A Bit Frustrated- Warning- This is a Vent Post!

I have a very dear friend that I have known for over 20 years. Her daughter went to school with my daughters. My friend and her husband and kids lived with us for a short time when they moved to our area.

The other night my friend called me and wanted to ask my opinion. She knows that I love the Lord and that I’m a Christian. A few years ago, she started going to a non-denomination church in a little city that is about 15 minutes from Denver. I was actually surprised by this call because she was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness and she got excommunicated about 10 years ago. I won’t mention her name since she may not appreciate it.


My friend was asking me to help her find a different church in her area. The one she has been going to is in the middle of doing sermons based on the Second Coming of Christ. She wants to find a church that is around Broomfield.  Broomfield I think is close to Denver. I have never lived in Colorado, so I told her I would see what I can find out. She is really wanting to find a church where the Pastor covers a number of topics. She’s feeling like she is listening to the same sermon every Sunday.

As I was talking to her I was typing out what she was asking me. This was a three-hour conversation and I had a very long outline. Since the blog would have been about 6 pages, I wanted to get some help on gathering my thoughts. I needed it to be divided and  putting the paragraphs in order. I immediately regretted sending the rough draft I had to the four people I sent it to.  The reason why is that each of the people who I needed help from took it personally and all of them interjected what they thought the blog was about. I may even regret sharing this since I ended up with so many negative thoughts. I so wanted to tell them that ” It isn’t about you!”, “It isn’t about our church!”, “It has nothing to do with anyone where I live!”.


As I was talking to my friend and I was doing my best to gather my thoughts and I also pray for the right answers. After I sent the rough draft to a few people, I felt like I obviously worded things wrong. I also feel like I need to walk on eggshells since the four people who I sent it to take it too personal and each person got upset because I feel like they thought it was about them. When it had nothing to do with our church and my friends.

Since I was trying to help my friend by reaching out to those who I know that may have advice, I regretted sending it to them. Last night after I got some very long replies from a few people, I realized that I shouldn’t ask for advice from those who I would think would have the answers or maybe give me advice on helping her. Most of last night and all of my waking time today I realized that when I ask for advice or help, that things can be taken the wrong way.

I have been doing a lot of praying about things. My husband knows that I am upset over things. Just like the responses that I received, I may be getting more upset then I need to be. I do my very best to not hurt others. I do my best to be helpful. I also pray for people and for answers.

I only had one friend from church that read what I wrote in seach of answers that was helpful. She knew what I was saying in my rough draft and I appreciated the fact that she understood what I was saying and she said she would help me organize that blog. I know it was a very long blog, and it needed to be organized. So, I really appreciate that. She didn’t make me feel like I was saying terribly mean things about my church. I told her I was and am to the point of just stopping the things I do.

But, I know if I did that, it would cause a great deal of issues. I guess I’m very frustrated and nobody is willing to listen to what I’m saying. Anything I say or do is taken in the wrong way. I told my husband that I wonder why I keep trying. But I know it would affect a whole lot of people if I just threw in the towel. So, I can’t do that.

I wanted to help my friend and when I got the responses I did, I realized that I also need to make sure to pray. I told my husband today that I just wanted to throw my hands in the air and just “give up”. No matter how things are worded, then people take it the wrong way or they think it’s about them.

I’m tired of people blowing things out of proportion, especially when it has nothing to do with them. I came across this image about. I am still working on a blog to help my friend. But at the same time I know that I will have work on my answers to my friend. But, and this is a big but, I may have to ask some other people since the four I sent it to made it more about our church, when it was supposed to be about helping her find the right church where she can grow.

I sent a private message to a good friend asking for prayers. Since I was getting responses that were very negative, I got really upset with them. I didn’t get any responses that could help my friend. Instead I got responses that had nothing to do with her problem. I would love to hear what anyone’s responses would be.

