Birthdays- I HATE Them

ImageSome of you may know this, but maybe not all. This week is my birthday and I don’t want to hear about it. You would think since it is my birthday I would be happy about it. Some say it is just another number and they think I should be wearing a smile on my face and be in a festive mood. I will forewarn anyone out there, this is not the case with me.

There are people out there like me that have mixed feelings, and can be downright bitter and unimpressed. Again, I forewarn you that this is me.

Usually, birthdays would bring us or me to a place where you look back and take stock into how our life has gone. For me at-least, milestone birthdays such as the 30’s, 40’s and not even going there brings a different reaction from me. Again, I for-warn anyone that this is me. It is not pretty at all.

Just because one person who turned a milestone may be excited, consider the fact that not everyone is like this and it is not funny to the one who has to hear it all the time. Some may perceive these days as joyous and that is NOT me. Again, I forewarn you, I do NOT perceive this as a joyous day. Just letting everyone know right now.

Then I have my friend Jennifer who has a birthday just a few days before mine and she is all happy and excited about that. Me on the other hand is happy for me, but I know my day is fast approaching and that stresses me out tremendously and has a way of changing my entire mood.

33552944While others may love celebrating their birthdays and milestones, don’t expect me to react the same way, because it will NOT happen. And if someone thinks it is funny to go out of their way to make a big deal or the sorts, they may not like my reaction one bit. I find absolutely no humor when it comes to this and some may not like my reaction if they think they are being funny. I have some friends who think it is a funny thing and that my feelings and thoughts are unwarranted and let me say this to them RIGHT NOW! I will not react in the way you want!!! And if you want to upset me and slam the door in your face or such, just keep mentioning it.

My husband thought he was being funny by putting my picture in the paper 10 yrs ago for my birthday and let me tell you, that was not a good moment for anyone in my house. He got NO sex for three months and I am still very angry and bitter over it.

A simple happy birthday if someone must say something is all it takes. The rest can be left out, because I’m far from happy about it and it just isn’t going to happen. Thinking it is funny to mention and say things will only make the day much more miserable for me.
I’m just forewarning everyone how I react and I don’t take it as a good day whatsoever. I don’t need ideas on how to make it a better day or how I shouldn’t feel this way. It doesn’t matter! I need no antidotes or anything of the sort. I had someone tell me once to get over it and then smile. Let me say this, “I do NOT get over it!” If those who think it is funny and disregard my feelings on things, just know that my thoughts will go to the point of wondering if a friend is a friend or if someone respects my feelings. That would tell me they do not respect my wishes and could care less about what I think or feel.

No Cake is Needed, No Cards are Needed… I need NO reminders! I took it off of Facebook for a reason! If I don’t answer my phone on my birthday, know this is the reason and I’m in a very foul mood and best to leave me alone.

Signing off on this topic…

7 thoughts on “Birthdays- I HATE Them

  1. Well, girl, you really didn’t think that diatribe was going to get by without a word or two from big sister, did you? You can go ahead and hate your birthdays, that’s your right. Me, I don’t care whether anyone even knows it’s my birthday when it rolls around. I know and I am very happy about it. I know too many people that have left this life without having celebrated very many of them. Each birthday means I’m being granted that extra year.

    Myself, I have never understood folks, usually females, that lie about, or refuse to tell people their age. They should shout it from the roof tops. What the heck? I am almost 78 years old. So many of my classmates, good friends, and loved ones have gone on. I don’t question why God has chosen to keep me here this long. He has His reasons. As I said, I’m grateful as all get out that I’m around -that one more year.
    In closing, little sis, you can tell ME happy birthday. It’s July 29th, which is also Kevin’s birthday. I promise faithfully to completely ignore you and your birthday on that day.
    However, don’t take your foul mood out on ME! I fight back!!! Love you, Sandie.

    1. I will remember yours then… Mine is manly milestones and I hate them with a passion and for some reason I get into this funk and it just isnt pretty at all…

      1. The only birthday I ever resented was my 20th. Even though I was married and had a baby, I did NOT want to no longer be a teen. There was something depressing about going from nineteen to twenty.

  2. I respect your wishes Sandie. Everyone reacts differently with their birthdays. I was fine till that big 50 came around the corner. Never dreaded a birthday till that one. That was 3 yrs ago. The 51, 52 and the 53 which will be coming up shortly don’t bother me anymore. I now just think of each birthday as getting closer to Jesus. Can’t wait for that day! I don’t care if my birthday gets celebrated anyways. To me its just another day and another grey hair on my head! Oh well, I will never admit being past 21 anyways, lol I

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