Crankiness, Marathon and God’s Grace

ImageThere was something that I noticed about myself at church. Well, besides being awake that is, lol.

I noticed that I can get pretty obsessive about things. I had my power point done and then someone went to change the settings and I could see the perfectly put together display falling apart in front of my eyes. I twas not impressed. Thankfully Ryan came to the rescue…

This is in my back yard… Here the runners are coming by the thousands

Then I was really tired today. Which isn’t something new. But yesterday I took pictures of the St. George Marathon. The runners come right past my house so it gave me a first hand chance to take pictures of them. I was glad I did. As the day went on and pictures were being tagged in the album where I posted them at on Facebook people’s comments came.

This couple was awesome. They were there to cheer each other on.

One of the pictures had comments from family members who wasn’t able to get here to see their grandfather run the 26.2 miles. I have nothing but respect and awe for some of these people that get out there and do this. The course here in St. George is a pretty tough one and they all endured to the end and holding each other up.

Because of me taking all of these pictures till like 1 in the afternoon, I was exhausted. I came back in the house to lay down yesterday and today I had to after church too. But I find that I get very cranky when I’m tired or overly tired.  Even though most of my close friends and family will attest to my bit of a cranky side, lol. Back to my power point not looking like it is suppose to be kinda threw me off kilter, lol. Which I kinda feel bad because our new pastor was here today for the first official sermon. Which I have to say was awesome for his first one in St. George.


ImageHe hit on the topic of works and deeds. And how we faith is in Christ Alone, not in our deeds. I do think that when we live our life for Christ, we want to do things as Christ would want us to do. But our Salvation isn’t dependent on those works and deeds.  For me it is natural to want to help others and do good because others have done that for me. Because of my relationship with Christ, I would to please Him and I’m a different person because of that. I can do all the good deeds in the world, but that won’t change my destiny if I don’t have that personal relationship with Christ.

ImageWow, I’m pretty impressed with this post, I was able to cover anal behaviors, crankiness, St. George Marathon and God’s Grace all in one post. Hmmmm! And if you notice it all ended with God’s Grace and a personal relationship with Him. If it wasn’t for that, I would be in trouble when it comes to those moments I want to clobber someone on the head. I may not physically, but thinking on it. Then God has a way of bringing me back to reality and letting me know that He is there and I need to cool my jets, lol.

All in all it was a good day and I really enjoyed the sermon and seeing everyone at church.

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