Harold’s Road to Recovery

1907554_10203639678329337_7970597221823244418_nMy kitty cat Harold has had a rough go of things since he was born. He is now 5 months old or so and he has had some pretty major health issues.

We adopted Harold from the Ivin’s Animal Shelter here in Southern Utah. I don’t regret getting him at all. He is just the sweetest kitten ever. We named him after my father in law Harold. He loved kitty cats.

When we got him, he was fighting a cold and was taking medication for it. That took a couple weeks to get over that. Then we went and got him fixed. I had reservations on getting him fixed to young, but the vet said it would be OK. After I picked him up, he was fine. Even though he seemed a bit under the weather. At the time of his neutering, they updated all his boosters. After we brought him home, he just wasn’t himself.

10436242_10203639677089306_1029586227202879429_nHarold has always been a pretty quiet and calm kitty. But he was acting even more quiet. I took him to a different vet and they did a whole line of blood work and tested him for feline leukemia and did a metabolic panel. They also sent some blood out of the office to get it tested for a type of auto immune deficiency.

We noticed last week that he was getting thinner and that he would loose his balance when walking. He walked like a drunken sailor. I was very worried when I seen that. I was thinking that he has an inner ear infection or ear mites.  I was also wondering if some of this could be because of the immunizations he received. I was reading about the side effects of the immunizations and this is what it says;

  • Rabies Vaccination-  The rabies vaccination does have side effects that sills a small percentage of cats every year. This feline vaccine contains a protein that affects a cat’s nervous system. Adverse reactions include seizures, loss of motor skills and tissue damage. Serious side effects include liver and kidney damage. Side effects linked to the nervous system can appear up to 45-days after administering the vaccination. Fibrosarcoma: A Rare but Deadly Cancer

lg-29906-64042KSigns of problems from vaccinations include; 

  1. inability to move
  2. tongue swelling
  3. vomiting and diarrhea
  4. depression
  5. lethargy
  6. Nervous System Problems
  7. weakness
  8. breathing problems

After all the problems he has had since getting fixed. I don’t think I will be doing any other vaccinations for him. He is an indoor cat and he has had many of the side effects that was listed as common /uncommon side effects. I ca’t guarantee that they were the problem and the vet we took him to can’t say either.

I don’t like to see an animal hurting. It was our responsibility to get him fixed and feeling better. The vet asked me if we wanted to do the labs and tests to see what is going on. I had a sick feeling when he said that. It was as if he was asking me if I should let him live or let him die. HELLO!!! Of course he needs to be tested. Harold is part of the family and you don’t let them suffer and be sick if anything can be done.

After all said and done and a whole lot of money, I was relieved when he told me that he was negative for feline leukemia. They said his blood work looked OK and that the are thinking that something happened neurologically while he was in the womb. Leave it up to me to get a kitty that has auto immune issues and neurological issues.

I also have auto immune issues since I have the CIPD variant of Guillian Barre Syndrome and I have Myasthenia Gravis. Both are auto immune and neurological problems. God must have known that Harold would need someone to adopt him that would understand what it is like to have these problems.

Harold’s treatment plan as of right now is high calorie foods and trying to keep him drinking. So that is what we will do. This is going to be a lifetime thing for him I have a feeling.

In closing, I would like to ask all of my readers to pray for Harold. I have a feeling this is going to be a long road to healing for him.

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