A Not So Dying Church

ImageA number of years ago, I would say about 4 pastors ago, we had a whacked out pastor at our church. I won’t go into all the horrible things, but it was a nightmare. And sadly for the most part I came to the conclusion that our church is a dying church. They didn’t want to grow. They wanted everything the same way. My sister Joyce came to church with me and asked me what happened to so many of the people. She about chocked when I said, they died. Well, the ones she was asking about was really dead. But in other ways, the church was there. They didn’t want things that would interfere with their Sunday service. And it was pretty sad during our voting during that time, some of the parishioners voiced that out loud and I knew I had to leave. I could NOT and would NOT be a part of a dying church where people didn’t want to grow.

One of the ladies even made the comment that they didn’t want a pastor that would change things because young people doesn’t understand them and they would ruin things. I came home and was very upset over that comment. And for two years I never went back to St. George Community Church. I can understand that everyone likes to worship their own way. But I also think that there is room for people of all ages, even if it is a second service, mixed or so on.

Pastor Dean and Ruth

When that pastor left, so much happened and many left the church. It was a mess. He didn’t make it there very long for good reason. Some people never should be in the ministry. They did send us a new pastor that was awesome. Pastor Lary and Donna were what I called healing pastor and wife. They were able to help us get back to where we should be and that is worshiping Christ. It wasn’t easy I’m sure. It took a lot of convincing for me to go back to the church. I never did take my membership back since I felt they were still family.

After Pastor Donna and Lary left we had Pastor Dean and Ruth… They were awesome too. They had a different gift and the church began to come back to life. Things were happening and things was good. I could feel the presence of God again.

They accomplished alot of things while they were at our church. We have a new fellowship hall named after sweet Eddy Elliott. And so many other wonderful changes. They have retired last year. Which I’m sure isn’t actually retirement since they are busier than ever. When they left, they left as friends and will always be that way. And now we have a new pastor and wife.

Pastor Ray and Kathi are our pastor and wife. And I have to see I am pleased to see what God is doing in our church. When I think about what my thoughts were on a dying church and the frustration I am taken back. The reason I say that is because it’s awesome to see a baptistry at church. I never could understand why a church wouldn’t have their own. I guess to me it tells me they are intent on baptizing and bringing people to Christ. Seems strange to me to borrow someones.


Pastor Ray and Kathi

Today I get an email from Pastor Ray to have me post something new going on at church. I was actually blown away and had to admit that to myself and God that nothing is impossible. And that even if I see that things are dying, there is still life. What happened is that there is a prayer station outside of our church now. They pray for anyone and for the students at Dixie State University. They will talk to them, give them free Bibles and be there. And it isn’t just for the students, its for anyone. I have to honestly say, I didn’t think this would EVER EVER EVER happen at our church. I am super excited to see what is going to happen and I guess I have to leave this and say, ” God’s NOT Dead and neither is St. George Community Church.

Change can be hard for some, but that’s where you just have to trust God in all things. Pastor Dean would tell me this because I wanted to do all these things and he said I had to wait for God’s timing, not mine… I think God knew I had issues with the waiting for something to happen. But he was right…

If you would like to have prayers or visit St. George Community Church the address is 95 South 800 E, St. George, Utah and the churches number is 435-673-2302435-673-2302 and our pastors name is Pastor Ray Schroeder…