Mud Puddles and Rain

My grandson JJ
My grandson JJ

Today I was driving home after meeting my daughter for lunch. I have been watching my grandson for a couple weeks while she gets her training. JJ and I were talking about rain and mud puddles. This is how our conversation went.

Me: Hey JJ? What do think about rain? It is fun getting wet in the rain!
JJ: Getting wet isn’t fun, I hate rain and I don’t want to get drenched!
Me: Why is that?
JJ: (with cracked voice and nearing tears) I hate getting drenched because I’m not equipped for rain. It’s not fun getting wet. My mom and dad don’t like getting wet. My parents don’t let me get dirty, I’m not going to do that. I HAVE NO MUD GEAR!!! DON’T YOU LISTEN?
Me: What do you mean, you’re not equipped? You don’t need anything to get wet. You just stand out in the rain.
JJ: ( In full blown tears) I can’t get wet because I don’t have rain boots and I don’t have an umbrella. I can’t get my cloths wet, so I hate rain.
Me: JJ! You do know that you can have fun walking in the rain and playing in mud puddles? Rain isn’t going to hurt you, it is fun to play in the rain. Most kids loves the rain, even your cousins love it.
JJ: Well! That is stupid, don’t they know that it is dangerous and they can get hurt in the rain. ( sobbing uncontrollable by now) I have never played in the rain or mud. Unless I can be equipped for rain and mud puddles, I can die or get killed.
Me:(Kind of chucking and trying to compose my wording since he is way upset right now) JJ? I played in mudd puddles and the rain. If I didn’t have my IV stuff, I would still stand in the rain. It is a lot of fun to play in the rain and puddles.
JJ: (tears flowing still and voice is raised) Why do you want to kill me? Rain will kill me if I don’t have rain boots and an unbrella. You don’t love me do you?
Me: JJ, you do know that Ashton, Jace and Tyson love playing in the rain also.
JJ: Well, they want to die and they will die without an umbrella. I need mus material for mud puddles, you don’t understand what I am saying. “YOU WANT ME TO DIE GG? WHY DO YOU WANT ME TO DIE? ”
Me: (thinking it is time to change the subject) Are you excited about Vacation Bible School?
JJ: Yes I am, but I won’t play in the rain or mud puddles.
Me: ( Thinking to myself) OK! I will make a deal, I won’t make you play in the rain or get your cloths wet since it will kill you since you have no umbrella or rain boots,lol.

fall_in_the_mudAs I parked the car in the driveway, I knew we needed to change the subject since he was crying hysterically over rain and mud puddles, lol. I felt bad for him that he has never played in a mud puddle. If I knew he wouldn’t go ballistic on me, I would get in a mud fight with him, lol. Sometimes you just have to be a kid and have fun. I told him that it is OK to have fun. His final word on this subject was, “fine, you want me dead, I see how you are GG”.

I told him that I would play in the mud with him. He thought I lost my mind since I have no gear aka umbrella and rain boots, lol. I think he needs to learn to have fun so I will take it upon myself to go mudding with him. He may never talk to me again, but I bet deep down, he will have a blast if he allows himself to have fun. I will be sure to warn my daughter that he is going to be coming home muddy. I will also have to make sure to cover my IV lines so they don’t get wet or muddy.

3 thoughts on “Mud Puddles and Rain

  1. He comes up with some of the most bizarre things. We probably told him he could not play in the rain on certain occasions because of lightning. He is insistent on getting and having an umbrella while it rains. We were walking outside the other day when it started to rain, he started to cry because he was getting wet. We, Jason and I, told him getting wet will not kill you.
    Additionally, he has been determined the last few days to wear his jacket. I keep telling him no because we are in the middle of July. He will say things like “Are you trying to kill me? I am going to freeze.” No matter how many times I tell him he won’t freeze in the middle of July here and wearing a jacket will only make you overhear, he is still persistent. Got to love the child though, he has an imagination.

    1. lol. yeah he did say he is going to freeze, he comes up with some funny off the wall things. He freaked out the other day when I sprayed him with the hose. He said he was going to freeze to death and that was it, lol

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