and is a devout Christian. 

Her Status; I’m just crazy about Ellen Degeneres. She has the sweetest spirit. And such a fun show! (All that and killer apps, too. :)# @TheEllenShow

Shortly after she posted this, there were people coming out saying all kinds of things that are how they lost respect for her and those who knows that as Christians we aren’t to judge others. We are to love others as Christ loves us. 

ImageDon’t speak evil against each other, dear brothers and sisters.  If you criticize and judge each other, then you are criticizing and judging God’s law.  But your job is to obey the law, not to judge whether it applies to you.  God alone, who gave the law, is the Judge.  He alone has the power to save or to destroy.  So what right do you have to judge your neighbor?  (James 4:11-15)

Here are a few of the replies that she got on her page. I’m not posting all and not putting names of who posted them. 

  • Please find a way to be a guest on her show. That’d be awesome!
  •  Lisa…You are even more beautiful on the inside than you are on the outside and that is saying a lot.
  •  I have just lost all respect for you after this post. Im sorry but there is nothing sweet about Ellen. I was thinking you claimed to be Christian.
  • Aren’t Christians supposed to “love thy neighbor”, Donna?
  • I’m a big old fat lesbo that loves Ellen for the fact that she is geuninely doing her job to make people happy. I love her comedy, her show, and her dancing. She has the best guests. I have watched her since she was a stand-up comic. She’s hilarious and her comedy is clean. Having said that, I don’t go to church, but I do consider myself a Christian and surely God loves me because I am me and that’s ok. I have respect for people that can be who they are.  I’m leaning toward that C- like you were talking about. I have no patience for bigotry and judging in any capacity.
  • There is not one person commenting on this, or on Earth, for that matter, that is without sin! I believe that God will work on people in His own time regarding their own sin, and we should pay attention to our own houses and not throw stones at others.
  • I am a Christian Pastor and I believe we need to love and show compassion to everyone. Jesus sat and ate with sinners. Last time I checked only God has the authority to judge anyone. Its judgment statements that turn people off from Christianity. I see people as people, not labels
  • I believe in Jesus Christ and the written word of God, the bible. I went on a Reformation tour with Lisa and spoke with her personally. How can you disrespect a person because they don’t feel or think the same as you? One day we will all answer for our OWN sins…worry about that not Ellen or Lisa!
  • Just remember God gives us all “free will” but he loves us all the same. 1st Samuel 16:7
  • Will never understand how Lisa’s innocent and kind comments ALWAYS seem to get her insulted or called a bad Christian. Well, let me fill you in…God made all of us, in his image, right…well guess what, being gay is not only a choice but a dna screw up…too many chromosones or not enough chromosones…so technically, isn’t that God’s creation. So instead of wasting so much time hating and putting people down, embrace what your God created.

And this was my reply to some of the comments;

I love to watch Ellen and for those who think that is wrong, I will let you have that opinion. I know many people from all walks of life. I have friends that are Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Wiccan, Pagen, Athiests and Agnostics.

Being a Christian myself, living in Utah that is predominantly Mormon (LDS), I have learned that we can be living examples of Christ. While I very much disagree with anything that is not from the Bible and inspired by God, I learned to love the people.

ImageMany think that Christians put themselves on a pedestal and have this holier than thou attitude. We have been thought of as hypocrites and so on. Even though I don’t agree with the sins of others, it isn’t my job to be the one to judge others.

I choose to love those and be friends with those who don’t know Christ as I do. I pray that I live as Christ would have me live and that they can see that I have a personal relationship. I think Lisa and all of those people who have a relationship with Christ and a Christian would knock down those doors of hatred for the sinner and realize that we all have sins and we all fall short of the Glory of God. Lisa has the opportunity to share her faith with people many of us would never get a chance to share with. So give her a great and lets just get off the pedestal of being better than others. Shoot, I may have to do a blog on this topic now for my Senseless Ramblings of the Mindless…

ImageIt’s a rare person who is not guilty of judging other people.  For some reason we feel that is our responsibility to evaluate and point out the sins of others.  The Bible repeatedly warns us of the danger of being judgmental.  Jesus said, “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged.  For you will be treated as you treat others.  The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged. (Mt. 7:1-2) James also warns us about being judgmental and gives us 3 dangers that are associated with it.

