Troubled Stars Like Lindsey

Image Every now and then I will make a comment on a story that is posted on Yahoo. I don’t post too much but there are times I feel I need to let the world know what my thoughts are. As if those really made a big dent into the way people think or feel.

Just the other day Lindsey Lohan was released from Rehab. I know she has been there many many times. She has had one problem after another. This also goes for The Olson Twins, Amanda Bynes, Briteny Spears, Miley Cyrus and so on.

Some of the comments that people make are really horrible. They make me wonder if they live in this perfect little world in their own lives and they have never made a mistake as they were trying to find out that they are or need to be. I actually feel very sorry for Lindsey and the others that live under a microscope all the time. Every little thing they do is scrutinized and publicized. Now granted, they made a decision to be in the public eye in some cases, but most cases parents put them there. Here are just some of the horrible comments others have made about Lindsey Lohan and in their own words;

  • She needs the money for drugs
  • “HEY!!! LOOK AT ME, I AM TOTALLY CURED IN JUST 90 DAYS…..BUT THEN I NEVER ACTUALLY HAD A PROBLEM IN THE FIRST PLACE, IT WAS ALL JUST THE BIG BAD MEDIA……..” She said as she slams back another shot to take the edge off of the snort she just finished……”IT’S ALL GOOD, I AM READY TO GO BACK..
  • This girl can fall into a barrel of doo-doo and can come out smelling like a rose.
  • Lindsay, u-0r smelly
  • This stupid skank will never learn. Just do the taxpayers a favor and just OD already.
  • Die already
  • And, when there’s booze…the coke isn’t far away.
  • Why is she always seated in VIP? I’m more important than this 7 time loser.
  • You can’t save someone from themselves. Let her drink herself to death and be done with it already. Is there anybody who isn’t tired of this sh*t ?
  • KIDS stay off the streets of L.A. and New York. This drug addict loon is back driving.

Here are my own personal thoughts and feelings on this. And I’m pretty sure there will be a lot wondering why I would feel bad for her and others like her.

I have known many family members who have been hooked on drugs and alcohol. I have lost friends that were addicted to Meth, Cocaine and Heroin. It isn’t fun to watch them go down this path. There comes a point where they can’t do it alone and needs help. They can’t see that they need the help, but others can. The last thing they need is people telling them that they are worthless and can’t make it. They will never amount to anything and should be dead. I find those comments heartless and mean. They make me wonder when people make those comments why they are saying what they are saying. Are they trying to be bullies or are they just cold hearted people that don’t care about a person’s life.

For some reason child stars and adult stars get mixed up into the whole drug world. It seems like there is more media that is drawing the attention to them. There is no way to really understand what Lindsey and other child stars had to go through each day. When I see the paths they have taken it breaks my heart. I would hate to be someone that thousands of people who don’t personally know me want me dead because I made mistakes. They have made mistakes that probably millions of us have made in the past and now.

Why is it that people are enjoying watching others fail? I hope that Lindsey and all those other stars and addicts out there can find peace and get back on the right track. Could you imagine if people would be there to help them up, hold their hand and just be there what a difference that could make.

Stars get paid a lot of money and almost everyone knows who they are. But does that make it OK to treat them like they are the scum of the earth and are worthless? I would have to say NO. It shouldn’t matter what they do for a living, how much they make or who they are. They deserve just like any of us to have a chance to make it right and to be forgiven. If Lindsey, Amanda, Britney and others like them were our children, would we kick them to the curb and want them to overdose and die? I would hope not. The people who are fighting these horrible diseases of addiction are loved and cared by others. There are people who want them around and they can make a difference in this world and in the life of others.

I hope that Lindsey does well since her release from rehab and that she is able to find her way back to acting.  Out of a lot of the troubled stars, I do think she has a lot of talent. I can’t really say that for some of the starts out there like Paris, Kim K and so on. Lindsey deserves a chance to be happy and find peace in her life. All this hatred and wanting her dead is ridiculous in so many ways.

Now I do think she should stay away from driving until she has been clean for some time and that she needs counseling and such. She obviously has had a heck of a problem with her family dynamics. For those who had wonderful childhoods, there is no way you could understand how destructive parents like hers can be to her and other kids like her.

But, I’m going to get off my soapbox and wish Lindsey and all those who are fighting addictions the very best and I will be keeping them in my prayers. Instead of breaking down and kicking those who need help, why not offer a hand and be there for them? Her new documentary that she is doing with Oprah is one that I may find myself watching. The reason I say that is because I think it would do her some good to be able to opening talk about her life so that others who have similar problems can get help. Even though I’m sure there is going to be a lot of haters out there and those who don’t think she deserves a second, third or how ever many chances. I know in my own life, I am very grateful for all those who have given me many chances. I may not have addictions, but I do have my own set of issues.

I think of this verse when I think about not judging others: John 8:7 When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

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