Happy Grandparents Day – My Grandkids


OK! Today is Grandparents Day… And I want to let everyone know that I have the cutest most adorable grandkids ever!!! I know others that have grandkids won’t agree with me, but that is OK. Because to them their grandkids are the cutest and most adorable too. 

Many know that I have a problem with the Grandma name and that is the truth. My grandkids call me either G-ma or GG and I’m perfectly fine with that. But I wanted to show the world who the most adorable, handsome and sweet my grandkids are. I am blessed to have them in the same city where I live. Even though I have a daughter who is thinking outside of my comfort zone box. 

I would like to thank both of my daughters and their husbands for giving us the best grandkids ever. I may not like the grandma word, but I will always love them and I am blessed to have them and you in my life. 

But here are my grandkids… 

Tyson is my oldest grandson. His parents are my daughter Rebeciah and her husband Jason. He is turning into a wonderful young man. He is one of the best big brothers I have seen and he has the ornery side, but also the side that touches my heart. I was and am very proud of his dedication to our Lord and loved it when he was baptized.


Jace is what I call a free spirit. He is funny and loves to try just about anything. I think out of all the boys, he is the one that will soar like the eagles and stop at nothing. I would say he is an adrenaline junky in the making, but a very sweet boy. Jace is the second son of Beckiah and Jason. Watch out girls, here he comes!
Ashton is going to melt hearts. Ashton has a sweetness about him. But he is also a practical joker. He is the youngest of the boys that my daughter Beckiah and her husband Jason have. Ashton has the best smile and dimples. 
Kora is my only grand daughter. She is so precious. Spoiling is going to be part of her future. It has been a long time since I could buy dresses and bows and now she gets them. Kora is a sweetheart and the three boys that are above her picture are her brothers. Good luck to any boys who tries to hurt her, date her or marry her, lol.
JJ is the young man holding the sign that it’s his first day in kindergarten. JJ is supersmart. I like to say it is because of me, but I guess it is really that Jessica and Jason spend time with him. She is going into Elementary Ed, so he gets to learn with her. JJ has a love for cars, muscle trucks and whatever his daddy is doing. He is my youngest most handsome 5 yr old grandson. JJ is the only child of Jessica and Jason and I think with his energy level, that may be a good thing, lol. He is a love and has a love for the lord. His favorite character in the Bible is the Holy Spirit.

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