Help Needed: We Need Some Interaction!

My daughter is a first year 4th grade teacher in Beaver Dam Elementary. They are a high poverty elementary school. They could really use your help to get some items for their classroom.

Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter, White
Elmo MO-1 Visual Presenter, White

This is Information Jessica has provided on the website to help raise funds for classrooms – Click here to donate and sharing this post with others would be appreciated. Make sure you use the code SPARK by the 4th if possible, and your donation will be doubled.

Children deserve to be in a classroom that is going to help them reach their full potential. Utilizing an interactive board can help liven up the classroom and keep the students engaged in the lesson, and as a result, help the students be more successful.

I have a lively bunch of fourth graders that are eager to move and learn. They love to interact with each other and various technology. Our school is a high needs school with the best students. Our school is a school that is focused on the community and seeing our students soar to their highest potential. I have many English Language Students who would benefit from being able to view and interact with the lesson. If the students are able to see and play with the materials on the board, they will be able to have a better and deeper understanding of the material.

eBeam Edge Plug and Play Wireless

We are requesting an interactive white board and a document camera. These resources will allow the students to observe videos on the Internet, interact with digital manipulatives, and play whole class academic activities. The students will be able to use the interactive white board to help them gain a deeper understanding of the various concepts and skills that we are working on. The digital camera will allow the students to view any documents that we are working on together. There are many times when I am teaching that I am trying to show the material that we are working on to the students but have no way of showing the students the current material. Having a document camera will help me to better explain what we are currently working on.

These students are a fantastic group of kids that could really use technology in our class. The students will be able to gain a deeper understanding for the material if they are able to interact with manipulatives, interactive lessons, and academic videos on the Internet. This will be beneficial for all students but could be a real benefit for the English Language Learners as well as the students who struggle.

My students need a document camera to help view document and an interactive board to help display information/documents for all students to view.


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