Fall Has Arrived


There is a small breeze and perfect temperatures around here. For me this is the beginning of no more 100 degree plus days.

When I think of fall it reminds me of peace. All around I can see the changes of the leaves and the cool breeze carrying them away.

Growing up, we would rake up the leaves and then jump into the piles. I find it sad that the times have changed. People have riding lawn mowers or they hire someone to get them raked up. Now granted it Is time consuming, but it was a lot of fun jumping into them and you could smell the leaves. I know that is weird. But there is a smell when it comes to damp leaves.

I did a article for our churches newsletter about the fall and how pretty it is. Even though the leaves are falling, there is something peaceful when you watch a leaf flutter in the wind and finally land. I was thinking about the article and how much I miss doing the newsletter. I no longer do it, but I loved it when I could make it alive with things happening here and now. The woman at church that does it does a good job though. If she ever wants to give it up, I think I will ask to take it back over. I miss the busy work and the designing of things. It gives me something to do and makes me feel that I am giving since I don’t have much money for tithing.

I was thinking after I gave it up that I may regret it. I loved it when people were waiting and wanted to see what was going on. When you see people standing around and talking about how the newsletter looked and such, it made me feel good. Even though there was one little old lady at my church that would take it upon herself to mark each and every mistake I made.  I didn’t realize at the time I would miss doing it.

Right now with my health the way it is, it would be a welcomed distraction. It gave me the chance to make a difference and fill my time as I do my medicines. 

OK! Back to leaves and the purpose of this blog post. In my mail today I got a very special package from Ruth. She sent me leaves from Missouri. I know it seems like something small and not a big deal. For me it is awesome. I love the idea that these leaves will work for my door wreath. What makes it even better is that Ruth took the time to select the best leaves and send them to me.  My husband Chuck tells me I get excited over stupid stuff. The way I see it is that God created these leaves and nature. They remind me of living in Indiana. I would search for unique leaves and fun things for hours.

I’m very excited that summer is over and that the fall is here. Now I can go outside with my cup of coffee and enjoy things around me. When it is overly hot, I’m miserable for almost all summer long. The cool nights have been awesome.

When I go outside I can see the stars, hear the crickets and enjoy the peace. I will have to do a video of just the sounds around me. That will be when there are no cars driving around. If you haven’t gotten the chance to do that, you should. It is very relaxing. It makes it nice when you can take a friend with and bring hot cocoa and just sit and take in the beauty around you.

Pretty soon I’m going to go shoot some pictures of the fall leaves. I can’t wait. I asked my pastor’s wife Kathi if she would like to go with since she loves nature too. It will be a lot of fun. 

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