It was just the other day when I realized that this coming Sunday is Mothers Day. I guess since I haven’t been feeling good for sometime, I pretty much lost track of the date. I do want to share a bit about all of the mothers in my life.



For you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise: “For yet a little while, and He who is coming will come and will not tarry.

I have heard a number of people who will say that their wife does nothing but stay at home and take care of the kids. They have this mindset that being a mother isn’t difficult. I believe that being a mom is probably the hardest job there is. A mother needs to have wisdom, energy and a sense of humor. The most important thing and this is what got me through the moments where I was having a hard time being a mom is the knowledge that the Lord is with me always. He will guide me and give me the courage that I need.

God loves moms and He wants them to experience His great love. They have the choice to seek the Lord and trust Him for every need or not. He has unlimited resources and longs to hear the requests of those who have faith in Him for the smallest to largest concerns.

God created families and God has special plans for mothers. While not all mothers feel the same way I do. I don’t believe that all mothers have the ability to raise children. Because of the choices they have made in their lives, parenting isn’t meant to be.

“Dear children, let’s not merely say that we love each other; let us show the truth by our actions.” 1 John 3:18

God gave mothers the extraordinary ability to love unconditionally, prepare meals and juggle the things that needs to be done. Since the husbands are usually gone while the mom is home, they don’t notice that they have to manage their home, become a nurse and treat boo boos, Some moms have to work in order to have some sanity.

Every day is a new day. Mothers have a God-given purpose and the ability to do everything they need to do when they need it the most. I have heard mothers say that they can’t do this or that and I do think that we are the ones that are stopping ourselves. I think we actually sabotage ourselves when it comes to what we need to do.

It seems to me that Mothers Day is being distorted a bit. I wonder if people realize what Mothers Day is all about. We live in a society where we forget the importance of motherhood. It’s the one day when we take time out of busy life and shower them with love. I’m not fond of holidays like this, but that is just me.

A few years ago, my youngest grandson was at my house and he gave me a special gift. Of course he had no money so went outside for a bit. JJ and I were talking about Mothers Day and the whole gift thing. He started melting down over the fact that he had no money. He ended up picking a handful of yellow dandelions.I don’t know if did anything like that for her. He was so happy with the gift he gave me. I put them in a small vase on my counter.

I told JJ that he doesn’t need money to make his mammas day a good one. Handmade thing are much better than materialistic gifts. Spending time with her and make a pretty card and give it to her on Mothers Day.

Mothers are more than just the woman puttering around the house. She carried you in her womb for 9 months. She trained you and showed you what life is all about by guiding you and being there for you. Whenever you were having a difficult day. Mothers are there whenever you need to talk or a shoulder to cry on. In my family my daughters Jessica and Rebechia were also my best friends.

In my opinion Mothers Day and Fathers Day should be everyday. Everyday she should be shower prayers on that special person, without whom we would not be here today. Mothers should be recognized for her unconditional love.


Mothers Poem

Unknown Author

M is for the Many things she gave me,
O means only that she’s growing Old.
T is for the Tears she shed to save me,
H is for her Heart of purest gold.
E is for her Eyes with love light shining,
R means Right and Right she’ll always be.

Put them all together, they spell MOTHER.
A word that means the world to me

On my next post tomorrow it will be about the special mothers in my life. I will also be talking about men who have had to step into the role as keeper of the house and the momma.