Being judgmental is something that we all must resist.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of slandering other people and being critical of everything they do.  Not only does a judgmental attitude destroy other people, it destroys us.  Judgmental people seem to be less happy than those who resist the temptation of slandering, gossiping and calling them out on their sins. 

In Closing, I just want to say, “Give her a Break” and be examples of Christ. Stop worrying about what others are doing and pay attention to your own sins and walk with Christ. 




RIP Frankie- A Difficult Week


This was the headline on St. George News:

Washington City Police and Fire Departments responded to the discovery of the body of a 24-year-old man in Pineview Park. Washington City, Utah, May 15, 2013 | Photo by Chris Caldwell, St. George News

“A little prior to 5:30 p.m. we were notified by someone in the park that had discovered the body,” Ed Kantor, public information officer for Washington City Police Department, said. “Someone did see him there and notified the police department and the fire department.”

It was right around  1992 or 1993 when I first met Frankie Walsh and his family. I was working at Circle K in Phoenix and his mom came to work there. I ended up being the person that trained her and she along with her family has been in my life ever since.

My first memory of Frankie or Francis was when he was a very small child that was running around his apartment while my husband Chuck and I visited with his parents. Frankie was a little jokster and loved picking on his sister and having fun. Frankie had this ability to make you laugh even if you wanted to be mad at him. He had a sweetness and gentleness about him too. Sometimes he used that to his advantage I think, lol. He would bat those eyes like the best of them and he would get his way. Or at-least with me he would.

Frankie is the one drying the plate

Frankie was different than his sister Lynnette. She was a more serious kid and loved to read. That is something that she and her mom shared the love of. And I think that is still true. Now, Frankie, I don’t think reading was what was on his mind. He loved music, having fun and being a mischievousness and loving person. This is the Frankie I knew. I’m sure he was something different to everyone.

We eventually moved to St. George, Utah and soon after Mike and Tina followed suite with the kids in hand. They ended up staying with us off on and. I know Mike and Tina was Frankie and Lynnette’s parents, but I loved those kids as if they were my nieces and nephews and would at times get upset with them like they were my kids. Frankie knew when I was mad at him and he would go a few steps too far and I would get mad. And what would that little burger do? Well! Let me tell you what he would do! He would come up to me and give me a hug, look at me with those big brown eyes and wavy hair and tell me he was sorry and that he loved me. For any of you that have kids around and they bring out the eyes and hugs, you know it is over. How can you be mad at that. So I just tell him that it is OK, just don’t do it again and then tell him I love him while I give him a hug. He knew how to work me big time.

Frankie sure loved his little girl and she loved him… She was giggling so hard here.

There are so many memories of Frankie and as he got older, he had more problems. For me, when I think about those problems, I think about a person who was lost and didn’t know who he was or what he would or could do in his life. He had many obstacles that he overcame and others he was still dealing with.

I remember one time out in Ivins, he came up to me one night. It was shortly before he went to Job Corp. I was making breakfast at midnight. I know that sounds weird, but it is what it is. Frankie was hungry and he was sitting on the sectional watching TV. He came up behind me and I knew Frankie needed to talk. He rubbed my shoulder and started to cry. I hurried up what I was doing and we sat down and had breakfast.

We sat down and I asked him what was wrong. He was telling me how worthless he is and how he will never amount to anything. He wanted to make people happy, but he couldn’t do that. He told me that he would be better off dead and he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life because he already ruined his. He swore me to keep this conversation to just him and I. And I told him it was. But now I think that is null and void. I can’t help but think back to how sad and torn up Frankie was. He was very depressed and could see no way out that night. He did make it through the night and after a couple hours he feel asleep. The next morning he was on a plane to Job Corp. He didn’t stay every long and was back in town to stay.

Anne, Elycia and Frankie- RIP Frankie

Frankie would pop over and say hey every now and then and I would pick on him about his hair. I would ask him when he was going to cut his hair and he would give me this look and smile, like he was thinking ‘Never”, lol. I told him I loved him with long hair, short hair or no hair and for who he is. He eventually moved to Bullhead City where he feel in love with Anne. Then she became pregnant and they became engaged and moved back to St. George.

The day after they moved back here they came to visit. He introduced me to Anne and she is a very nice person. Eventually they had on of the cutest little baby girl named Elycia.

