Why Blog?

ImageSome people have asked me why I like to blog. And for me that would be because I like to write down my thoughts somewhere and see what others may think or feel about a topic. Many of my favorite topics are faith, current events and stupid things people do, myself included. Blogging for me is like an open journal. Even if I don’t have lot of readers, it’s nice to say what I want and get it off my chest and go on living. I don’t do it to make money. I never sell products from my page. I just write about what is on my mind.

ImageNow there are things that get under my collar and I want to make sure to share those with others. Some of those topics are animal abuse, people bashing, stupid drivers, kids dying and child abuse are among many of my ticked off posts. I can be very opinionated at times. For that reason I try to stay away from topics that are political. Those always get me in trouble. Share my faith is my most favorite subject.

Phil Robertson

Lately there has been so much going on in the news about this Phil Robertson guy that it has even gotten covered in my blog. I don’t watch the show, but I feel that each person has a right to say what they believe and why. There should be a freedom of speech for all people. Even though as a Christian, there are many things he says that makes me step back and scratch my head. He comes off harsh and overly judgmental when it comes to things. The more I read about him, I think the less I like. I do like that he stands up for his faith. But the way he words things are a bit much for even me. But he still has a right to say what he believes and who he believes in. This is why I love to blog.

I can say what is on my mind, even when it is out there at times. I may ramble about this and that. And that is why I call my blog Senseless Ramblings of the Mindless. It has been a great outlet for me because I like to write. I think mentally it is good also because I don’t let things stew. I say what I want and then go on.

Asia BibI- On death row in Pakistan for offering a cup of water. They said it was Blasphemy since she is a Christian.

Then I have those days I want to know that people are listening. I want them to know there are injustices going on in the world. I want to draw attention to something that is happening around us. There needs to be more people caring about those being persecuted for sharing their faith. Some of the ones in the news right now is Pastor Saeed and Asia Bibi. Many in the Christian community knows about them, but more people need to be talking and praying for them. They need to be released from prison. Bloggers can help get those messages out.

Blogging for me isn’t just spouting off and trying to push buttons. I think all bloggers can offer a service to those that choose to read what we think. On my Food Review Blog I have over 8800 readers right now and on this blog I have right about 3000 people world wide. Many subscribe by email and others bookmark. Just think what good a blogger can do with this readership. But also think of the harm that can be done. I choose to use my blog to raise awareness about childhood cancer and other illnesses. Plus it help me vent and share what I think about a topic like parking in handicapped spots and not being handicapped. I do have my soapbox topics for sure.

Anne from Domestic Goddesstry

I subscribe to many blogs for various reasons. After awhile of reading them, I may decide not too anymore. For me, I can learn many things when reading a persons blog. I will use two bloggers as an example. Anne has a blog that is called Domestic Goddesstry. I know Anne personally and I may not agree with a lot of the things she writes about, but I always learn from her blog. She has a great gift and she says things as they are based on her heart and eyes. Anne isn’t Christian, she is a pagan. Many would be shocked I would read things she writes. But I’m not. Her blog is very direct and point blank and I have respect for her. I don’t agree with what she believes and that’s OK. She has a right to believe just like I do. She is using her freedom of speech. When I read her words they are raw and direct. She isn’t into sugar coating things. And she isn’t out to impress anyone. I have respect for her because of these things. I think that she also is using her blog to heal. In May it would be a year since her fiance killed himself. He left her with a young child that just recently turned one.

Nancy Kelly from Almost Perfect

The other blogger that I like to read about is Nancy’s. Her blog is called Almost Perfect. I have known Nancy for shoot, like 12 yrs or more. We both have our medical struggles. She has chosen to go more into hers than I have. She has anorexia and bulimia. The purpose of her blog is to share with others what she is going through. And for people to not make the same choice that has ruined her health and happiness. She will go into very deep and personal details about her life. For her this gives her peace in knowing she is helping others and blogging helps her put into words what she is feeling. I have to give her kudos for sharing her life and opening up to anyone who asks.

ImageWith me, I don’t like going into the medical part of my life unless someone asks. And usually then it is just the basics. I prefer to focus on how God helps me through each and every day. I will write every now and then about my diagnosis when it comes to awareness. But there aren’t many personal details. But I have found through sharing my experiences with Myasthenia Gravis and Guillian Barre Syndrome that others have been helped. For those times I go more on the personal route and contact through email. I don’t want people to feel bad about what I have, my diagnosis or prognosis. I want them to understand what my thoughts, values and faith is. Those are the things I want people to know about me. I don’t want them to see medical issues and the poor me moments. When I focus on the whys and how comes, that takes the focus away from all the good.

ImageMy advice to those who would like to start a blog is to DO IT! Find what it is that you want to blog and enjoy it. At first it is time consuming and maybe that’s why I like it. It takes my mind somewhere else. Have fun with blogging. I do have a hidden blog where I post things just for me to go back to read. Its my personal journal about deep feelings. Because of blogging, I think I have become more aware of the things around me. I enjoy blogging and those who want to blog love it too. If you want to or thinking of doing one. Just do it! They are free here at WordPress for the most part.

There are some people that should blog and I would love to hear what is on their mind. I think they could reach a great deal of people because of their passions and love for writing. I hope one day they will do this.

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