Family Close by and Teaching Grandsons

My daughter Beckiah and her family has moved just two blocks from my house which is awesome. It will be nice having them live so close. While it is awesome that they live that close it is even more awesomer that my grandsons and only grand-daughter is just two blocks too.

Oldest Grandson Tyson

Where they lived before it was a bit of a drive for me. Not like it is a long ways, but far enough at the same time. I look forward to them being just down the street. I have felt bad for a long time that I don’t get a chance to see my grandsons Tyson, Jace and Ashton as much as I do JJ. The boys and I am sure Beckiah feels that I love JJ more then them. Which is far from the truth.

My grand-sons get home-schooled and I am going to get to help with that. It will give me something to do and it will allow me the time to get to know them better. So for three days a week, I will be helping them. Even though I’m not the brightest lightbulb in the box, I will try my best. I sure could use some prayers that my efforts will benefit them and that this will give me the chance to do something positive with them. Acutally I am pretty excited over it. Thankfully I have helpers with this project.I hope we can do a weekly library time for them.

Math is my huge downfall. I did ask a lady from church that is a retired math teacher if she can help me with this. And she is going to see what she can do. She has a hard time seeing. But she would be such a wonderful helper. Thankfully my daughter Jessica is a 4th grade teacher and she said she will help out as she can too.

My daughter Beckiah
My daughter Beckiah

When my daughter Beckiah lived across town, it made it hard to schedule things like this and to make sure they are doing what they need to do. I have been praying about them for sometime and I know that only because of God can this happen. I love the idea of the boys coming over so I can help them. I think it will give me something positive to do and make a difference. It may help me just as much as them.

I do think I will need to find someone that is decent at science though to help once a week. I flunked that class big time when I was in school and lets say that has been over 30 yrs (yikes)…

It is going to be really awesome to have them close to me. I have been missing my Beckiah times and I feel so much better now because I will be able to really get to know the boys better and my grand daughter Kora. So, keep me in your prayers on this and pray that I am able to help them learn. God is going to put the right people in place and I am glad that Beckiah and Jason is going to let me help the boys and do this.

homeschoolI think I am going to need to get some school supplies for them though so then they can do their homework and have things here. I have to have things organized and scheduled or it will drive me nuts. I may have to raid my daughter Jessica’s school things such as tablets, paper, pencils, crayons, glue, erasers, pencil boxes and so on. When she reads this, I am sure she will know that I plan on doing that.

Jessica did point me to some pretty cool sites for resources that will make it fun for the boys.

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