Frankie looked so happy in this picture

Frankie has always been his own person with his own views. Him and I didn’t see eye to eye when it comes to our faiths. I’m what you would call very much Christian and Frankie was pagan. I’m not too sure exactly what kind since I don’t know many that are Wicca or Pagan. I told Frankie that no matter what he believed and he has a right to believe what he wants, that I will always love him. I may not agree and I don’t agree with paganism or anything like that. I have no right to tell someone what to believe  What I respected and loved about Frankie and Anne is that even though they know our faiths and religion is very much on opposite ends of the spectrum, there is the respect. Frankie had no problem coming over and I really appreciated how he went out of his way to respect my wishes. And in turn I respect his.

The other night I went to a concert that was called Promises of Hope. Sanctus Real was there and they sang a song from their new CD called the Prayer (Video From Concert). During that entire song and the prayer said before the song I thought about Frankie. I do pray for him and his family. I pray for Anne who is hurting because she lost the love of her life and the father to her baby. I pray for his parents that lost a son and a sister who lost a brother. I pray they find the kind of peace that only the love of Christ can offer. I know that even though some may not believe in Christ, that they will see that they are loved and worth so much more.

RIP Frankie- You will be missed. Little Boy in front- His parents and sister is in this pic too…

Frankie decided that his best option was to take his own life. He left his house with his belongings left on the table, his infant daughter was left at home with a friend and he left the house. Eventually they found a suicide note and a missing gun. A couple hours later police notified his parents and fiance that they found Frankie’s body at a local park in Washington, Utah. I can’t even tell you how devastated this news was in so many ways. My heart and mind goes in many directions when I think of Frankie and those he left behind. For me Frankie committing suicide brought back memories of an awesome young man named Brian that took his life and also left behind parents that loved him, a daughter and a brother and sister. He was like a nephew to me to. If this week has been difficult for me, I can’t even imagine what Frankie’s  family is going through. But I know that I will be praying for them as are many others.

If you are thinking about suicide, please get help. There are hotlines, hospitals, police and local pastors and clergy that are there to talk to you. If someone is thinking of suicide please take it serious. They could be talking and you just dismiss it as yeah, they say that, but they won’t. You never know. There are many who thought their loved ones wouldn’t do what they say they wanted to do and now they are burying their sons, daughters, spouses, parents, friends and so on because we failed to listen to their cries for help.

 From 2007 to 2011, Washington County saw a 44 percent increase in the suicide rate while while Iron County saw a 115 percent increase.

Suicide prevention information- Utah and elsewhere

Online resources:
• Utah Crisis Intervention Team, 

• Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 

• National Alliance on Mental Illness, 

• Southwest Behavioral Health Center,http://www.swbehavioralhealth.com
Emergency numbers
• Dixie Regional Medical Center Behavioral Health — (435) 688-4343
• Southwest Behavioral Health Center — (435) 634-5600
• National Suicide Prevention Lifeline — (800) 273-8255

20 pound Dog Beats The System


I’m not sure if too many know about my little Parker. Parker is a small pug/pekingese dog. He is about a year old and just the cutest little dog with a very sweet personality. He is also a very smart and doesn’t give up on doing what he wants to do. Let me explain why I say this.

Doggie Door: Yeah, Parker has defeated our doggie door. Usually the doggie door does great so our dogs can go out and do their things without us having to open the door every 5 minutes. It is great until we have to close the inside door and leave the dogs outside because company is at the house or we have to go somewhere. That’s when this 20 pound little dog goes into high gear to seek and destroy the doggie door.

ImageAnd that’s exactly what he did. Within 30 minutes with the first doggie door flap it proved to be not much of a determent to him. He started from the bottom and tore his way all the way up and within minutes the door had holes and such in it. We had to duck tape the bottom until we could buy a new flap. I leave the house thinking that Duck Tape works for everything. That is what they say right? Well, it doesn’t work if you are using it on a doggie door that a little determined dog decides doesn’t need to be there. So in the house he runs with Duck Tape on his feet and he lifted the locked door for the inside of the door that is suppose to keep unwanted animals or pets out. Yeah! OK!

We went and got a new doggie door flat and decided this time to block the door when we are gone with cinder blocks. He was able to move those out of the way and make his way to the newly installed and now full of holes doggie door flap. I must say that Parker is not a stupid dog. Hubby decides that it might work if we put two cinder blocks on top of a solid dog crate. We moved this make shift thing in front of the door on the outside so he can’t squeeze in and move it. That did work a bit better, and he was still outside.

