Reaching Out To Others

Today I have been working on stuff for my church today. Really I have been thinking on things for some time. Friday I went to Pastor Ray to discuss a few things. I’m sure he was wondering what I had up my sleeve since I wanted to call a meeting.

112For a number of years I have been on the Missions and Outreach Team at my church. I was the Team Leader for quite some time. After a while I became frustrated with it since I couldn’t get people to understand that there is more to Missions and Outreach than just writing a check. Yeah, sure, money is great, but there is more that is needed. We all need to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those who are hurting physically, emotionally and spiritually.

When I consider what it means to focus on Missions and Outreach, I feel it is equipping ordinary people like myself to go out and do awesome things in the name of Jesus Christ so that all can see, hear and experience God’s love.

  • In the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), God gave the Church its marching orders: Go—to the whole world, to the end of the age. While in the original Greek, poreuomai is a participle, it shares the force of the imperative command to “make disciples.”

It was difficult to get people to join the Missions and Outreach Team. I guess it is intimidating when you think about it. After a while people would tell me that they aren’t able to go here and there. They aren’t physically able to go out and dig wells. I guess they were watching too much TV or listening to visiting missionaries. As I talked to them I would let them know that each and every one of us lives in a mission field. There is always going to be those who needs to experience God’s love.

While my friend Lisa and I were discussing things prior to talking to our pastor, we really wanted to keep our focus on what is important. After many discussions, it became apparent that it is important that every Christ-follower discover what their unique gift is and to use those gifts when witnessing and glorying God. Each and every person has a God-given gift. when I look around those who I go to church with, I realize that many have forgotten how special they are and what gifts God has given them. If there are those who would like to help with Missions and Outreach, I would love to hear from you. Well, those that goes to my church :).. But, we could use prayers from all over the world.

My friend Lisa has a deep desire to be a part of Voice of the Martyrs. She has a big heart when it comes to serving others and sharing the Gospel with those who have never heard the Word. I never knew that she was as involved with Voice of the Martyrs till a couple of weeks ago.

My daughter Jessica loves children. She teaches the children for our Mid-Week Service, VBS and during the Worship Service if there are children at church. Jessica doesn’t really have the gift of marketing and getting the word out to those who needs to hear it. But, that is a gift that I have. I have never been taught computer, it just happened. I did work in sales for many years and I would train people to become better sales representatives, rebuttal (stand your ground). I did this directly and indirectly. I never really thought it would come in handy until I moved to my town. I left that part of my life behind when we moved to Utah.

As I got to know more people at church, it boggles my mind that there are so many talented and gifted people. I can totally understand that people are tired and not feeling good. You don’t have to go out knocking on doors in order to reach those who need to know more about God. I think sometimes we are so much into our comfort zone that we are frozen like statues in our seats. I honestly don’t think God intended us to just sit there and be quiet. If we are breathing, then God isn’t done with us. He still has a purpose for our lives.

Here are a few questions I have been asking myself lately;

  • Why not use your skills or special abilities to reach others.
  • Why not invite people to church?
  • Why not get involved in Bible Studies? 

As we were sitting down with Pastor Ray, a few things came to mind. One of those things is how Satan is our true enemy. Satan is our accuser, tempter, deceiver and adversary. Satan is working overtime to try to convince us to doubt God’s truth and he wants us to believe his lies. It seems as if Satan is deliberately attacking those who believe in Christ.

I say this because there has been some crazy things happening lately. There has been a lot of squabbling over various things. I know there are always going to be differences and differences of opinions. I do feel that there is a spiritual warfare going on and I don’t know how people can’t see it.  Maybe I just see things from a different perspective. While our church is a very loving church, there have been some that aren’t acting as if they are loving. Maybe this is why I have been having all of these Mission and Outreach things on my heart right now. When there are people who are involved in conflict, it discourages those  who are seeking  and searching.

As for my own personal feelings, I done with those who gripe and complain constantly. When they keep saying, “we need to change this”, or “we need to do that.”. Well, the “WE” is “ME and YOU“. It is vital to run as fast as you can away from temptations to sin and to focus on praying against Satan’s plans to hurt you and to hurt other people.

I asked a few questions earlier about why not use your skills and special abilities to help others. Why is it OK to just sit there? It isn’t OK. Even if you can’t physically go out of the house or to donate your time or money, you can pray. Prayer is the most powerful tool there is. Our church offers opportunities for people to come to the church and pray for students and community members. I wonder how many people realize that Pastor Ray goes out to the parking lot, sets up a table, gives away Bibles, water and tracts. He prays for each and every person. Since Stan passed away, it has only been Pastor Ray. I get a bit ticked over this one as you can tell. I don’t get why there aren’t others that are willing to help pray. It doesn’t cost a dime. I didn’t even realize that he has been the ONLY one to show up and pray for the students at Dixie State University. I hope on this next one in September that there will be a few others that will help.

Where: Church Parking Lot

When: Tuesday, September 6th and Weds, 7th from 9am-11am.

Then as I was talking to Pastor Ray, something else came to mind and that is the Mid-Week Bible Study of Ephesians. I never really paid much attention to this little tid bit till my friend brought it up. Why is it during the summer months that people feel it is important to take a three-month break from Bible Studies. I have been coming to my church for over 20 years and I have never really noticed that. But, literally people stop living in the summer months. I wonder what God would think about taking a three-month break from Him. Sorry, another one of my triggers.

I wonder what the Fowler’s in Ethiopia would do if they could only have studies on nice days where no air conditioning was needed? The Fowlers are missionaries that live with the Gumuz people. They live in a shack basically. None of the modern amenities that we have.Yet, the tribes they are reaching will walk hours to go to church. They sit on dirt floors.  I know I may offend some people by what I am saying, but I just don’t get it! We stop going to Bible Studies because it is to hot outside or that we have a disagreement. Shoot, I disagree on many things. I use those times as a learning tool. I crack open my Bible and I ask God to show me what the truths are. If I don’t understand what my pastor is saying, I ask him. Lord knows I don’t like the music that is sung all the time. But, at least I can go to church and I’m not there for the music.

I was pretty shocked to see that there was only 6 people who came out for the Bible Study. The way I see it, it seems evident that Satan is trying to wage war and we need to be standing firm against him. If you would like to go to the mid-week Bible Study at my church, it is;

St. George Community Church, 95 South 800 east

  • Wednesday–1:00 PM – Elliott Hall, Ephesians, Pastor Ray teaching all summer.

Ephesians 2:1-10 – Exhibitions of God’s Grace

Observe Paul’s flow of thought: You were dead, but God made us alive and raised us up with Christ. You deserved his wrath, but now you’ve been saved by grace. Amazing. And why did God do it? Verse 7: “So that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus.”

In closing I just want to say that  as Christians we are engaged in war. We need to keep in mind that Jesus will be returning soon and our time is limited, so is the time that we have to live on this earth. I know my days are numbered, just like anyone else. I plan on making the most out of my time by fighting evil and sharing the Gospel with anyone and everyone. 



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