This Girl is Nuts

Rachael Canning

I’m not sure how many people watch the news. I try to keep up to date on some things. Lately there has been a story of a young girl named Rachel that is suing her parents to pay her tuition and living expenses. This girl is crazy.

Rachel is said to be and honors student and intelligent. Well! I’m not seeing this. I see her as a spoiled brat who thinks her parents owe her a living and education. Now granted I have no issue if parents want to help their kids go to college. If I had the money to do that, I would have loved to have been able to do that. My daughters knew we didn’t have the money and they were responsible enough to figure it out.

This girl claims that her parents kicked her out of their home because they didn’t want to pay for her private school tuition.  When actually she left under her own will because she didn’t want to follow the rules of the house. She was also seeing a boy that was trouble and they told her they didn’t want her seeing him. She is 18 and she didn’t like the rules and she moved in with a friend.  since she left home, she was kicked out of school for drinking and a couple other things that I can’t remember why. The judge said that he wished they would spend more time trying to reunite the family, then tear it apart. And I can’t agree more. This family she is staying with has taken on the responsibility and her side. They provided a lawyer for her. Check out the video of her court appearance… Love this Judge

Jessica and her family

My thought is that this girl is 18, left on her own accord and is a brat. When I left my home before I was 18, I never expected my parents to pay my way. My daughters never expected me to pay their way. If I needed help, they would help if they could. But I never expected it. When my daughters got married, or they left home to make their way in the world. They had to do it. I love my daughters and am very proud of them. They are Godly women.They have needed help off an on, but if they acted like this girl, there would be no way they would get my help. If they needed help, they knew they could ask, but the answer may be no.

I give her parents props for being responsible and not giving into Rachel’s brattiness and entitlement. We did pay for my daughter Jessica’s car. We got a cheapy one and she had to be responsible and pay for her stuff. She also had to take automotive to learn how to work on the car in case it broke down or blew a tire. And we had a contract she had to sign before getting it. She was happy to have the privilege in owning a car and having freedom. Jessica also wanted to be a teacher. She knew we had no money due to my medical problems. She found a way to go and is graduating this May with honors and she will have her Bachelors in Elementary Ed. She gained so much more by doing it herself than if I would hand things to her.

Beckiah and one of her children…My cute grand daughter Kora… She also has 3 boys

My daughter Beckiah was in resources in school and could have gone to any college in Utah for free. She took a different path and is an awesome mother to 4 of my grand kids. She was adopted but I have to say she is more like me that Jessica and I are. Beckiah has had a hard life and is a hard worker. If she wants something, she knows she has to make it happen. Things aren’t handed to her. And because she had to do what needed to be done, she has a lot of pride in knowing she did it. Nobody can give you that sense of accomplishment and success, only you can.

I have had more than my share of guilt over not being able to give my daughters everything they wanted or needed. My health has very much gotten into the way of being able to take part in things that I know I should have gone to. One example is with Beckiah. She was in choir at school and I had a difficult time getting to many of her programs. But then I got to a number of Jessica’s flute concerts. I think the reason why is that Jessica would constantly whine and give me a hard time if I didn’t go. Beckiah was silent and would say “it’s OK”. When in reality it wasn’t.  I could never really plan a lot of things in advance since I didn’t and still don’t know what will happen or if I will be in the hospital.

For close to a year off and on when my daughters were in 11th and 12th grade, I was in the hospital. It was so bad that they had lunch at the hospital with me and they would go back to school. I felt an incredible amount of guilt over this. When Jessica got married, thankfully I had friends that helped put it together. I got out of the hospital days before it, and went back in 3 days later. I am so very grateful that my daughters don’t act like this girl suing her parents. I think I would be imprisoned because of all the things I couldn’t do for them.

I was in tears at one time around the time Jessica got married. I missed out on so much and I felt that I wasn’t the mother they both needed. Because a lot of times my friends would have to be there for them. My husband is a truck driver. Jessica and Beckiah warmed my heart though when they said it was because of their experiences and my health that they are the compassionate people they are today.  I feel bad for Beckiah though because of my health. She lived in fear for a long time and I think she still does. I didn’t know how my being sick and the ambulances affected her till one day an ambulance was headed in our houses direction and Beckiah freaked out. When I’m in the hospital, she has a fear that I won’t come home or something.


I’m thankful that I have the daughters I do and that I don’t have a daughter that is entitled like this Rachael girl is. I think this girl took some lessons off of Lindsey Lohan or something. She needs a reality check and maybe a bit of Medea’s heavy hand.

My final thought is that if this girl expects to get a job, she may be shocked. She thinks she is smart, but this is the dumbest move ever. She is a joke and a spoiled brat.

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