Elfrida’s Bates Motel (Elfrida Lodge)

The window with a number of panes of glass is our room and Lisa’s bed is by that. The one piece of glass was replaced due to gun shots… HELLO!

 We arrived and conquered the traffic. We made it to Elfrida the night before and we are all checked into our hotel. It is called the Desert Lodge, but it should be renamed the Bates Motel. My niece and sister said it was nice and others have stayed there. I don’t want to offend them by this post because it has nothing to do with them. I guess the rooms they had people stay in were better than the ones we had. But this is our experience.

The Stairs

Lisa and I go back to the hotel after we leave my parents house. When we pulled in, we had to bring our stuff up a ton of stairs. OK, not a ton, but it seemed like it to us. The stairs was a disaster in the making. A couple of the stairs were broken in half and kinda jimmied there. The stair rails were coming out of the wall. If you touched it, it would come forward.

There was no light outside the open area by the rooms. So it was pitch black while we were walking up them. Once we made it to the room, we inspected it further and were not impressed at all. Actually, if we didn’t already prepay, we would have left. My sisters and my parents house has no room what so ever, so there wasn’t much of a choice. I think the next time we will drive the 30 minutes since we did a lot of driving anyhow. I think Bisbee is a good choice J

The line behind her is the main power line that goes from the street to the hotel. If you moved your had about 6 inches, you would be hitting the main power line and shock the bejibbers out of you… Not cool

The lady said there was a microwave and fridge. OK, I have to give her this one. The microwave and fridge was in a room that you enter before you go to your room. There were no lights, so you couldn’t see what you were doing. We attempted to heat up food, but that was hard. I was surprised and why I was surprised is beyond me is that they had no coffee pots. So we had to go get some. Thankfully there was a place that had coffee. Very small, but they had it. My parents also had coffee…

It may have been a good thing that they had no coffee pot since they had no cups. But then why would I expect cups since they never came to clean the room, bring towels or anything else>

When I went back to the hotel to hunt down the manager, there was a sweet little Mexican lady there. She tried to help me find the manager, but that was NOT going to happen. And I guess I worded things a bit bad. I told her if the manager showed up, can you tell her I am looking for her. And if that fire alarm battery isn’t changed and the chirping stopped I will take a baseball bat to it. That may not have been a good selection of words for the moment.

The one thing that both Lisa and I come to the conclusion is that we can’t eat like teenagers. We both were sick and not feeling good. Normally we eat around 6 or 7 pm for dinner. I think that is a normal time. But at my parents they have dinner around 3 or 4 pm…

Bathroom floor that you had to step over or fall to the bottom hotel room. That is not on my agenda of things to do at all!
I think this is the original toilet… I’m guessing the 60’s

As you can tell we survived, but not because of the hotel. I’m not too sure about a lady named Kim though. While I was in the bathroom, and how I heard this since there was no windows is beyond me. But this lady Kim and some guy were fighting and he told her that if she called the cops he was going to kill her. HELLO! This is not a good conversation while I’m in the bathroom or anyplace else. I left the bathroom while stepping over the floor area that was about to fall through and made it back to my bed by the grace of God. A few minutes later, I see lights flashing in the windows. All I could think was, you better watch out Kim, he is gonna be mad, lol. All of this is going on while Lisa is in her bed sleeping. I still can’t figure out how I heard that. Maybe it was because of the numerous holes in the wall leading to the outside. Hmmmm, what cha think?

So let me warn anyone that may be heading that way and thinking about going to Elfrida, sleep in the vehicle or drive 25 miles further to Douglas or Sierra Vista. You are taking your life into your own hands. Poor Lisa was  even driven to drink, lol. Not really, but she did have a drink… I have a picture of this, I just need to find it… 

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