Redoing my Website

fcfd618e6a2644349d7d8bcfb4b1940aI have been working on redoing my personal website this last week or two. I came to realize that the hosting company I use for it is no longer a good fit. My original site is called Visions of Hope. I called it that because Jesus is my only hope.  I have dreams and such and that is how God speaks to me. I guess He must realize that my life is filled with so much garbage and it is hard to get my attention. So, God speaks to me in my dreams. If I don’t pay attention and do something about whatever it is that God needs me to take care of, I keep having the dreams.

While I was redoing my site, I needed to decide what message I am wanting to put out there to the world. The message was easy enough since I am a Christian and I feel the need to share the Gospel with others who may not know who Jesus is or what it means to have a personal relationship with Christ.

I’m pretty much going to let the domain name I have had for years go because it doesn’t really describe what it is I am trying to share. My new domain is

I plan on it being an interactive website that will focus on Christ. There will be a page where others can share their personal testimonies or ask questions.

For me, everyday is a lesson. Everyday I have to keep myself in check when it comes to my faith. I have stumbled many times and it is a daily occurrence. There is a movie that has come out that is the life story of Rich Mullins. It is called Ragamuffin. When I was done watching the movie, it fit my relationship with the world and Christ in so many ways. I am an imperfect Christian who has to depend on Christ for everything in my life.

There are many similarities when it comes to the way I was brought up and it took a long long time to realize that God loved me unconditionally. I would beat myself up over all the stupid choices and paths I took in my life. Thankfully God was always there to pull me out of the pit and helped me dust myself off and continue on the path.

On my new site, I hope to have it become a place where others can learn about Christ and realize that God loves them no matter what baggage we are carrying. God is willing to take that all away from us if we only ask. Christ died because there would be no way we could pay the price for the sins we have committed. I can tell you on a personal level, I have a ton of garbage. I thank God all the time for sending Christ to die for my sins. I don’t deserve the kind of love that He has offered.

If you all would like to check out my new revamped website, you can go to . It would be awesome to see others share their testimonies. When we share our testimonies and trials, it is a way of helping others that may be feeling like they can’t go on any longer.

If anyone has any ideas on the kind of pages you would like me to include on the new site, please let me know.

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