Let Your Light Shine

6101529775_6314c7cce0_bI have started up a new blog of sorts. This page is for anyone and I hope I can get the word out since everyone is so awesome on this blog and I have a many readers. I will just copy and paste part of the first page of the new blog, which also has Facebook connections. I’m not sure yet if people will read the blog more or if they will use Facebook more since it is easier for people to connect and respond to comments. Which ever way is fine. It is based on your personal choice.

Front Page of “Let Your Light Shine”

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Recently I have been asked about sharing my personal testimony with others. I love to share my story about Jesus Christ, I have found that it isn’t the easiest thing to do. I think it is extremely important to think about my journey to Jesus.

I love blogging and I don’t seem to have a shortage of topics to share with others. While my thoughts are random, my faith in Jesus Christ isn’t. When it comes to sharing my walk with Christ, I want to be sure to use this opportunity to connect with the reader who is searching for truth.

Each and every persons testimony is unique and gives us more insight into our God has worked in each of our lives. My journey with Christ is life-changing and I hope that as people read my story that they will be willing to share their own walk with Christ.

While I will be sharing my own testimony and story with you all, my hope is that each person is willing to share their own walk with others.

We are told in The Bible says that Christians will produce fruit (John 15:8; Matthew 3:10). Your testimony may produce fruit for God’s kingdom. Even if you may think that your story is boring and that others may not be interested in hearing about how God is working in your life, it can’t be further from the truth. Don’t waste this opportunity.

God Bless,



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