I also need a lot of prayers since I’m getting upset over things going on. I have even talked to my daughter about things and she says people are petty. So, I know it would do absolutely no good talking to her. I guess when I ask for prayers or help, I now know that I need to go directly to God since those who I ask for help or answers aren’t understanding. I’m very frustrated over this.I know I shouldn’t be. I just feel like I’m talking to a wall and the walls are silent.  I’m sure this blog will disappoint people since it will be taken the wrong way.

Since I only got responses that made me feel like I can’t ask anyone about how to give the best advice for my friend. I know that the rough draft I sent to a few people was long. I just needed the blog organized so I can give my friend the best advice I can give her.

I want to leave a very loud comment and ending to this blog post…



Can you all keep me in your prayers. I have been struggling with a few things. I don’t want to go into it. But God does know what my needs are. And mostly can you pray for my friend. She is in need of finding the right church for herself. She lives outside of Denver and I don’t know that area at all. 

Country Devided

Matthew 5:43-48 ESV 

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love those who love you, what reward do you have? Do not even the tax collectors do the same? And if you greet only your brothers, what more are you doing than others? Do not even the Gentiles do the same? …

sermon_nukahbOver the past month my heart has been hurting for a number of reasons.  For the most part it’s because of divisions of people. Not really about the kind of divisions that happen at church. I’m talking about the anger, resentments, children and families being torn apart. I try my best to stay out of political stuff on my blog and on my Facebook Page. While all the things going on in the world is eating at my heart, I decided I needed or wanted to share some of my thoughts.  I honestly believe that Satan is causing division and hatred in our world.

  1. I’m sick and tired of hearing about this wall that supposedly Mexico will pay for it.
  2. All those in the migrant caravans are murderers and rapists.
  3. Trump claims that he doesn’t hate immigrants. He loves America and he wants to see our country to be great again. So, his way of showing how much he loves our country is  by keeping the country partially shut down. Families can’t pay truer bills. Families are going hungry and they can’t get their medications.  With that kind of love, who needs enemies.
  4. I totally get that if anyone wants to come to America, then they should be here legally.

What’s really bothering me more than these things is that even Trump is those who say they love people. I have seen many changes in the last 5-6 years when it comes to showing honest Christian love. To me all of this seems like a reality show. When people’s lives and families are being destroyed at every turn, it becomes very real, real fast/

I want to give a bit of a background and part of a conversation I have had over the past few weeks. This conversation began with  a young man sharing his rallying cry that

  • Psalm 119:88: “Revive me according to Thy loving kindness, So that I may keep the testimony of Thy mouth”

In the mid 70’s I attended a little church called Willcox Church of the Nazarene. Pastor Harry Myers put together a revival. In my church it is best described as a series of worship services in which a visiting preacher, and sometimes a visiting choir director, come to a church to lead special worship services.

When you attend these services there is usually a special emphasis placed on leading people. The evangelist who was visiting our church focused on building a personal relationship with Christ and with Christs people. I really think we need Revival in America again.  We NEED GOD in AMERICA and in our WORLD. It isn’t going to be Trump or any world leader that can pull us through the hatred. 

Packer lists five Marks of Revival:
(1) Awareness of God’s Presence
(2) Responsiveness to God’s Word
(3) Sensitiveness to sin
(4) Liveliness in Community – A revived church is full of life, joy, and power of the Holy Spirit
(5) Faithfulness in testimony – an evangelistic and ethical overspill into the world.

I don’t want to make this blog all about Trump. The reason why is because he is the effect. Satan is using him as a tool to destroy our world.

As I was thinking about what to write I had a conversation on my heart. It was a conversation about how evil liberals are. This gentleman will post pictures of him and his family going to church. As he attends church he goes out of his way and sharing how all Democrats and liberals are no better than Satan and that they should die in the fiery pit.

