Prayers for Charleston S.C.

Matthew 5:4With all of the things going on in the news about the 21 yr old man who went into a South Carolina church and killed 9 people, in what would be considered a hate crime.

Race aside, what came to my mind is that the man decided to murder black Christians. Not only was it a hate crime against race, but it is also against Christians. In my heart I know that he must be forgiven and all over the news those in the area are loving and forgiving. I would hope that if something like that happened where I went to church and I survived that I could be that forgiven. The community is hurting and yet they show the love of Christ.

My heart and mind can’t help but wonder what kind of a life this man had. Children aren’t born into hate, something or someone had to have introduced him to this sort of hatred. This isn’t anything new. Throughout history white supremest have existed. I can’t understand the type of hatred this man had against those he never knew.

I’m dumbfounded on how someone can go into a church or any place and kill innocent people. Not only because it is a church, but we have seen this go on in schools, theaters and other places. I have thought about what I would do if a gunman came into my church and told everyone that if they are believers in Christ to stand up, knowing you would be killed. I would hope that I would have the strength to do that. When it comes down to the choice to deny Christ or to die for Christ, I would much prefer to die for Christ then know that I have no chance of eternity with Christ.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t be scared, I don’t think anyone wouldn’t be scared. But, I have no doubt that God would be present. Also to the man who killed these innocent lives in South Carolina, I will pray for him and for him to be given the chance to really experience the love and forgiveness Christ offers. I can’t begin to know how the families feel and the community, but I don’t think they will stop believing and they will be praying. My favorite verse in the Bible is Psalms 46:1 and that says, “God is our refuge and strength, ever present in times of trouble”.

My prayer is that God will bring peace to the community and touch the hearts of those hurting. I also pray for those who are filled with hate, that they can see that it is destructive not only to others, but to themselves. I pray that in the coming days that the families feels Your presence. I pray that they praise You in the midst of this storm.

2 thoughts on “Prayers for Charleston S.C.

  1. Sandie, of all the posts in all your blog, this has to rank number ONE. May God let your words resonate world wide. In Christ Jesus name I pray.


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