My Perfect Valentine

paperWhat a comfort it is that God is the patient with us, and how encouraging that God’s love is unfailing. God is our example when it comes to relating to others and loving those in our lives.  Thankfully God loves me so much that He has forgiven and accepts me with my faults and all. God is my perfect valentine.

Tomorrow February 14th is Valentines Day. Valentines is actually one of my least favorite holidays. The reason I say this is that I feel bad for those who think nobody loves them or cares about them because someone didn’t get them a heart-shaped box or chocolates.

When my daughters were younger, I felt bad for my daughter Beckiah. The schools would have it where your boyfriend or girlfriend could purchase a sucker, card or flower and have it delivered to the person. Beckiah was very upset when she came home. I had no idea what went on. She was upset and crying because she felt that nobody loved her since she didn’t get a valentine delivered to her. It was at that point where we no longer did Valentines. When a child or anyone else thinks they are unloved and that nobody cares because they didn’t get a card or chocolate demonstrates self-worth, it needs to be done away with.

Valentine’s Day can be a sad and depressing holiday for single people who long for love. A friend of mine told me that she hates Valentines day the most out of all the other holidays.  Everywhere you turn, you are reminded that you don’t have someone who loves you.  She said that you can’t even go to the store without being reminded by heart-shaped chocolates and cute stuffed animals  that say “I love you.”

When I worked in a local grocery store, I felt bad for some of the husbands. It was as if they were guilted into giving something to their wives or girl friends. One guy was so stressed over not being able to get his wife anything that he was nauseated. He said if he didn’t bring her something home, he would hear it from her. To me, that isn’t love. Love isn’t about spending money of nonsense stuff. Through out the day, guys would come in and buy stuff that wasn’t from their hearts. Every now and then, a spouse would come in and the gifts was from the heart. Anymore it is about commercialism and buying junk that collects dust.

Then another friend of mine was talking about how angry she will be if her husband doesn’t get her something. If he doesn’t that proves he doesn’t love her. REALLY??? I think she misses the point when it comes to love. Love isn’t about getting stuff, love is about giving of yourself willingly and from the heart. My husband was saying that if they think it is about getting stuff, then they are in love with materialist things, not the person. I don’t agree with him on all things, but this I do.

I guess I have never had the mentality that you must have a date on a calendar to show someone who you love them or care about them. I prefer the unexpected and not get something because it is what the stores and the world thinks you should do. If I see something for someone, then I will get it then. Not because someone says I have to, but because I want to.

Valentine John 3 -16

I don’t want to seen anti-valentines, because I do believe in love. When someone loves you genuinely, they don’t need to go buy me anything. I love my family with all my heart. I would lay my life down for them. I won’t be guilted into having to buy something though. When I think of the kind of love that all mankind should yearn for and experience is the kind that God has shown us.

God IS all about unconditional love. I can’t complain about not getting a box over over-priced chocolates or a stuffed toy when I have the most AMAZING Love every moment of every day.

When God says to Jeremiah in 31:3 “Yes I have loved you with an everlasting love” God is not only telling Jeremiah that His love is eternal, but God is also assuring him of a love that never fails.

  • Romans 5:8, “But God demonstrates His own love for us in this; While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

Christ died to save us, not in our sins, but from our sins; and we were yet sinners when he died for us.