Sochi 2014! Is it Safe


The winter Olympics are about to start pretty soon in Sochi Russia… They will begin on February 7th and end on the 23rd.

Gracie Gold

Normally I love the Olympics and it’s fun to watch the figure skating. But this year, I’m a bit worried about the safety of those who are going to be traveling and participating in the Olympics. There has been terrorist threats and scandal surrounding the games this time around. The one that is in the news right now is the “black widow”

While Russia is trying to put on the brave face and that all is good in their country. With all the things surrounding the Olympics, I can’t help but wonder what problems will arise. Some of the things we have been hearing about is suicide bombers, organized crime, instability, security, human rights, threats against gays/lesbians, journalists and athletes. With all the economic issues and a ongoing list of problems, it makes me wonder.

The Black Widow may already be there…

With the recent events and bombings at the Boston Marathon, it shows how easily people can be hurt and in the wrong place at the wrong time.According to news outlets it has been reported that the U.S. State Department issued a travel alert on Jan. 10 for Americans planning to travel to Sochi for the Olympics and Paralympic Games in February and March. The Australian Olympic Committee said Dec. 31 that it’s telling athletes to use caution in Russia because of the threat of terrorist activity. Athletes will travel straight to and from Sochi by air, with no trips through other parts of the country, according to the AOC’s statement.

NBC News reported Wednesday that the emails were threats, and that Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia also received emails.In the world we live in any threats should be taken seriously.

Many of the U.S. athletes have said they are not worried about their personal safety or their families. I can’t help but wonder if we think we are invincible and non touchable. There has always been treats in the past, but I think we should be looking at history when it comes to some of the terrorists that we are up against. They aren’t all talk. They have showed they mean business. We should be learning from things that happened on Sept 11 and in Boston.

According to CNN’s website:

Message from Terrorists: “We’ve prepared a present for you and all tourists who’ll come over,” the video says. “If you will hold the Olympics, you’ll get a present from us for the Muslim blood that’s been spilled.”

But several U.S. lawmakers offered a different take Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union.

King, a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he wouldn’t go to the games himself, “and I don’t think I would send my family.”

I plan on making sure to pray for those who are traveling to Russia for the games and participating in them. I pray that they are protected from those who are bent on retaliation and hate crimes. Many have expressed hatred towards the US and I pray that nothing happens to anyone from any country. I enjoy watching the games and I admire all the dedication that countries and athletes have put into doing the games. This should be a time of unity, not threats and dissension.

I know we can’t live in fear and worry about the what if’s. But sometimes we should use a bit of caution. Especially with these kinds of threats. I know that most if not all of the past Olympics have had issues and threats. But something is telling me this is different.

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