Animal Abusers Stalk Craigslist

Craigslist is awesome for many things, but it is also a breeding ground for people who have no conscious. People have lost their lives when they use Craigslist.  I won’t be posting pictures for this post since it makes me sick to look at these innocent victims.

Craigslist is dangerous when it comes to pets. There are people out there who will seem like they have honest intentions, but that is far from the truth. Never put a pet on Craigslist for free unless you want to risk their lives. There are predators out there that are willing to take them off of your hands and they don’t care. Some of these individuals will use them as bait dogs in order to train their dogs to fight. Usually they will go for the puppies and the older dogs who are unable to fight for their lives.

I had a friend who had no choice but to get a new home for her dogs. Then she finds out that the dogs she rescued and had to re-home were used as bait dogs and eventually they were killed. The person on Craigslist gave false information and false names. It isn’t just Craigslist where those who want bait dogs for free, they will also adopt through animal shelters. They won’t pay a lot for a rescue, but they will pay a small amount and would for sure go for the free dogs.

We don’t hear or read much about this form of animal cruelty , it is still a real problem that occurs all over the country. Dog fighting isn’t just a crime, it is the worse form of abuse and animal can endure. Dogs that are used for bait dogs usually have their muzzles bound with duck tape or another device. The dogs and cats end up with broken bones, ruptured lungs and horribly wounded. Most don’t survive the injuries they have. These dogs are tortured until they die. They are unable to defend themselves in order to not injure the prized dog that is being trained.

Dog fighting is illegal in the US. Unfortunately, that does not stop it happening, it just happens in secret.

If you must use Craigslist as a way to find a good home for your beloved pet, be sure to have a re-homing fee and make sure that your pet is going to be in a good home. There are times people may not have a choice since they can’t keep the dog for one reason or another. But be smart about finding a home. Once they are out of your home, you have no say so in what will happen to those dogs.

There is a dog that we were fostering and then we ended up keeping her. In our town, there is a limit of 2 dogs. Patsy was abused when she was younger and by her appearance I wouldn’t doubt if she may have been part of a dog fighting ring. She has a healed over scar down the middle of her face and one eye is lower than the other. She also has many scars. Since we couldn’t keep her, a friend of ours has her. Even though my friend has allergies, she still welcomed Patsy into her home. Eventually I am sure she will be re-homed and I hope it is a loving home. Patsy has had a pretty rough life until she got to us.

There are a lot of dogs like Patsy out there. We may not see what is going on and people may seem kind and loving, but not everyone is honest. If someone will take your pet sight unseen, be careful. Nobody will take a dog without seeing it first.

In closing I just want to add the dangers that can happen to a pet sold or given away on Craigslist. or other sites. Puppy Mill owners, dog fighters, dog flippers and “bunchers” scan these free ads to find animals that they are then able to use and abuse for whatever intended use they want. For the most part these people are too cheap to spend money on these animals (because they have no value, in their eyes), so even a small re-homing fee will turn them off. Even if you only put “re-homing fee” in your ad will scare them off.

For those who are needing to re home their pet, here are some good options that would ensure a safe option for your pet.

  • Ask your friends, family and neighbors. They would be the best chance of finding a good home for your pet and they would be someone you would know personally.
  • Ask your vet or groomer. They would know of clients who are looking for a pet and you would know that if they recommended someone.
  • Have your pet spayed or neutered if they aren’t already. That would make it so the person adopting your pet won’t be using them for the purpose of breeding then for puppy mills.

Make sure that the home your pet is going to will be treated right. If your pet doesn’t get along with small children, pets or cats, you would want to make sure that something doesn’t happen. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. Your pets life depends on it.

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