My Pug Jasper


Pugs are those cute little dogs that that have a smashed in face and snores a lot. Today I was reading an article that was in a magazine that our vet sends out He has a pug too and I’m, guessing his is fun too. When I got to reading about pugs in the article, I had to laugh. Basically this is what it said in a nutshell. “Pugs have a fairly even temper, and while they can be quite perky, they are not generally a breed that barks to excess. They are protective, and make good watchdogs due to their attentive nature. Pugs are not generally combative, and do well with strangers and other animals in the house. Pugs are loyal to their owners, and can easily adapt to their owners’ schedule since they are creatures of habit.” With Pugs you also have to be careful when it comes to exercise and the heat. They can get over heated very easily and can die because of it.

He may look sweet, but he could double as a Dr Jeckl and Mr Hyde.

Now, the reason I got on this topic is because I have a pug. His name is Jasper. When they were describing the traits of pugs, I was wondering if they missed the mark. My pug does meet many of them/ But when they say pugs don’t bark excessively has never met Jasper. He can out bark the best of them. Jasper owns me; he is loyal and gets along with others. But when I come into the house he is yelling at me pug style. He is giving me the look.  You know the look that means you are in trouble. When I take a bath he is there too. I will attach a video of Jasper when I walk into the house. He lets it known to everyone that he is my dog. For a good five minutes he is barking. If he doesn’t see me when I come in, I will hide from him, lol. But if he doesn’t see me, he runs from room to room until I show up or he sees me.

There isn’t anything calm about him unless he is eating or sleeping. I do have a Pug and Pekingese mix dog that loves to stir the pot. He antagonizes Jasper and Patsy. Parker was rescued from a hoarder and it took a while for him to get use to things. But he terrorizes the house. He runs for awhile and knocks chairs over and turns every carpet in the house over. He should have been called Turbo. I think he picked up the Pekingese side. When reading the article, I’m thinking that they can’t be talking about Jasper and Parker, because they are mouthy. It is true that they are friendly and easy to get along with. They are stubborn and can easily get what they want, i.e. scrap of food. They can get chunky so table food should be limited. Jasper is like a Garfield in dog clothing.

jasper4In the article they talked how calm they are and they get along wonderfully with kids. They did get that partially right. Jasper and Parker both love kids, people and anyone who gives attention. The word calm in no way describes my dogs. I guess when I describe my pug, I think of me. He loves to be loved. He likes to talk back and is stubborn. Both of our Pugs are very outgoing. They can try your patience when trying to train the He is the perfect dog for me. Here is a video of him barking at the TV.

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