Father to Son- By Jim Black

Author- James (Jim) Black 

Father to Son

by James S. Black

Oh, my Son, do you know
The gifts I will someday bestow
Upon my children if they will obey
And upon the straight and narrow stay?

You say you want to be the one
That makes known the value of “The Son”?
You’ll be ridiculed, beaten, striped, and scorned.
Of all my children, please be warned
Only you will be left completely alone.
You’ll discover the way and lead others along.

You will go to earth as a little child.
You’ll grow and learn to be meek and mild.
And if you do; if you teach them well,
You’ll keep them away from the grasp of hell.
There are blessings to gain, lessons to learn
Plans to make, and mansions to earn.

Be strong, my Son, you will be,
The one to work and oversee
My work on earth and on other worlds.
The gospel you’ll cause to be unfurled.

You’ll give to me all the glory.
You’ll live the tale and tell the story,
So others can enjoy the peace of mind
That faith and happiness can be refined.
They’ll come to know what went before
When they pass through heaven’s sacred door.

All this, my Son, you will endure.
You’ll lead the way, be very sure
That all my children have heard the plan,
Each one throughout all the lands.

When all the words which I have spoke
Have come to pass we will envoke
The ordinances that will bring to pass
The End; the world will be turned as if to glass.
And I will say to You, my son,
“It’s done, Jehova. Well done.”

© 2017, James Skouson Black


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