Those who do not yet have a relationship with Him, to Christ. The church members often help out by doing such things as singing in the “revival choir,” bringing their friends to “pack a pew night,” or serving pizza to teenagers before the service on “youth night.” Sometimes the services are preceded by “cottage prayer meetings,” where the members go to a member’s home to pray together for the services. This is pretty much what the word meant as we heard it growing up. Because of this tradition, there remains a “terminological inexactitude” (to borrow a phrase from Churchill) among many Baptists concerning the meaning of the term, revival.

  • At the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA), our mission is every Christian’s mission: “go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19, NIV). The stakes couldn’t be higher, because lives—and eternity—hang in the balance. Only Jesus Christ gives abundant, peace-filled life now and forever, and the alternative is despair, hopelessness, and eternal separation from God. Each service during Revival Week focused on something else.  I wish our church did Revivals.
  • “Revival is that sovereign work of God in which He visits His own people, restoring and releasing them into the fullness of His blessing.” – Robert Coleman
  • Revival is a return to spiritual health after a period of decline into sin and broken fellowship with God… Revival is for God’s people when they need to be forgiven and restored to life, spiritual health, and vitality” -Blackaby & King
  • “Revival is an extraordinary work of the Holy Spirit producing extraordinary results.”

My biggest issues with Trump is that feels that he is superior over anything and anyone. He’s a complete rear end. Some people say that he isn’t politically correct.

Here’s my list of reasons I have no respect for him as a person or a President.

  1.  He hates Mexicans, African-Americans, poor people, gays/lesbians. non super models, women, democrats and anyone who doesn’t kiss his butt.
  2. It really bothers me that he is treating our country and Americans like they are in a reality show.

He’s not “politically correct.”

He thinks he’s just “telling it like it is.” Sure, if you think that white males are superior and should keep ruling the world. Instead, he’s just a hateful asshole who likes to slam Muslims, Mexicans, women, gays, blacks, transgender people, poor people, and anyone who’s not a fat orange ball of hate with no innate intelligence or talent who’d be mopping floors if it wasn’t for daddy’s money.

I wrote a personal letter to my friend since it was her son that I blocked on my wall. I will just share a bit of that conversation. I let her know that I removed (*******) from my friends list. I told her I was tired of all of the hateful posts that was said from Trump. I’m tired of hearing about all of the hateful posts that was directed at anyone and everyone who didn’t agree with them.  He also didn’t have a problem when Trump was having affairs on his wife.

I finally had enough when he said that all liberals should go to hell and that all Democrats are worse than pond scum and leeches. I  always vote for the person, not the party. So according to him, I’m pond scum. I prayed heavily on if I was unfriending him because of his racists comments or where I hear people say that even though they are Christians, it’s OK to treat people this way since they are from Mexico or other countries.

All people no matter where they come from should be respected. People shouldn’t be judged because of where they were born. If people are coming to our country, they should be here legally. It blows my mind that Christians are claiming at any one from Mexico is an enemy of our country. Instead of showing love and compassion to others, we are showing them hatred. I’m actually doing blog on this topic. We even have people at my church hating on others that visit. Instead of being Christlike, we are turning them away. But, the biggest thing that get’s me is when as Christians, we are to build people up and to show thm Christianity and love. Lately, I see our country that I love as being was of the most hateful of all nations.

If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” 

But that’s the whole deal, isn’t it? Getting God’s people to humble themselves, to pray, to seek God’s face, and repent? It would seem that if all that is happening, you have revival! The condition being met in this passage leads to forgiveness and restoration; at least that’s what it says after the word, “then”.

So, should we pray for revival? Of course! That’s what we see the Psalmist doing in the verses above. But can we reduce the work of a sovereign God to a man-dependent formula? No. Revival is the work of God. We pray for it because we are dependent upon Him to send it.

He is also convinced by all of the right-wing papers when they say all kind of things. As I research his comments, I realize how dangerous these conspiracy theories are. This young man is a very intelligent person. I just don’t understand how a man of faith and professes that he takes everything to the Lord would believe things that the Lord. The Lord is all about love and truth.


