Maple Donuts and Heaven

Maple-BarToday I had my grandson JJ with me all day since my daughter had in-service at her school. I had to go shopping and the conversation was interesting for the most part. We got talking about Heaven and donuts.

JJ and I just left the store and he started off saying that he really loves maple donuts. We passed the donuts in the store and I told him no donuts. Then the conversation goes like this;

JJ – (7 yr old Grandson)- GG?

Me– Yeah!

JJ – When you die and go to be with Jesus, can you send me some donuts since you will be my angel?

Me – I think angels sends penny’s from Heaven JJ…

JJ – I don’t want a penny, I want maple donuts. So you can send me some when you get there.

Me (Thinking about this off the wall request) Well, JJ, we will have to see if that can be done. It may be some time till I am in Heaven.

JJ – Not really, you will be there pretty soon

Me– ( Thinking still on how to reply) And how do you know I will be going to Heaven soon?

JJ– You will go to heaven because you love Jesus and that’s where you will be. You are sick and that’s where people that are sick and love God goes.

Me– OK, JJ when I go to Heaven, you can pray to God and request a special delivery of maple donuts. Would that work?

JJ – Yes, that would. But you have to bring them since you will be my angel. That means that when you die, you’ll go to heaven. and you can bring me maple donuts.

Me – OK JJ, as long as God OK’s it. ( I was laughing over this conversation)

So we finally get home and we unload the groceries. Thankfully this was the end of the conversation. But, it got me thinking about a few things that he said in the conversations.

heaven-1-by-jack-chickMy  thoughts on what JJ was saying is that he has the idea that I was going to go to Heaven pretty soon. This is actually a good thing because he is able to see that I am a believer and a follower of Christ. In previous conversations, he has said that others that he knows probably won’t be there because they don’t believe in God and they aren’t Christians. So I am pretty happy that he can see that I am a true believer and a Christian.

When I think of what it means to be a Christian, I realize that I am far from perfect  and there is no way I could be perfect on my own. Jesus Christ paid the price for my sins and He died for the wrongs I have committed. I’m pretty sure that JJ knows I have done things wrong, Lord knows I realize it. But, he also realizes that we all need Jesus and if we love Jesus we will live forever. Not too sure on the whole delivering maple donuts though and me being the delivery person to bring them to him, lol. I have no doubt that God will provide a way for him to get his donuts.