Make a Difference Monday

I have spoken to some about this thing I do on Mondays… It is what I call Make a Difference Monday… My daughter Jessica gave me the idea to make cards for when I do it on Mondays so then the people know it is just because and nothing is expected in return. But if they want to pay it forward they can. So I designed my cards and have the wordings the way it should be. I made a number of copies to in case others would like to do this.

This actually all started as a program that KLOVE Christian Radio did. And I guess it stuck and I loved the reactions on the faces of those who got something special done for them. And what I like is that it is completely anonymous. The idea isn’t to draw attention to what we are doing for others, but in the name of Christ. No names are on the cards, just what it is all about. I can’t wait for my cards to come in 🙂 I also wanted to make sure that whoever gets the gift and the card knows that it is unconditional and has a Bible Verse about loving others.

I guess for me when I do this, I like to see the reaction and the effect of giving to others in the name of Christ. As a Christian it is important to love one another and to show kindness. I have had many in my life that have gone out of their way to help when I needed it, even when I didn’t think I did need help. This is my way of paying it forward.

Now, when I do this, I try to choose those who look like they need a pick me up. Since I don’t have a ton of money to pay for a big families meal, I will try to do things within reason. And if I’m in a drive thru I will look in my mirror to see who is behind me. I know for myself that I can’t afford to spend alot, but I do what I can with what I have. Even though if I have it on my heart to do something for a bigger family, I will help out towards the meal since more than likely it will be way over my budget, It doesn’t take alot to make a difference to someone.