Justin Bieber and My Teen Idols

Anne Frank
Anne Frank

I was reading on yahoo how Justin Bieber would hope that Anne Frank would have been a fan of his if she was alive now. Would she have written about her crush on Justin?

There are alot of people that are upset over his remark and I guess I don’t see why they are. After all he is a 19 yr old kid and he was thinking out loud when he was wondering if she would have liked his music if she was living now as a teenager. She talked about celebrities and stars she liked from her era. So I would think she would be like any other young girl if she was a teen right now.I don’t know if he knew much about her before he went to the museum, but I’m sure he does now and like most teenagers he has the foot in mouth disorder. He is in a lot of hot water over his comment, but it got me thinking about teen idols and those who I had a crush on when I was younger.

Here are some of my thoughts on the Bieber compared to my teen idols;

I don’t think that it is a far fetched idea to think that Anne Frank would be a fan if she were a teenager in today’s world. Of course he isn’t in my age bracket, but I can see why a teenager would have Bieber fever.

When I was a teenager, and man am I about to date myself with this one. But my Justin Bieber crush was Shawn Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Andy Gibb and Scott Baio. Most that are in the over 40 age group and was a teen in the 70’s will know where I’m coming from. idols.

Donny Osmond- To read his message to me, click on his image and it will enlarge the picture.
Donny Osmond- To read his message to me, click on his image and it will enlarge the picture.

Let me start with my numero uno crush and that would have been Donny  Osmond. Oh my goodness, I had every Tiger Beat magazine that he was in. His posters were on my ceiling and he was suppose to have been my husband. Some of my friends would tell me that he was a Mormon and i was just thinking that I would convert him, so not a problem. Donny was really sweet too, he sang the song “Puppy Love”. I just knew that song was written just for me and there was nobody else for Donny but me. Donny was really sweet too because on his poster he wrote to me to “meet him soon”. You can see the special message he wrote to just me and only me.  Then the day came when they announced that he was taken. My world came crashing down around my teenager heart. But that was OK, I had my backup plan.

My backup plan was to marry Andy Gibb. Andy was super hot and was the best of the Gibb brothers if you asked me. Andy sang a special song to me in my dreams and I just knew it had to be all about me. Click here to listen to “I Just Want to be Your Everything”.  This song is proof that he wanted me to be his everything, lol. But my world was crushed again. He decided he needed to get married in 1978 and then he died in 1988. Well! That pretty much blew my plan to marry Andy.

Shaun Cassidy
Shaun Cassidy

Oh WOW! Shaun Cassidy was super hot too. He is the younger brother to David Cassidy. David was way cute to, but Shaun Cassidy had those super tight white bell bottom pants and sang Click Here to see my heart throb of the 70’s sing in those awesome white pants. How could anyone not love Shaun Cassidy? I know that is a stupid question. Just saying! My friends and I had it all planned out on who we were going to marry. I guess Shawn would have had to be a polygamist to make us all happy, lol. Young minds aren’t always logical you know?

Well, Shaun Cassidy didn’t pan out like I wanted. For some reason he thought he needed to marry someone else. So, now my next in line is Scott Baio.

If you don’t know who he is, he played Chachi in Happy Days and then later Joanie loves Chachi. She didn’t love him more than I did though. Scott Baio was so darn cute and if I had to choose the next in line Scott was the one it was going to be. He wasn’t my first choice, but he was almost awesomely cute.

Scott Baio
Scott Baio

I knew that Scott Baio really liked me to because he also signed the poster in my room and made it for the world to see. He wrote, “You’re my favorite, Love Scott”. See there you go! He was ready to shout to all the world by putting the picture in Tiger beat and told the world he was my favorite  I’m guessing that the other girls thought it was about them, but I knew better. He even sang a song to me too called “What Was In That Kiss”. See, I knew it. But then someone had to burst my bubble and tell me that it wasn’t about me and that he was singing it to Joanie.

You may be wondering where I’m heading at and what Justin Bieber has in common with my list of top crushes when I was younger. Well! This is what I have to say! To many young girls in the teens and pre-teen age group, they probably think he will be their boyfriend or husband. They have dreams and when he sends out a message, they may think it is to them personally. One day they will see that he is nothing but a teenage crush and a fantasy in their young minds. One girl will get him. My guess is that he will break a young girls heart when he announces that he is taken and some girl will have to go to plan B, C and maybe D.

Andy Gibb
Andy Gibb

I’m not a Justin Bieber fan, but he is no different than Donny Osmond, Andy Gibb, Shawn Cassidy and Scott Baio. He will do stupid things and people will talk crap about him. But they did about my teen idols too. Donny was a Mormon, Andy was a drug addict, Shawn was nothing bad that I know of and Scott had relationship problems. My thoughts are that if Anne Frank was alive now and was being raised a teenager in today’s times, she would have Bieber fever along with other girls her age.

I don’t know how many know who Anne Frank is. In case you don’t, she was a young girl who wrote ‘Diary of Anne Frank”. She was a normal 14 year old girl that happened to be Jewish and she died in the concentration camps in March 1945.  They have a museum that is dedicated to Anne Frank and others who died during the Holocaust. Click here to go to the website.

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