ImageThen tonight in all my brilliance I was thinking that maybe he doesn’t like to be outside and I decided to put him in the dog crate that he sleeps in at night. It is made for a Husky, so there is plenty of room in there. All my dogs can fit in there together and still be comfy. I leave for a SHORT time to see how it will work. If I was gone longer, I would have been in trouble. I walk in the house and look around. And low and behold here is Parker still in his dog crate. Yeah, he is there, but at the same time, it is turned upside down with the bottom tray in the middle of the room. His mouth is around the metal latch ready for the break out. I told him he was a bad dog and he wagged his tail and he gave me this look that was so cute. How can I punish him when he looks like he is smiling at me.

IMG_7516Now, I have to devise another plan in my brain to see how I can outwit this little dog that seems to be able to get out of his crate and from eating the doggie flaps on the doggie door.

This is the dog crate we have for Parker. I had to straighten it out and then I notice he put a whole in his mattress… Goofy dog.

Gods Beauty Around Us

sunset1My family has a way of telling me that I always seem to make friends no matter where I go. Today was one of those days.

With all my problems with my port a cath and them not being able to access it, I just needed to get a break from the house. Jessica, JJ and myself were already planning on going out for dinner. Of which we did do. On our way home, we were driving on the Redhills Parkway. It was right around 7 pm and there was the most beautiful sunset. I didn’t have my camera with me, so Jessica dropped me off at my house and then I drove back up to the top of the parkway that overlooks St. George. I was very happy I did that.

The Tobins from Illinois
The Tobins from Illinois

I got out of my car with my camera in hand. Many that knows me knows that I love to take pictures of the scenery. I have to say that St. George, Utah has some of the best scenery. So off I go and start snapping away. I always take more because I don’t know how they will turn out.

After a few minutes others started to join me. They were attracted by the sunset too. There was a couple that is visiting St. George and will be returning to Illinois tomorrow. We stood around and talked for about an hour and then they departed after giving me their email address to send a couple of the pictures I took of them.

sunset3There was even a point when God decided that some birds was needed. Out of nowhere there was a whole flock if you call them that of birds flying over head. I was able to get a few shots of them. They were just hanging out enjoying the sunset with all of us.

Right after this, there were three ladies sitting at the overlook. I asked them if they were visiting St. George and asked if I could take a picture of them looking out over the city. They were having a good old time. After my picture-taking of them, they explained to me that they were celebrating Willie Nelson’s 80th birthday. They were laughing and I couldn’t help but to laugh with them. I’m pretty sure good old Willie was smoking a joint today and drinking up a storm. And these funny ladies must have been joining in, just not in the same town, lol.

These ladies cracked me up. They were celebrating Willie Nelsons birthday, lol
These ladies cracked me up. They were celebrating Willie Nelsons birthday, lol

As I was thinking about the conversations of the night and the wonderful scenery around me, I couldn’t help but to feel blessed. We live in a beautiful city that for the most part has wonderful people. Everyday God gives me an opportunity to be grateful and to feel blessed. Some complain left and right about all the bad stuff going on. But as I look out over the city and listen to the laughter and joy around me, how can I not feel blessed.

One other thing that I thought was very sweet. As I arrived to the pull off over the city and started taking my pictures. Not far from me was this couple. I was trying not to eavesdrop, but it was hard. See, earlier in the day, I was listening to a video about a flash mob that helped a guy propose to his sweet heart. And tonight there was a guy that had a piece of paper in his hand and reading it to this sweet lady. He was telling her how much he loved her and wanted her to marry him. It was an awe moment for sure.

City of St. George. This was taken at the lookout on the parkway
City of St. George. This was taken at the lookout on the parkway

Even though my day had its bad moments, it also had many more good moments. You see, when we have Christ in our lives, we don’t have to worry about the bad things going on or IV lines not working. That’s because Christ has the best line that provides us with everything and everyone we need and more. Even though I haven’t been able to get to sleep and it is now 4:35 am as I type this out. I can still be grateful for all that God has given me. I met some wonderful people who I never would have met if it wasn’t for a gorgeous sunset with rays of sunshine poking through.

The next time you are driving around and have some extra time. Take some of that time to stop and look around you. You never know who you may meet or what God has in store for you.