Changing My Diet- Vegan- Vegetarian or Mediterranean? What’s Your Thoughts?

My friend Bonnie told me about the Hallelujah Diet. This is the links to their website, Facebook and their you-tube channel.

  1. Website -https://www.myhdiet.com/
  2. Youtube Channel  –https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBrRSEohjkcaspQy7Gbjyhw
  3. FaceBookhttps://www.facebook.com/hallelujahacres/

This is part one of my diet choices. Since there are countless types of diets, I’m starting with Vegans. I’m not doing this diet or change of lifestyle because it’s a New Years Resolution. I don’t believe in them and when ever I have done them, I always fail.

The Hallelujah Diet is the one that I have been praying for and I’m making sure that I pray to the Lord and ask for His guidance.

This video is graphic, but it is an honest perspective and look into how the animals that we consume are treated.

Animals that are destined to be food are treated this way. What bothers me the most is that videos like these are shared all over the world. Even when people see the inhuman treatment, they turn a blind eye and choose not to look.  I was guilty of that also. I made myself watch the videos and they made me cry. It was difficult to watch and lesson to. But, it’s important to learn.

Animals, Before You Eat Them (Graphic)

What does it mean to becoming a Vegan? Veganism is the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. A follower of the diet or the philosophy is known as a vegan. Distinctions may be made between several categories of veganism.

For at least 6-8 months, I have really had my heart set on changing my diet. I would love it if there were others who have been looking at these different diets. I don’t like the term diets, since it is actually a lie style change. There has been a lot of info on vegetarians and I have found that people get upset at me because I want to cut out meat products.

I grew up on a farm. We had cows, pigs, chickens and ducks. My grandparents and my parents would ask each of us kids which animal was the next victim. I don’t want people thinking that I’m judging others because they aren’t wanting to eat the way I am. I’m doing my best to respect others.

I went looking for different diets that doesn’t include meat products.

I watch a number of you-tube channels and while I’m watching their channels, they bring tears to my eyes and they break my heart. I’ll do my best to share the you-tube channels I have been watching which have been motivating me.

The various channels I have been listening to are all channels I accidentally found. The first channel is a young girl by the name of Jade. She is an 18 year old young girl that lives in the United Kingdom. I actually came across her channel because I was trying to figure out what the GCSE tests are for high school students.  Here’s the link to her You-Tube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4-uObu-mfafJyxxZFEwbvQ and here’s the video I seen that popped up on the next video.  The title Jade named this video is called ” The Truth: Why I went Vegan.”

Un Jaded Jades Channell- The Truth: Why I Went Vegan (non preachy!!)”



Here’s a video of a baby goat pulled from her mom right after birth, so we can have mild. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ElTvTPdrujI

I have also started watching these videos from a woman whohas the youtube channel called  KickingGeese .  I came upon her channel because she was doing a reacting video on this girl by the name of Amberlynn. I try not to be mean when it comes to people being larger. I have tried watching some of Amberlynns you tube channel and I just want to yell at the commuter screen that she needs to have friends that are honest with her and not give into her food addictions and hoarding of cloths. Anber is very large and she has many hateful comments. But, in man ways I think she brings them on. But, people need to be nice.

Kicking Geese Channel 

With the Kicking Geese youtube channel, I find it relaxing and calming. She doesn’t judge others. I would really like to see if she can give me some pointers on me living the lifestyle or either vegetarianism or veganism. I don’t know a lot about each one. I would love to do a Q &A with her on here sometime. She is a very positive person and I think we need more people like her in our world.

  1. Here’s a couple links that prompted me to reach out to her. This is the Impossible Burger. 
  2. Here is the Starbucks Vegan Cookies
  3. Kicking Geese You Tube Channel

I will be writing more on this and I may do a food review of the Impossible Burger. Here is a link to the Impossible Burgar Website. 

I will be blogging on this more in the future.